Book B

MANN, John Will R. Nov 1787 p 129 In the name of God amen. Son Arnold MANN: land between my house and his down to Newlight Creek and to Richard BAILEY'S cornfield. Wife Elizabeth children: Judy, Betty, May [?], Anne, Fanny, John, Zacheus, David, Peter, Joseph Agness, and Nancy. 2 Jun 1785.
Executors; son-in-law John BRADFORD, son Joseph MANN
Witnesses: David GILL, Jr., Isaac GILL, David GILL, Sr.

MANN, John Inventory R. 2 Nov 1787 p.137 500 a. of land; II Negroes [unnamed]; livestock; furniture; household goods.
13 Aug 1787. Executor: John BRADFORD

Book C

MANN, John Estate sale R. 20 Apr 1788 p 166
Buyers: David MANN 476 a.; Negroes to: Benjamin WRIGHT (3), David BRASFIELD (1), Peter MANN (1), Fanny MANN (1), David BRADFORD (4), Ann MANN (1); Jones FULLER, David DANIEL, David CASH, Jeremiah BAILEY, Joseph MANN, Mark JOPLIN, David PHILIPS, James FORREST, Arthur FULLER, Christopher HARRIS, William KITTLE, William GIBBS, Arnold MANN, Martin FORREST, Joseph HEAD, Isaac REVIS, Booker BRADFORD, Benjamin WARD, John BRADFORD Jr., Joseph MANN, Joseph DAVIS, William WALL, David GILL, Richard BAILEY, John SHAW, Zacheus MANN, John BAILEY, David BRADFORD Sr., John HUMPHRIES, Fielding HEFFORNON, Jesse KEMP, Thomas GOAR, George BRASFIELD, William HALL, Wm. HEFFERNON, Samuel MOSLEY, David MALOAN, Obediah ELLEN, John HOOKER, Jacob BLEDSOE.
1 Jan 1788.
Executor: Arnold MANN

GILL, David Will R. 23 Jul 1788 p 189
In the name of God amen. Executors authorized to sell 100 a. on Island Creek to pay debts. Books to be divided equally among 7 children. Son James; 20L Virginia money. Daughter Elizabeth: 20L Virginia money. Son Jesse: horse Cotton. Daughter Susannah: furniture. Whereas I have a Legacy or childs part due me in right of my wife of the estate of Thomas MANN dec. now in the hands of Col. Thomas ELLIOTT of King William County in Virginia, I hereby authorize my son Isaac to recover & receive the same with equal power and authority as myself, upon his own cost and charges, & for his trouble I give and bequeath to my son Isaac the sd. Legacy with the Interest thereof to him & his heirs. Furniture equally divided between sons David, Isaac, John, Jesse. Land and plantation in care of son David, Isaac, John, Jesse, and Susannah. Livestock; household goods; tools divided between David, John, Isaac, Jesse, and Susannah. 7 May 1788. Executor: sons Isaac, John. Witnesses: Arnold MANN, John and David MANN

GILL, David Estate sale R. 17 Apr 1789 p 211
Buyers: David GILL Jr. 100 a., William VINSON, Isaac GILL Alexander MOBLEY, John BAILEY, Christopher HARRIS, Joseph VINSON, Matthew LOWRY, Samuel VINSON, Thomas YOUNG, Archibald FULLER, Isham FULLER, John GILL, Levi GUTHRIE, Reubin VINSON, Joel HALL, William KITTLE, Susanah GILL, Jeremiah BAILEY, David BRADFORD, Alsey HIGH, Joseph DAVIS, Richard BAILEY, Mark JOPLIN, Charles CHAMPION, William HASKEY, Gabriel BODINE, Ezekiel MOBLEY, Thomas BARLOW, James FORRESTOR, Jesse GILL, John BRIDGES, Fielding HEFFLING, Jacob HALL, Isham DAVIS, John HARRIS. 8 Jan 1789. Executor: Isaac GILL

MOBLEY, Mordicai Div of land R. 18 Aug 1797 p 329
To five youngest daughters of MOBLEY, land as follows; To Isaac GILL, husband of Edith MOBLEY, 200 a.; to Samuel MASSEY, husband of Ollive MOBLEY, 140 a.; to Betsey MOBLEY, minor, 140 a.; to Ezekial MOBLEY, husband of Suckey MOBLEY, 160 a.; to Jonathan THOMPSON, husband of Pheribe MOBLEY. 140 a.14 March 1794.
Test: Jno HUMPHRIES, Surveyor
Commissioners: Saml HIGH, John B. SHAW, Luke RAY

All of these have been transcribed and submitted by Dan Olds. Thanks to Dan for all of this work!

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