Webster Gill b<1703-d1753, of Henrico Co. (Chesterfield County, VA Big Chart) 1 Jan. 1725 George Wilson of Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., VA to Webster Gill of same, for £8/10, 80 acres in Bristol parish, on south side of first great branch of Swift Creek called Youls Branch, on north side of Stephen Gill's plantation; being part of a grant of 300 acres to said George by will of his father, John Wilson. No witnesses. Signed George Willson. Recorded 7 Feb. 1725 (p77 Henrico Co., VA, Deeds 1706-1737, Weisiger 1988). 1727 Webster Gill mentioned. Granted 400 acres of land 1742 (Mrs. Clark p96). 1 Dec. 1731. Isaac Garrett to Charles Cousins, for £20, 200 acres in Bristol Parish on south side of James River on south side of Old Town Creek, bounded by George Archer. Wit: Wil Kennon, Webster Gill, Wm. Kennon, Jr. Signed Ann (herXmark) Garrat, Isaac Gandovin, recorded 7 Feb. 1731. Ann, wife of Isaac, relinquished her dower rights (p122 Henrico Co., VA, Deeds 1706-1737, Weisiger 1988). Webster Gill, Debit, 1736. 1 Levy. 650 acres. Pd. by Col. Kennon (Fleet, V21, Sheriff;s Acct. Book, Henrico Co., South Side of James River, p37). Webster Gill Debit for Quitrent for 650 acres (Mrs. Fleet p39).

Will of Webster Gill, Chesterfield Co., VA 5 Jan. 1753: "To my brother John Gill, whole estate," Wit: Jas Robertson, Mary Westbrook, Thomas Dance, Jr. Wills I 374. John Gill will 1764 gives to nephew John Gill 200 acres inherited from deceased brother Webster Gill. Webster Gill's brother, Daniel, will 1782 Chesterfield Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p96).

Given the name (Webster), we are almost assured that Webster Gill was a son of Mary Webster, and therefore a son of John Gill married to Mary Webster.  That, in turn associates all four brothers as sons of John Gill and Mary Webster Gill.

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