7. William Gill born 1776-1778 (Hendleman says born <1760 bid,). Mrs. Crowder says born probably 1776-1778 married Sarah Wallace daughter of Thomas Wallace and sister to Elizabeth. Mrs. Hicks does not list him as named in the will.

William Gill & Sarah Wallace.  William  Gill & Sarah Wallace show up in Leake County, Mississippi in the mid to late 1840's. Other Gill's associated with them at the time are John M .Gill, Thomas Jefferson Gill, William Pagan Gill, and Robert Harvey Gill. I believe that William Pagan Gill (b. 1802) is the son of John Gill and Elizabeth Wallace.  Sarah Wallace and Elizabeth Wallace were sisters.

Robert Harvey Gill apparently died while on a trip from Carthage Miss to New Orleans. His body was packed in salt and shipped all the way back to Carthage, MS via a combination of railroad and cart. He is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery. I believe there are a few other Gill's buried there too. I find also that there is a community just south of Carthage, MS by the name of Gill, MS.

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