Wm. Gill b<1760 d>1786 of Washington Co., VA (TN). by virtue of State Warrant, enters 200 acres of land on Copper Ck., including place where Anthony Whitherlow now lives; also 100 acres by Warrant, lying on Copper Ck. to include a large bottom and a sinking spring at upper end thereof, with a parcel upland to the right hand and known by the name of Greasy Arce, 10 Dec. 1781, Washington Co., VA Surveyors Entry Book No. 1 1780-84 p13 (Mrs. Clark p100). Wm. Gill on jury 20 mar. 1782 Washington Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p100). Wm. Gill his entry of 100 acres south side of Clinch River, Washington Co., assigns Warrant to John Donnelll 1 Oct. 1782. Same description as entry of 10 Dec. 1781 (Mrs. Clark: Reference to Clinch River shows this land was located in what is now TN)(Mrs. Clark p100). Wm. Gill State Warrant enters 300 acres Washington Co. north side of Clinch River, bot sides Russell's Ck, to include Andrew King's old cabins 1 Oct. 1782. Wm. Gill enters 250 acres joining his former entry known by name of Greasy Arce, on west side thence westward. (Mrs. Clark p101). Wm. Gill assignee of John Thompson by State Warrant, enters 300 acres, Washington CO., Copper Ck., joining his former entry including Witherlow's improvement 30 Oct. 1782 (Mrs. Clark p101). Wm. Gill Land Office Treasurey Warrant No. 12288 entry 14 June 1782 both sides of Copper Ck. known by name of Havelows (Witherlows?) place, crossing the creek to foot of Copper Creek Ridge, surveyed 13 Feb. 1786 by Walter Preston, Robert Preston. Also on same Warrant 220 acres Washington Co. both sides Sorrels Ck. waters of Clinch River. (Mrs. Clark p101).

Rebecca Gill married Robert Williams 7 July 1797 Washington Co., VA by Andrew Baker (Fleet v34 p77).

Mary Gill married David Carter 2 July 1801 Washington Co., VA by (min) Ed.D. Crawford (Fleet v34 p19)

Nancy Gill married Hugh Carrick 17 Sept. 1806 Washington Co., VA by Charles Hardy (Fleet v34 p20)

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