Zacharias Davis Gill, son of Bailey Rhodes Gill. Born 16 Oct 1856 in Marion County, GA. Died 6 Jan 1918 in Butler, GA. Buried in Bloodworth Cemetery, Charing, GA. Occupation Farmer, Former Deputy Sherif. Religion Methodist.

"Thou art gone but not forgotten
We bless thy memory still
Each day we miss thy presence
and forever will"
(words on Zack's tombstone, Bloodworth Cemetery, Charing GA

He married Frances Elizabeth WATSON, daughter of Benjamin WATSON & Frances LAWHORN, 1875. Born 17 Oct 1859. Died 12 Nov 1953 in Troy, Michigan. Buried in Bloodworth Cemetery, Charing, GA. Religion Baptist.  "Little Mama" was member of Trinity Free Will Baptist Church, Mauk, GA at time of her death in 1953

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