Cemetery, Brunson, SC.  What I call Section I is the section fenced off from the main cemetery and has the William Edgar Brunson family and descendants in it.  The significance of William Edgar Brunson is that he is given credit for founding the town of Brunson, SC after the Civil War...


I am Robert Clyde Brunson descendent of founder of Brunson, SC. 1945 LIVE date==2-15-2005

Farther Whitford Fay died(est.-1968 ) buried in Millers cemetery, Mullins,SC,

Uncle Clyde dies (est. 1955 ) Buried in Chapel Hill,NC,

Aunt Betty Low lives in NC. She GAVE land for the SCHOOL TO the CITY.

Grand-Farther Arbium Brunson died (est. 1939 ) Buried in Millers Cemetery, Mullins, SC.


Did not William Eadgar est. BRUNSON, SC??

Bob Brunson FLY-1SAIL-2@COX.NET

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