War of 1812 Pay Rolls and Muster Rolls ~ Gill ~

Entries for GILLs for the state of VA:

The given names are Christo, Daniel (2), Drury, Eli, Elisha H., Ellis, Ezekiah J, George, Good, Goode, Henry (2), Hezekiah (En.), Elsaac, James C. (2), John (3), John (Lt.), John W. (Capt.), Joseph, Josiah, Peter (Lt.) (2), Peter, Presley, Robert, Robert, Shapley P, Terry (Corpl.), Thomas (2), Thos., Tinney, William (Corpl.) (2), William (6), William, (Sub. for Humphreys REYNOLDS).

Entries for GUILLs for the state of VA: Bluford, Reuben.

This information, (and most of these records) was contributed by T. Ellis, compiled from numerous sources.

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