Gill, Buckner & Sarah Roberts, 19 Aug 1823; Jesse Gills, bm.
Gill, David & Salley Brice, (no date); John Gill, bm.
Gill, Ezra & Alcy Davis, 21 Feb 1824; John Y. Young, bm.
Gill, Gideon & Mary Fancil, 15 Aug 1816; Anderson Smith, bm. 
Gill, Isaac & ___, no date; Jesse Gill, bm. 
Gill, Jesse & Tabitha Pair, 26 Oct 1792; Isaac Gill, bm. 
Gill, John & Mary Reves, 2 May 1827; William H. Tate, bm. 
Gill, John M. & Sarah H. Hicks, 12 March 1842; H. M. Hicks, bm. 
Gill, Peyton & Sarah Hollingsworth, 5 Oct 1838; Edward A. Parham, bm. 
Gill, Terrell & Elizabeth Perry, 29 Jan 1842; Lewis J. Parham, bm, 
Gill, Terrell & Catharine Franks, m 25 March 1852 by M. Sater, J.  P.
Gill, Thomas & Agnes Emery, 24 Nov 1859; W. C. Emery, bm; m 24 Nov 1859 by A. G. Drake, J. P.

"Marriages and Death Notices in Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette", 1826-1855.

Gill, John to Sarah Hicks, Mar. 23, Wake county. R. R. Mar. 26, 1842

Gill, Frances C. to Julius W. Fort, Feb. 5, Wake county. R.R. Mar. 5, 1851

All of these have been transcribed and submitted by Dan Olds. Thanks to Dan for all of this work!

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