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I John Gill                                                                                 1

II Mark Gill (c1650-1705)                                                          2

III John Gill (1686-) and Edmund Gill (c1721-1770)                    3

IV Edmund Gill (1754-1830)                                                      5

V Richard Gill (1757-1835)                                                        7

VI Henry Gill (1759-1832)                                                       10

VII Thomas Gill (1761-1837)                                                   11

VIII William Gill (1763-1832)                                                   14

IX Joseph Gill (1800-1837)                                                      16

X Henry Joseph Gill (1831-1866) and Henry Gill (1854-1929)    18

XI Family of Henry Gill                                                            20

XII George Gill (1881-1965)                                                     23

Appendix 1 Family of John Gill of York, Mercer                       25

Appendix II Family of Thomas Gill of London, Lawyer            30

Appendix III Family of Robert Gill of Easingwold, Solicitor      34


Chapter I

The earliest known ancestor is John Gill. He is first mentioned in the Freemen’s Roll of York, being admitted on 26 March 1641, when his occupation is given as a glover. No birth entry has been found and the John Gill, son of William Gill, baptised on 21 November 1613 at St Crux, York was a mercer, admitted a freeman in 1638 (see below).

He married Jane Thompson on 15 February 1643/4 at St Olave, York where he is again listed as a glover.

There is mention of him being allowed to bake bread in 1660, probably the reason he does not appear in various hearth tax returns.

His son Mark Gill mentions that his mother was called Mary and since Mark was elected a freeman in 1680, John most probably remarried in the late 1650s (the marriage of a John Gill to Mary Bentley in 1665 is too late). Mary left a will - mentioned in her son Mark’s will - but no trace of the marriage or will has been found. She must have lived until at least 1686 - the date of birth of her grandson (and could be the Mary buried in 1700).

John had three known children, Elizabeth, baptised on 24 October 1652 at St Michael Spurriergate; Mary, baptised on 30 November 1655 at the same church and Mark - see Chapter II.

No trace of John’s death or burial has been found - the John buried in 1686 at St Michael le Belfry was, according to Drake, only 19 and son of a Thomas Gill of Barton, Gent.

John is not the John made High Sheriff of Yorkshire in 1692 as this was John son of Edward Gill of Carrhouse neither is it the other John Gill living at the same time who was a mercer. This second John Gill can also be traced to the present day through the Leafe family.

Chapter II

The birth of Mark Gill, son of John Gill, is untraced - the most likely date is the late 1650’s, the time of Cromwell’s Protectorate when records are scarce. The proof of his relationship is the List of Freemen which records an entry for 1681 for Mark Gill, goldsmith, son of John Gill, glover, freeman.

He eventually rose to be Mayor in 1697, being made Councillor in 1687, Sheriff in 1692-3 and Senior Alderman on 11 September 1695.

He married Katherine Day on 19 February 1683/4 at St Michael le Belfry, York. She was buried at the same church on 20 August 1687 and there were two children, Thomas and John, by this marriage.

He remarried to a Mary, mentioned in his will. She was buried on 9 January 1694/5 at St Michael le Belfry and again there were two children, Elizabeth and Mary, by this marriage.

His children were:

  1. Thomas Gill, baptised on 8 March 1684/5 at St Michael le Belfry, who is thought to be the Thomas whose wife, Mary, was buried on 27 June 1718 at the same church when he was still alive.

  2. John Gill - see Chapter III.

  3. Elizabeth Gill, baptised on 6 August 1693 at St Michael le Belfry and buried on 17 October in the same year at the same church.

  4. Mary Gill, mentioned in Mark’s will and therefore alive in 1703.

Mark was buried at St Michael le Belfry on 12 February 1704/5. His will dated 23 November 1703, was proved on 18 February 1704/5. Letters of administration were granted to his son Thomas who received £500. John received £200 in addition to £200 left by his grandmother and Mary was left £700. There were further bequests and his inventory was valued at £2000.

Several examples of his work are known to exist including the church cups at Barton-le-Street (1680), St Oswald, Sowerby, Thirsk (1686) and St John, Carnaby (1683) and the church salver of All Saints, Catton (1681). A copy of his hallmark has also been traced. 


Chapter III

John Gill, the youngest son of Mark Gill, was baptised on 9 May 1686 at St Michael le Belfry, York. Little is known about him except that he was a tanner, his entry in the List of Freemen in 1708 confirming this, and he had a son, Edmund. He was apprenticed to Percivall Winterscale in 1709. The confirmation of the relationship is Edmund’s entry in the List of Freemen. There is no firm confirmation that the John in the list of Freemen is the correct one.

There is a bond assignment for £50 dated 22 November 1715 in the records of the Merchant Adventurers of York which may relate to him. It is "from Governors, Assistants and Company of Merchant Adventurers of York to John Gill in respect of a bond made 1 January 1712/13 by Mann Horner of York, grocer, Thomas Gill of York, Gent, Robert Oates of York, Gent, Carew Ashbourne of Bartlett Bottom, Co York, Gent and John Horner of Sykes, Co York, clerk".

He married Ann Hutchinson on 17 April 1720 at St Sampson and died before 1734 as his son Edmund was described as son of Ann Gill, widow when he was apprenticed by indenture to Henry Hillary, cordwainer on 5 May for seven years. He is possibly the Mr John who was buried on 10 May 1724 at Holy Trinity Kings Court.

The next mention of Edmund is his entry into the list of Freemen in 1742 when his occupation is given as cordwainer. He married before 1752 (his daughter Jane died in 1755 age 3) and his wife was Frances who was buried as a widow, age 85, on 4 March 1805.

The 1758 Poll Book lists him as a shoemaker in Barber Lane and the York Courant of 16 September 1760 includes an advertisement from him for a runaway apprentice, when he was in Coppergate.

John Gill, youngest son of Mark Gill, had seven children:

  1. Jane Gill, buried at St Martin cum Gregory, age 3, on 30 July 1755;

  2. Edmund Gill - see Chapter IV;

  3. Richard Gill - see Chapter V;

  4. Henry Gill - see Chapter VI;

  5. Thomas Gill - see Chapter VII;

  6. William Gill - see Chapter VIII and

  7. John Gill, the eldest son, admitted a freeman in 1774 as son of Edmund. He was also a cordwainer and married Faith Rawden on 30 January 1776 at St Denys. He "many years ago went to Philadelphia in North America and is supposed to be dead" and in 1800 had two surviving sons, Richard and John.

This Edmund is the common ancestor mentioned as residing in The Great Shambles in J H Turner’s undated pedigree.

He died in 1770 and his widow Frances announced the continuation of the business in Coppergate in the York Courant, giving up the business in 1789 for her son Edmund. He was buried at St Maurice as was his wife, who left a will, dated 15 December 1800. No will has been traced.

Chapter IV

Edmund Gill was baptised at St Martin cum Gregory, York on 4 July 1754 and married twice. He firstly married Elizabeth Gibson on 22 July 1776 at All Saints, Pavement. She is mentioned with Edmund as a witness in 1794 and was buried on 1 September 1807 at St Mary, Bishophill Senior. He remarried to Anna Boddy on 12 February 1809 at St Martin cum Gregory and she survived him.

He was a shoemaker by profession being admitted a freeman in 1778 but is more famous as a minor poet. There are various references to his business, starting with the York Courant of 25 June 1791 when he became a partner of Richard Willbar at 15 Coney Street. He took over the business on 30 May 1795 after the death of his partner. He is further mentioned on 9 March 1803 and on 3 July 1824 announces that his assistant, James Torrance, together with William Darling, was taking over the business, still in Coney Street. He is listed in the 1793 Universal British Trade Directory and in other directories in 1823 and 1830.

A brief note on him appears in R H Skaife. He was an active politician, being admitted a freeman on 10 August 1778, first voting at the election of 1784 when he lived in the Great Shambles. He also voted in 1807, 1818 and 1820. He joined the council on 3 June 1806 as Common Councillor for Bootham Ward and in 1813/14 was Sheriff. He died on 21 January 1830 and was buried on 28 January at St Martin cum Gregory.

He left a will dated 14 March 1828 with a codicil dated 17 December 1828. The will was proved at the York Prerogative Court on 5 April 1830. It mentions his sons William and Edmund as well as his daughter Frances and two grandchildren.

Four children have been traced.

  1. William Gill was baptised at St John Ousebridge on 28 February 1777. The York Courant of 12 September 1803 mentions him being apprenticed as an Ensign in the 48th Regiment of Foot while the Yorkshire Gazette of 16 April 1836 notes his death in Sheffield when he was a Captain. Military records show he was appointed an Ensign on 9 July 1803 in the 48th Regiment of Foot, Lieutenant by purchase on 14 July 1804 and Captain without purchase on 20 June 1811. He transferred to the 24th Regiment in December 1815 and on his return from India in March 1824 went onto half-pay because of ill health. He married by licence Elvester Humphrey at Cranbrook, Kent on 17 December 1815 and had five children Eliza Frances, born 15 April 1818 in the East Indies; Sophia Jane, born 26 November 1819 in the East Indies: William Henry, born 16 December 1821 in the East Indies: James Thomas, born 16 January 1826 and George, born 22 March 1828. He was wounded at Talaverra and from May 1824 until at least 1828 was Barrack Master at Rathbeale, Limerick

  2. Frances Gill, his daughter, was baptised on 3 September 1778 at All Saints, North Street and married on 29 August 1797 at St Martin, Coney Street, John Humber, a quartermaster in the 46th Regiment of Foot when the witnesses were Edmund and William and remarried John Gowland, an officer of Excise on 17 April 1827 at St Michael le Belfry. According to her father’s will she had a daughter Elizabeth Down and a son John

  3. Richard Gill was baptised on 28 January 1781 at All Saints, North Street and was admitted as a cordwainer to the List of Freemen in 1802 as the son of Edmund, cordwainer but who is not mentioned in his father’s will while Edmund was baptised at All Saints, Pavement on 22 January 1786 and admitted as a cordwainer to the List of Freemen in 1810 as being a gentleman of Beverley. 


Chapter V

Richard Gill was baptised on 9 January 1757 at St Martin cum Gregory, York and was admitted a freeman on 20 June 1784 when his profession was given as barber surgeon. By 1787 he was living in Stockport where he remained for the rest of his life, carrying on business originally as a hairdresser then a bookseller and stationer in Hillgate from at least 1816, being buried on 18 February 1835, age 77, No will has been traced.

Nothing is known of his marriage but he had only one child, Edmund - see will of Henry.

Edmund Gill’s age is given as 64 in the 1851 census implying he was born around 1787. The place of birth is given as Stockport. He joined his father’s business and continued it until at least 1865. Until 1851 the business was in Lower Hillgate (nos 23 and 102), the residence being in Higher Hillgate. By 1861 the business was at 118 Wellington Road South. He died on 10 December 1867 and his will, dated 1 October 1862, was proved on 27 December.

He married Hannah Goodier, born 1797, of Redditch on 15 June 1817 by licence at Stockport. She died between 1851 and 1861. They had at least nine children.

Frances, baptised at Stockport on 27 May 1818 and married George Barber after 1851. She was alive at the time of her father’s will.

Mary, born around 1822 (see census) and still unmarried in 1867 when she was still at home. No trace has been found in the parish registers. Similarly for Sarah born between 1824 and 1826 but who married John Clark, an ironmonger, in 1866 in Stockport and in 1867 was living at 7 Priory Terrace, Stamford, Lincs.

Edmund was baptised on 26 February 1826; Hannah on 19 January 1830 and Henry on 30 January 1831. All are untraced in the 1851, 1861 and 1881 census returns and are not mentioned in their father’s will.

Lucy was baptised on 4 January 1835 at St Mary, Stockport and married Charles Swain, born 1837, a professor of music, on 6 January 1858 at Christ Church, Heaton Norris. He died 15 August 1913 aged 77. They were residing with her father in 1861 but his business address was 23 Lower Hillgate ( his father-in-law’s old address) from 1864 until 1874 when they resided at 56 Churchgate. By 1878 they were living at 47 St Petersgate, 1890 at 25 Hall Street and 1910 at 242 Wellington Road South.  

They had five children. The first was Catherine Lucy, born in 1859 and still at home in 1881 while the second was Edmund Gill Swain, born on 19 February 1861, two months before the census. He was educated at Manchester Grammar School before Emmanuel College, Cambridge (April 20, 1880) where he became a B.A. in 1884, M.A. in 1887. He was ordained a deacon in 1885 and priest in 1886 and held the following positions:

Curate of Camberwell 1885-92

Chaplain of King’s College, Cambridge 1892-1905

Junior Proctor 1895-6

Curate of St Mary, Cambridge 1896-1905

Assistant Registrary 1903-5

Vicar of Stanground, Hunts 1905-16

Rector of Great Greenford, Middlesex 1916-23

Sacrist, Peterborough 1923-31

Precentor 1930-1

Librarian 1923-1938

Hon Canon 1926-1938

He died on 29 January 1938 at Minster Precincts, Peterborough. He wrote Handbook of Peterborough Cathedral (1921), Story of Peterborough Cathedral (1932) and Stoneground Ghost Tales (1912). The remaining children were Charles William, born in 1864 and a commercial clerk living at home in 1881; Robert Henry, born in 1867 and still at home in 1891 when he was an organ builder and James Alfred, born in 1870 and at home in 1881.

Other children of Edmund were Martha, baptised on 18 January 1828 and in 1881 possibly the charwoman at 6 Nineteen Row, Dukinfield although not mentioned in her father’s will, and Jemima - according to the 1851 and 1861 census returns born in 1840 in Stockport, and unmarried in 1861, living at Lowfield, Wellington Road. She married Thomas Grantham Thompson, an ironmonger, in 1863 and in 1867 was living at 67 Claughton Road, Birkenhead but by 1881 she was a widow, living at 2 Church Terrace, Tranmere with her son Henry Ellis, age 17, a valuer’s clerk born in Leicestershire.

Chapter VI

Henry Gill was baptised on 1 April 1759 at St Martin cum Gregory, York and was admitted a freeman on 23 December 1783. His profession was that of a solicitor, qualifying on 14 February 1785 and practising at least from 1790 to 1807. He was originally articled on 2 January 1778 to George Townend, an Attorney in the Court of Common Pleas, and subsequently to Edward Wolley on 8 May 1784.Turner mentions him as formerly of St Saviourgate. He is listed in the 1823, 1830 and 1843 directories and 1830 Poll Book.

He married Sarah Harriet Forbes, baptised 16 December 1774, at St Martins, Coney Street on 29 June 1806 and she died on 26 January 1867, still living in Spen Lane and left a will but this gives no additional information. She is listed in the 1846, 1851 and 1867 directories.

He died on 26 January 1832 age 72, leaving a very detailed will dated 12 January. He lived at 3 Spen Lane from at least 1823. 


Chapter VII

Thomas Gill, son of Edmund, was baptised on 30 August 1761 at Holy Trinity, Kings Court, York and admitted an attorney on 12 May 1791 when he practised at Greville Street, Holborn, London, after being articled to Nicholas Lacy of St James Clerkenwellon 17 March 1784.

Holden’s Directory for 1800 lists him at 22 Norfolk Street, Strand and various other directories have him practising between 1822 and 1831 at 43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields and from 1832 to 1835 at 9 Clement’s Inn, Strand when he lived at 1 Great Ormonde Street, Queen Square.

Information from parish registers for baptisms of his children give his wife’s name as Ruth but no further information is known about her.

He had eight children and died in the Debtor’s Prison, Fleet on 19 March 1837 of natural causes where he had been admitted on 5 January 1837, following a case on 2 June 1836 regarding a debt of £1006 3s 6d. This debt was very large in comparison with typical debts for which people were committed to The Fleet Prison. Letters of Administration for £450 were granted on 16 March 1839 with a further grant in February 1911 for £751. Death duty records add no further information. The Times of 13 December 1838 carried an advertisement for next of kin. As far back as 1800 he was in debt to his brother Henry for £40.

The will of his brother Henry, dated 1832 mentions Thomas and his office at 9 Clement’s Inn, and leaves him some money and to his seven sons and daughters " being the whole of his children (except one)".

The children mentioned in this will are Frances Caroline (who married a James Dodd before 1839), Jemima, Thomas, Sarah Ruth, Henry William Horatio, Richard and Elizabeth Mary. The eighth child was George Philip, mentioned in the Administration of 1839 who was baptised on 22 April 1810 at St Marylebone.

From his death Thomas was born in 1796 and married Henrietta Whittemore on 16 May 1818 at Sandy, Beds. They had three children, Jemima, baptised on 4 February 1819 at Sandy and twins William and Frances Caroline, baptised on 5 May 1822 also at Sandy. It is suspected he married again to a Sarah and had Caroline Sarah who according to the second administration of 1911 was a spinster. She was baptised on 23 January 1842 at Holborn St Andrew and in 1881 was living at 41 Harrison Street as a mantle maker with her sister Jane R, age 33, a machine gun cap maker. He was an attorney, admitted on 13 February 1818 after initially being articled to John Tenney of Thrapston on 17 December 1812 and then to his father and practised at Thrapston, Northants and Biggleswade, Beds between 1818 and 1819. Nothing further has been traced of him except his possible death on 28 March 1858 at 5 Eden Place, St Pancras. He is not to be confused with another Thomas Gill who was a member of a long line of lawyers.

Jemima was baptised on 15 February 1790 at Holborn St Andrew and married a John Blott before 1839 while Elizabeth Mary was baptised on 26 April 1807 at St Marylebone and was a spinster and alive in 1863.

Henry’s will states Sarah Ruth married, on 19 August 1823, at St Julian, Shrewsbury, Richard Gill, a discharged quartermaster and was in 1832 living in Alphington, near Exeter. He had served in the 86th Regiment of Foot (Royal County Down) with his last entry in the Army Lists in 1838 and administration was given to Sarah Ruth on 12 January 1838 when they lived at Windmill Street, Tottenham. The administration of 1839 states she was a widow. Military records show Richard entered the Louth Volunteers in Feb 1794 and was drafted into the 86th Regiment on 25 December 1795, becoming Corporal in 1796, Sergeant in 1797, Paymaster Sergeant in 1802 before being promoted to Quartermaster on 13 September 1813. He was allowed to retire from ill health on full pay on 23 March 1826 when he went to live at Staple near Totnes until November 1828 when he moved to Alphington. There were no children.

Henry William Horatio died at 19 Warwick Street, London on 5 January 1863, age 64 with a will proved on 21 January 1863. He was a builder’s clerk and resided at 5 Kings Row and 19 Warwick Street, Pimlico.

Richard married a Charlotte and had five children, Julia, baptised on 8 February 1838 at St Marylebone and who died on 2 October, and Edmund, both dead before 1839, Horatio Philip, baptised on 28 December 1831 at St Marylebone, Frederick and Walter. All this information from the Letters of Administration of 1839. Richard himself was an attorney’s clerk, who lived at 11 Chads Row, Grays Inn Lane, London, and died, age 33 on 4 August 1838, two months before the death of his youngest child Julia. 

Chapter VIII

William Gill was baptised on 9 October 1763 at St Michael, Spurriergate, York with evidence of his relationship being confirmed by his brother Henry’s will.

He was admitted a freeman on 25 October 1784 as a cordwainer and later became a tea dealer and commissioner for special bail. He lived in 1794 in the Great Shambles and sometime in Petergate, while from 1828 to 1830 he was at 11 Colliergate and in 1832 in the Woolmarket. He voted in the 1807, 1818, 1820 and 1830 elections.

He married Ann Keasley, daughter of William and Elizabeth, age 22, at St Martin cum Gregory on 7 January 1794 and she was alive until at least 1837 - see Joseph’s will. She is probably the Mrs Ann living at 30 The Shambles in 1838. As his children were all baptised as Roman Catholics, the wedding may have been for purely legal reasons.

William died on 30 March 1832 but had been ill for some time when Henry wrote his will in 1831.

He had seven children and possibly an eighth as follows:

  1. Henry Gill was baptised on 5 November 1794 at Micklegate Bar Chapel and died an infant. A second Henry was born on 13 June 1798 and baptised on 17 June at St Wilfreds and also died an infant. The third Henry was born on 1 September 1811 and baptised on 8 September at St Wilfreds. He became a solicitor and is listed for 1843 and 1844 at Seawins Court, Low Petergate. He married Amelia Keasley (note this is the same surname as his mother’s maiden name) on 18 October 1832 at St Saviour and died on 18 August 1844 at Petergate. He left a will dated 17 October 1844 and proved 22 March 1845 but it only mentions his wife.

  2. William Gill was born on 16 May 1796 and baptised on 22 May at St Wilfreds. He was admitted a freeman on 20 March 1821 but was not mentioned in his uncle Henry’s will. He is the William practising as a solicitor, having being articled to Samuel Hall of Beverley on 1 June 1816, between 1822 and 1831 in Beverley whose London agent was Thomas ( J H Turner shows a Gill in Beverley) as the entry in the List of Freemen lists him of Beverley, gentleman. He is listed in the 1830 York Poll Book as being of Beverley. His cousin Edmund was also in Beverley around this time.

  3. The details of Joseph Gill are given in Chapter IX.

  4. Barbara Ann Gill was baptised on 11 December 1803 at St Wilfreds, being born on 9 December. She married John Rymer Germain, a widower of Husthwaite, at St Wilfreds on 28 June 1839 when she lived in Great Shambles. Subsequently they lived at Husthwaite.

  5. Henrietta Gill was born on 16 November 1807 and baptised on 29 November at St Wilfreds but nothing else is known of her.

  6. J H Turner also shows a Robert Gill of Blake Street and Coney Street, shoemaker but this is believed to be a mistake and he is not the Robert Gill, solicitor who practised in Easingwold.

Chapter IX

Joseph Gill was born on 19 August 1800 and baptised on 24 August at St Wilfreds, York. He was admitted a freeman on 2 October 1821. He became an articled clerk to Robert Smithson on 10 September 1818 (for a fee of £120) in the Court of the King’s Bench and a solicitor on 29 October 1823. He practised until his death on 27 February 1837, aged only 36, and he left a will. He voted in the 1830,1832 and 1835 elections.

Turner gives his address as 2 Lendal, confirmed by the 1832 and 1835 Poll Books, while directories give his address between 1827 and 1830 as 11 Colliergate and 1831 as Hungate.

He married Ann Mountier at Barton le Street on 4 March 1827 and she died on 30 October 1849, aged 42. They had four children.

  1. Frances Mary Gill was baptised on 21 June 1829 at St Saviour and married Charles Lever Burdekin in 1847 but died without issue on 3 April 1855. He remarried twice, firstly in 1856 and secondly to an Eliza in 1857.

  2. Emily Barbara Ann Gill was also baptised at St Saviour, on 9 September 1827 and married, at the Register Office, York on 22 March 1847, Raper Lyth, a bootmaker who was aged 54 in 1881 (but aged 22 on marriage certificate) and married Mary Scrivener in 1894 and lived in Runcorn Street, Leeds with five children. In 1861 they lived at 15 March Street, York with five children, only one Nancy still at home in 1881. At some stage, according to Turner they lived at 33 Harold Road, Burley, Leeds and directories give his 1881 address as 50 Somerby Street and his 1882 address as 17 East Grove Street, working at 6 Rillbank Street. The children were Emma - born 1848and alive in 1881; Henry - age 10 in 1861; Mary Ann - born 1856and alive in 1861; Frank - born 1860;Nancy - born in Selby in 1854 and a machinehand in 1881; Francis - born 1859 (see below); Elizabeth - born 1863, again a machinehand in 1881; Elinor - age 16 in 1881, also a machinehand but born in Leeds and finally George Henry, born 1868 and born in Leeds.

  3. Francis Lyth Gill is first listed in 1881 as a leatherworker at 12 Oakfield Lane, Leeds and then as follows: 1886-92 4 Rilbank Street, Woodsley Road; 1892-97 33 Harold Road, Burley (see above); 1894 15 Harold Mount, Burley; 1898 36 Rider Road; 1900-5 23 Woodsley Grove; 1906 14 Oxford Street; 1907-21 30/2 Buslingthorpe Lane.  He was a boot repairer and clothes dealer and married May Scrivener in 1894. His son, Henry Gill Lyth was a grocer, listed in 1920 at 30 Buslingthorpe Lane with a Mary Lyth and living between 1921 and 1925 at 11 Carter Street and between 1936 and 1967 at 30 Dragon Drive. He was born on 11 January 1894 and died in 1967, age 73and had a son R Lyth who lived in Cheadle in 1967.

  4. The third child of Joseph was Henry Joseph Gill - see Chapter X while the fourth child was Henrietta, baptised at Foss Lane on 6 October 1833.

Chapter X

Henry Joseph Gill, son of Joseph Gill, was born on 28 March 1831 and baptised on the next day at St Saviours, York. He was a shoemaker, living in 1854 at 2 Foss Lane, Hungate and was admitted a freeman on 31 July 1862 when he lived in Layerthorpe. Turner mentions him living in Lowther Street and in 1861 he was living at 17 Bedford Street, York. He could also have lived at various times in Gateshead and Islington as this was where two of his children were born. He is listed in the 1865 Poll Book at Layerthorpe.

He married Rebecca Wheeler, daughter of the late James Wheeler, a shoemaker of Lee Street, Shoreditch, London on 8 May 1853 at St Mary Haggerstone, Middlesex. She was born between 1834 and 1836.

Henry Joseph died, aged only 34, on 3 March 1866 of emphysema at Gremston Street, Leeds, leaving a wife and five young children. His wife remarried on 15 January 1868 John Young, a gardener age 52, at St Maurice, York when they both lived at Newbiggin Street. They had four children and Rebecca died in 1881, age 47.

According to Turner he had five children but the information is scanty on two of these.

  1. Henry Gill, was born on 20 November 1854 at 2 Foss Lane - see later while William, born at 25 Nelson Street, Gateshead on 25 November 1856, was a witness at his brother’s wedding in 1881 and was an organ builder, living at 13 Addison Street, Gateshead. However he gives his age as 26 and birthplace as York in the 1881 census when he was boarding with Caroline Dickinson and her daughter at 17 Claro Terrace, Leeds, giving his occupation as organ builder and musical instrument maker.  Henry became an engine smith. He married Hannah Smithson, dressmaker, born 2 April 1857, died 7 March 1942, daughter of Thomas, a stubber and widower age 66, on 30 November 1881 at St Peters Wesleyan Chapel, Leeds. He was living at his wife’s residence prior to the wedding, 24 Halliday Street. By 1882 they were at 47 Primrose Road; 1884 Brown’s Yard; 1888 4 Lovington Street; 1892 to 1904 19 Grant Street and 1904 to 1929 at 1 Bayswater Street where he died on 29 August 1929 being buried on 31 August at Harehills Cemetery. His widow was living in 1938 at 33 Broadway, Kirkstall and died on 7 March 1942. He did not leave a will.  There were nine children, details being given in Chapter XI. They were

    1. Ernest Smithson Gill,

    2. George Gill,

    3. Alfred Gill,

    4. Lauretta Gill,

    5. Arthur Gill,

    6. Henry Joseph Gill,

    7. Edmund Gill,

    8. Thomas Gill and

    9. Hetty Gill.

  2. Walter Gill’s baptism was on 20 April 1862 at St Cuthbert, York but his birth according to the 1881 census was in Kent in 1858 or 9. However he is not recorded in the 1861 census. He was an engine fitter and lived in 1881 at 7 Robson Street, Darlington (although this may be the wrong person), 1882 at 11 Nicholson Street, Stockton, 1887 at 14 Carlile Street, Stockton and between 1910 and 1913 at 23 Beaconsfield Street, Norton, Co Durham and died on 9 September 1929, age 68, at 46 Centenary Crescent, Norton when he was described as an engineer, fitter and turner. He married Mary Eastwood on 6 June 1881 at York Register Office and his children were Harold (born 26 March 1882), who married Amy Kirkwood in 1904 and maybe lived in Lincoln and whose son was Norman, born 28 August 1904 at 59 Pine Street, Norton and grandson also Norman; Minnie, born in 1886; Wilfred, born in 1889; William, born in 1892; Emily; Nellie and Edith.

  3. The other children were Albert Gill and,

  4. Thomas Gill, born on 1 November 1858 at 30 Clayton Street, Caledonian Road, Islington and, according to the 1861 census, blind. Albert and Thomas have not been traced in the 1881 census.

Chapter XI

Ernest Smithson Gill, son of Henry Gill, was born on 4 September 1882 at 47 Primrose Road, Leeds and married twice, firstly Sarah Ann Oyston, who was born 6 July 1881 and died 22 February 1927 and secondly Gladys Irene Curling in 1936 . He lived at 14 Talbot Mount between 1913 and 1940 and in 1940 was at 18 Vesper Rise. He had a daughter Vera who was born on 19 November 1913 and married Ronald Webb at St Peters, Leeds on 16 December 1939, having a son Martin born on 9 February 1948 at The Willows, Broad Lane, Leeds. They lived in 1939 at Stoneligh, Bramley and in 1948 at 1 Kensington Terrace, Leeds.

Ernest Smithson died on 7 February 1940 and was buried on 9 February at Lawnswood, Leeds.

George is covered in Chapter XII.

Alfred Gill was born on 23 April 1886 at 4 Lovington Street, Leeds and married Amelia Stoker in 1911 who was alive in 1931, when he lived at 9 Knowle Avenue, Burley. A butcher’s manager, he lived in 1927 at 29 Cross Flatts Drive, Beeston and had two children, Stanley, born 16 June 1911, and Doris, born 1914. He died 18 October 1927 and was buried at Harehills Cemetery.

Stanley married Lillian Florence Banks (nee Hirst) on 16 March 1946 in Leeds and had two children John David, born 1 September 1947 and Patricia Ann, born 28 July 1956. John David married Barbara Margaret Tyler on 28 March 1970 and had two children, Helen Louise, born 1 May 1972 and Christopher John, born 1 May 1976. Doris married Harold Reginald Horton in 1940 and had two children Janet A, born 1940 and Marilyn, born 1946. Janet married Graham Clark and had two children James, born 1972 and Suzanne born 1978.

Lauretta Gill was born 25 July 1888 and married George Wilde in 1913. They had a son Harold, born 22 June 1916 at Pontefract. He married Rene and they had a daughter Judith. Harold was living in 1972 at 36 Wharfedale Crescent, Garforth. Lauretta died in 1948, age 59.

Arthur Gill was born on 10 June 1891 at 20 Grant Place, Leeds and died on 12 June 1985 at Applegarth House, Woodlesford with probate granted 27 February 1987. He married Ethel Riggs and had no issue. He lived between 1920 and 1924 at 1 Bayswater Street and by 1942 was Drapery Manager at the Leeds Industrial Co-op. In 1972 he lived at 59 Pendas Walk, Crossgates

Henry Joseph Gill was born on 5 September 1893 and married Constance Raw in 1928 who died in 1979. He was a plumber and they had no issue. He lived from 1920 to 1922 at 1 Bayswater Street but by 1942 was at 30 The View, Alwoodley.

Edmund Gill was born 10 January 1896 and married Ethel Paul in 1919. They had three children Ronald, born 1920, Leeds; John A, born 1923, Leeds and Edmund, born 1925, Leeds.

Thomas Gill was born 1 June 1898 and married Katherine E Wrench in 1920 at Stockton. They had two children Bertram, born in 1922 and Elizabeth. He died in August 1928 age 30.

Hetty Gill was born 7 August 1902 and married William Edward Pollard, a commercial traveller, in 1928 in Leeds. He died in 1984 on the same day as his daughter. They lived in 1938 at 33 Broadway, Kirkstall and between 1940 and 1942 at 1 Moor Grange Rise, Leeds 6 and during the 1960s at Barnstaple, N Devon. They had a daughter Mary Christine, born 16 June 1937. Hetty died 23 January 1976. Mary Christine married Bryan William Skaife in 1959 at St Johns, Bishop Thornton and had three children, Gregory William, born 1967 in Leicester, Roslyn and Kathryn. She died in 1984 in North Wales.


Chapter XII

George Gill, son of Henry, was born on 1 March 1884 at Brown’s Yard, North Street, Leeds. He was educated at St Lukes C of E until 1895 and was a joiner and cabinet maker for 53 years as well as being a church organist for 23 years.

He married twice, firstly Alice Sanderson, born 5 March 1880, on 26 December 1911 at St Matthews, Leeds who died on 26 November 1951 and secondly Lillian Winifred Gibson (nee Smith) (born 28 August 1893) at Ripon Cathedral on 5 December 1953. She died in 1986.

His residences and works were as follows:

1907-11 1 Bayswater Street 1907 31 Merrion Street

1912-16 81 Chapeltown Road 1911 Glover Place,

1920-23 18 Markham Avenue Meanwood Road

1940-c.52 26 The View

1953 34 Homefield Avenue 1940s King Lane House,

1950s Knaresborough King Lane

1960s 20 The Brittons,Braunton

N Devon

  1. He had one son Norman born 27 June 1916 and he died 8 September 1965.

Norman was born in Leeds and married Joyce Bramley, born 17 August 1921 at East Ardsley Parish Church. He was a clerk then a newsagent until the early 1970s. He served in the Royal Signals in India and Iraq between 1939 and 1945. He died 21 May 1996 after a long illness and was cremated at Wakefield Crematorium.

They first lived in 1946 at 188 Doncaster Road, Wakefield then

50 Cyprus Mount

47 Bradford Road

14 Pinders Grove

They had two children Andrew David, born 24 September 1947 at Horsforth and Susanne Linda, born 23 May 1950 at Wakefield. Andrew David married Gwendoline Robertson on 27 September 1969 at Bywell St Peter, Northumberland and had two children Emma Victoria, born 10 March 1973 at Wakefield, whose children are Skye, born 28 December 1995 and Fleur, born 20 April 1997, and Christopher James, born 26 September 1976 at Leeds. while Susanne Linda married George David Richardson and had Michael James, born 13 October 1989.

Appendix I

The Family of John Gill of York, Mercer

John Gill was admitted a freeman in 1638 as the son of William Gill, tailor, having been baptised on 21 November 1613 at St Crux, York. William had married twice, firstly Jane Hudson ( who was buried on 19 June 1618 at St Crux) on 20 October 1599 at St Crux and secondly Elizabeth Sugit on 28 October 1624 at St Crux.

As well as John, William had four other children by Jane. These were Agnes baptised 19 August 1601, Jane, baptised in 1603/4 and buried on 19 June 1618, Rachell, baptised on 8 March 1607/8 and Beatrice, baptised on 3 October 1609. All at St Crux. Beatrice married William Elleson on 22 June 1639 at St Crux.

John Gill married Dorothy Forde on 13 August 1634 at St John Ousebridge and had the following children:

  1. John, baptised on 14 August 1642

  2. Ann, baptised on 11 September 1643 and buried on 16 January 1665/6.

  3. Julian, baptised on 13 December 1647 and buried on 11 March 1649/50.

  4. William, baptised on 20 March 1648/9.

  5. Robert, baptised on 26 May 1650.

  6. Dorothy, baptised on 9 June 1651.

  7. Christopher, born on 16 September and baptised on 20 September 1656, buried on 8 April 1659.

  8. Thomas, buried on 3 May 1660

All the above events took place at St Michael le Belfry.

Pavor’s Marriage Licences for 1672 list a licence for the marriage of William, age 29 (although this is likely to be a misprint for 24) of St Michael le Belfry and Hannah Wharton, Goodramgate. The marriage took place on 5 May 1672 at Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, York. He was made a freeman in 1669.

They had the following children:

  1. Dorothy, baptised on 18 February 1672/3 and buried on 22 March 1675/6.

  2. John, baptised on 9 June 1675.

  3. William, baptised on 18 November 1677 and buried on 31 December in the same year.

  4. Katherine, baptised on 22 October 1678.

  5. William, baptised on 10 June 1681.

  6. John, baptised on 13 May 1684 after William’s own death.

All events occurred at St Michael le Belfry.

William himself was buried on 23 October 1683 at St Michael le Belfry and a will was proved at the Dean and Chapter, York. This provides no further information except that there was no inventory and administration was granted to Hannah.

William married Grace Trewghet on 12 November 1700 at Acaster Malbis and they had two children, Muriel (baptised 1705 at Acaster Malbis) and Margaret, baptised on 7 September 1701 at Acaster Malbis. She married John Leafe, a farmer, on 19 November 1723 at Acaster Malbis and died in 1741.

Their children were

  1. Robert, baptised 1 December 1724 at Acaster Malbis.

  2. John, baptised 14 March 1725 at Acaster Malbis and died 1726.

  3. Robert, baptised 21 May 1727 at Naburn and died in the same year.

  4. Mary, baptised 3 November 1728 at Naburn.

  5. Grace, baptised 24 September 1730 at Naburn and married Christopher Harrison on 24 February 1754 at Naburn.

  6. Margaret, born and died in 1732.

  7. Margaret, baptised 11 June 1732 at Naburn.

  8. John, baptised 25 November 1733 at Naburn.

  9. William, baptised 11 June 1736 at Naburn.

  10. Richard, baptised on 4 February 1737 at Naburn.

John married Isabel Winn in 1756 and was a churchwarden. Their children were Robert (born 1757); Ann, baptised18 March 1759; Mary, baptised 31 January 1762; John, baptised 7 July 1764; Richard and William (died 1768) baptised 12 March 1768; Margaret, baptised 24 June 1770; William, baptised 28 March 1773 and Joshua, baptised 9 April 1775. All at Naburn.

William Leafe married Catherine Mennard in 1766 and their children were John, baptised 22 February 1767; Mary, baptised 4 September 1768 and died the same year; William, baptised 10 August 1769 and died an infant; William, baptised 14 February 1773 and Elizabeth, baptised 7 March 1776. All at Naburn.

Richard Leafe, a carpenter and parish clerk, married Barbara Doughty on 26 September 1762 at Acaster Malbis. They had no fewer than thirteen children as follows. Margaret, baptised 14 March 1763; Mary, baptised 28 June 1765 and died 1768; Elizabeth, baptised 30 March 1767; John, baptised 10 April 1769 and died the same year; William, baptised 20 May 1770 and died 1773; Mary, baptised 24 August 1772; Richard, baptised 20 May 1776 and died 1808; Joseph and William, baptised 2 July 1779 and died in the same year; Sarah Elizabeth, baptised July 1780; Benjamin,baptised 13 September 1781 and who had a daughter Barbara; Joseph, born in 1782 and John, born on 10 May and baptised on 14 June 1778. All events at Bishopthorpe.

Richard Leafe married a Hannah and had Joseph, baptised 10 February 1800 and died 1830, Elizabeth, baptised 27 October 1805 and died 1835 and Margaret, baptised 1 April 1808. All events at Bishopthorpe.

John Leafe married Lydia Mathers on 16 March 1802 at Bishopthorpe and was a labourer and parish clerk. Their children were John, baptised 20 March 1803 and died 1807; Sarah, baptised 10 October 1807 and died 1825; Edward, baptised 2 June 1805; Elizabeth, baptised 4 September 1811; Richard, baptised 24 September 1815; John, baptised 19 October 1817; William, baptised 5 October 1819 and died the same year and Benjamin William, baptised 12 October 1823. All events at Bishopthorpe.

Mary Leafe had three illegitimate children, Hannah, baptised 26 August 1797; Richard, baptised 16 October 1800 and Sarah Dealtry Empson, baptised 10 August 1806. Again all at Bishopthorpe.

Richard Leafe married Jane Greaves on 8 July 1833 at Bishopthorpe. They had the following ten children. Elizabeth, baptised 15 June 1834; Sarah Ann, baptised 1 November 1835; Frederic, baptised 29 July 1837; George, baptised 3 November 1839; Ann, baptised 16 January 1842; Margaret, baptised 2 September 1845; Joseph, born 1847; William, baptised 25 October 1849; Mary Jane, baptised 16 January 1852 and Richard, baptised 25 December 1853. All again at Bishopthorpe.

Richard Leafe was a relieving officer and lock keeper. He married Mary Mills on 7 February 1825 at St Denys, York. They had no fewer than twelve children as follows: Ann, baptised 6 August 1826 at Osbaldwick; Jemima, baptised 6 February 1831 at St Denys, York; Jane, baptised 10 August 1828 at Osbaldwick and married William Bentham in 1857 and had several children; Sarah, baptised 23 December 1832 at St Denys; Hannah, baptised 28 September 1834 at St Denys and married Frank Procter; Margaret, baptised 5 June 1836 at St Denys; Alice, baptised on 8 October 1837 at St Denys; Benjamin Mills, baptised 29 September 1839 at Holy Trinity Kings Court, York, a lock keeper who died in 1901; Elizabeth, born in 1841; Catherine who married George Dawson and had a daughter Kate; Fanny who married a Henderson and had several children and William.

Jemima Leafe married Fred Quye in 1853 and died in 1921. They had several children including Sarah who married a Dalley and they also had several children including Ronald who had a daughter Barbara who married a Kent and had Phoebe and Jasper.

Appendix II

The family of Thomas Gill of London, Lawyer

Thomas Gill was baptised on 27 April 1804 in New Malton, the son of Thomas Gill and Sarah Thornton (who married on 28 December 1801 and had an earlier Thomas, baptised on 17 September 1802) and by 1826 he was practising as a lawyer in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London. From 1829 to 1831 he was at 11 Crown Court, Hermitage Street, Wapping, from 1844 to 1851 or 1852 at 12 Harrington Street, Hampstead. From 1852 to 1858 he practised at 33 Bedford Place, Russell Square and from 1859 to 1864 at 18 Bedford Square (all this information from Law Lists). He died 5 November 1876 and left a will.

The other children of Thomas and Sarah were Anne, baptised 30 November 1807 at St Leonard, New Malton and alive and unmarried in 1881 when she was living with her brother Thomas; William, baptised 7 October 1812 and alive in 1869; George, baptised 17 September 1814 and also alive in 1869; Jane, baptised 24 October 1809; Sally, baptised 27 January 1805 and a second Jane, baptised 14 October 1816.

In 1833, according to Richard T R Gill, his horse won the St Leger but as he was an undischarged bankrupt it ran in the colours of Mr R Pratt. The horse was called Rockingham and was ridden by S Darling in a field of twenty. The name was subsequently used as a family name.

According to Richard T R Gill, Thomas bought the manor of Treverbyn in Cornwall for £40000 with Joseph Ivimey and went to live in Exmouth to manage it. He left it to Henry Rockingham and Thomas.

He married Jane Williams, born 1801, of Red Lion Passage after the baptism of his daughter Jane in 1827 and had at least four other children, all living at 12 Harrington Street in 1851. Three were still at home in 1861.

The eldest son Thomas was born around 1827 or 1828 - see below. Jane the first child was born on 16 March and baptised on 4 May 1826 at Holborn St Andrew and was still alive and unmarried in 1861.

William was baptised on 14 February 1830 at St Pancras Old Church but no further information is known while Henry Rockingham (see below) was baptised on 6 April 1834. Elizabeth Sarah Ann was baptised on 19 June 1836 at St Pancras Old Church and was still alive and unmarried in 1861 but later married Augustus R Maude, an East India merchant of Madras. In 1881 they lived 17 17 Comeragh Road, Fulham with three children, Augustus W (age 15, born London), Reginald F (age14, born London) and Florence J (age 10, born Madras) plus two servants.

Thomas, like his father, was a solicitor. His birth has not been traced, but the census returns show he was born in Bloomsbury, Middlesex around 1830 while his death certificate indicates birth in around 1827/8. In 1851 he was an articled clerk but by 1852 he is listed as a solicitor at 33 Bedford Place where he practised until 1858. From 1859 to 1877 he practised at 18 Bedford Square, from 1878 to 1890 at 61/3 Ludgate Hill and from 1891 to 1899 at Temple Chambers. He died on 7 November 1897 at his home age 69.

He married firstly Elizabeth Sarah Wright (nee Gash) before 1859 and in 1860 he was living at Treverbyn, Hornsey Lane but he was away on the night of the census. By 1881 he is listed as a widower when he resided at 86 Holland Park when he had seven servants and by 1891 at 8 St Quentin Avenue. Also residing in 1881 were his aunt, Ann; a ward, Rosalie Jane Williams, age 30 and born in France and possibly related to his wife plus three visitors.

The 1871 and 1881 census returns mention four children and a step daughter Emily Wright aged 19 in 1871 and born in Cumberland.

The children were Bessie Jane born at 1 Pin Castle, Ramsgate on 24 September 1858 and still at home in 1891; Thomas, born at 3 Westbury Place, Green Lanes, Tottenham on 17 October 1860, by 1881 an articled clerk and by 1891 a solicitor still living at home; Ada Constance, born in Tottenham in 1862 and still living at home in 1891 and Jessie Emily, born in Tottenham in 1864 and also still living at home in 1891 where she died on 23 June 1891.

By the 1891 he had remarried a Julia, born around 1855 in Clapham. This census return lists four further children Beatrice J, age 17 in 1891, born in Islington; Gertrude I, age 16 in 1891, born in Bloomsbury; Victor William, age 8 in 1891, born St Pancras and alive in 1953 and Charles S, age 1 in 1891.

Henry Rockingham Gill was baptised on 6 April 1834 at St Pancras Old Church and was a solicitor. He married Mary Ann Gash on 22 August 1861 at St Pancras Old Church and she was baptised on 15 March 1837, the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth, at St GeorgeStepney and had a will proved 17 August 1922 when her address was St Maur, Hunsdon Road, Torquay. Note his brother also married a Gash. His various business and private addresses were as follows:

1869-73 17 Paternoster Row 19 Gloucester Gardens

1874-77 32 Cheapside 1874-80 27 Eardley Crescent

1878-90 61/3 Ludgate Hill 1881-91 47 Lexham Gardens

1891-97 1A Paternoster Row 1896-98 31 Earls Court Square

1898 166 Earls Court Road

His wife lived from 1902 to 1911 at 26 Nevern Square, the home of her son. The 1871, 1881, and 1891 census returns give details of their seven children. In 1881 he had six servants. Henry died on 3 November 1898 age 65 at home and left a will.

The children were Rockingham George (see below); Ellen Kate born 27 January 1866 at 1 Clyde Villas, Westbury, Bristol who married a Preston and was alive in 1947; Marianne Jane, born 1868 also in Clifton and who married Charles Robert Farquharson and was alive in 1902; Henry Howes Courtenay (see below); Anne Maude Emily, baptised on 1 June 1871 at St Pancras Old Church and age 4 months at the 1871 census, born St Pancras, married Charles Falkland Monckton and alive in 1920; Louise M born Kensington or St Pancras in 1872 and living at home in 1891 and Elaine Mabel born 1880, also at Kensington or St Pancras and also at home in 1891 and alive in 1896.

Rockingham George Gill was born at 98 Rutland Street, Hampstead Road on 15 May 1862 and baptised on 22 August 1862 at St Pancras Old Church, London. He was a law student in 1881 and resided with his father. He later became a barrister on the Western Circuit being admitted into Inner Temple on 29 April 1885. Law Lists record him to 1938 but not 1943 and he died on 19 December 1946 at Moorfield, Exmouth. His chamber was 7 Figtree Court, Temple from 1896 to 1933. He lived in 1896 at Stile Hall Gardens and from 1907 to 1910 at Single Rose, Cole Park, Twickenham.  He married Maude Boulton and there were at least two sons: George Henry Rockingham  Gill and Rockingham Conyers Gill.

  1. George Henry Rockingham was born on 23 May 1900 at home, also a barrister, admitted to Inner Temple on 19 November 1923 with chambers at 7 Figtree Court, Temple from 1930 to 1941. He was also a naval architect. Law Lists record him until at least 1948 and he is thought to have died in the 1950’s. In 1930 he lived at 112 Knightsbridge. He had two daughters who were still alive in 1984.

  2. Rockingham Conyers Gill who was born around 1899 and died between 1966 and 1985. He was a Brigadier in the Royal Artillery and had two sons Richard Trevelyan Rockingham born in 1921 and alive in 1985 in Germany and Brian, also alive in 1985, and three daughters.  Brig. Rockingham Conyers Gill.  I have an oil painting I bought recently.  The picture is of Budleigh Salterton and dated 1944. It is signed Brig Rockingham Gill.  Information on this painting is: Gill Rockingham Brig. 1887- (153) Prospect House Budleigh Salterton oil 16x14 ins £550 copy.  It is a good picture and he did have some talent as an artist.  Rockingham Gill was posted to Ceylon prior to 1933 and that in June 1933 he wrote an aticle in the Royal Artillary Magazine about the formation of the Yacht Club entitled “Yachting Sailing in the Regiment” . He did have a posting on the Medway where the club was formed. He was a Major at the time he wrote the article.  Regards, Martyn Pearson. In the UK.

Henry Howes Courtenay Gill was born in 1868 at St Pancras and baptised on 2 January 1869 at St Pancras Old Church. He became a solicitor, practising from 1896 to 1897 at 1A Paternoster Row while residing at 2 Hogarth Road. In 1891 he was still living with his father. He then practised until his death from 166 Earls Court Road, living at 26 Nevern Square. He was unmarried.

He died age 34 at Craignish, Branksome Road, St Leonards, Sussex on 10 July 1902 and his practice became Gill, Pugh & Davey, being listed until 1979 (at 262 Earls Court Road). The succeeding practice, How, Davey & Lewis, has no records.

Appendix III

The family of Robert Gill of Easingwold, Solicitor

Robert Gill is mentioned in Turner’s pedigree but there is no firm evidence of any relationship to William. In particular there is no mention in Henry’s will. There is a Robert qualifying in 1830 as a solicitor who practised at Easingwold from 1836 to 1858 and until 1884 at Middlesborough but his affidavit on being articled gives his mother as Isabella, widow. He married Caroline Frances Newton before 1844.

He had a son Wallace who qualified as a solicitor (and was also a Major) in 1876 and practised at Knaresborough until 1918. He married Katherine Harwar in 1873 and a son Robert Harwar was born on 6 May 1877 at Knaresborough. He was also a solicitor from February 1899 to 1936 as well as serving in the forces, retiring as a Major with an entry in Who was Who. He died on 18 May 1938 leaving a will dated 15 December 1931. The practice seems to have been taken over by a nephew William Wallace. He did not marry.

The other son was Robert Newton born in Easingwold on 4 October 1844.

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