From: (and thanks to!) M. Smith

1836-1909 Washington County Texas Marriage Index. This marriage information was transcribed by Helen Bassett, Maurine Wehmeyer and Brenda Finke and compiled by Albert Hartstack for the Washington County Genealogical Society. Copyright 1999 by Washington County Genealogical Society

Thanks to the Washington County Clerk's office for furnishing photocopies form which this transcription was made. The complete original, handwritten index and the marriage records of this county are available in the Washington County Clerks Office, Brenham, TX 77880.

Male Name Female Name Vol Page Date Surname Given Surname Given # # Issued No ...
Gill C. Nusome Jane 10 517 Oct/15/1891 5231
Gill Curren Copeland Lethia Ann 7 382 May/25/1882 761
Gill Elmore Miller Millie 7 250 Oct/08/1881 492
Gill Geo. E. Holland Lucy 11 473 Mar/20/1894 6275
Gill Pink Baker Rebeca 4 417 Sep/04/1873
Gill Willie Phillips Roxie 10 205 Dec/12/1889 4651 ...

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