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Garrett I jusr received a certificated death certificate for my Great-grandfather, John Harvey Garrett. He was born 03 March 1864 and died June 15, 1938.   The Death Certificate listed his father as J. T. Garrett from Cumming. S.C. Until I read this, I thought Jesse Thompson was from Laurens County. Now I am looking at a new location. Jesse was first married to Hannah Garrett. His 2nd wife was Sarrah Blackwell from Tennessee.  In 1864, Cumming S.C. or Hampton County was listed as part of Beaufort County, according to the records I pulled up. Can you tell me what Garrett's were in the Cumming S.C. area just after the Civial War? I did not see Garretts listed. Thank you for your assistance.  25 Nov. 2007 Lera Henkel
GARVIN Seek info on Rose/Rosa GARVIN,b.1848-1853, d.1918. Baptized on Oct. 15, 1879 at Gillette Church by Rev. Joseph Goodin(g) of Ruddell, S.C. Children: Isabel GARVIN, Walter SAMS, Eugene SAMS, Florence Ella SAMS, Luetta T. SAMS, Arthur Henry SAMS, Estelle Mazie SAMS. He owned property in Allendale, surrounding Trinity C.M.E. Church(Barnwell Rd at King Creek.) Son Eugene SAMS is buried in Trinity Cemetery. 1870 census she is in Barnwell County, Bull Pond Township; 1880 census in Hampton County, Lawton Township; moved to Augusta, GA in 1892 where she died in 1918. In Augusta, three Allendale cousins came to live with her: Anna OWENS, Bertha COX, & Lillian BRYANT who married Tom BEST of Allendale. It it unknown how she was related to the three Allendale cousins; nothing is known about her parents or whether she had any brothers and/or sisters. (3/14/99 5:04:48 PM) M. Lewis
GEFFCKEN This may be a futile attempt but will try. In 2001,a person by the name of Lille PLUMER posted a message on GenForum looking for information on her great grandmother Maggie Geffcken RAHN. Her grandmother was Annie Eliza RAHN. I found Annie Rahn NUNGEZER is buried in Lawtonville Cemetery. Hence you may be my only contact for Lille.  I have all the GEFFCKEN family information she may need. Her great grandmother was sister to my great grandfather. I have posted to Genforum in hopes she would answer, but to no avail. GenForum no longer allows email addresses to be posted with your query. I would dearly love to be able to contact Lille Plumer. Joyce Trammell
GINN Searching for info on my great grandfather, Robert Eugene Ginn, (1878-?). He was married to Rose Lee Mason (1884-1929-but not positive of these dates). I am at a dead end where these two are concerned! (1/4/00 9:05:22 PM) Cheryl
GOETHE I have an Enis Goette m: Mary Solomons 1 Sep 1957, she was born 24 Aug 1920, children: Margaret Demaris (Mardee) Goette b: 1944 & Linda Laura Goettee b: unk. I've got ancestral info on the solomons side but not the Goette side, and no descendant info on this family.  5 Oct. 2001 Steve Mears
GOETHE As a descendent of George Goethe 4th, I have traced my family to Beaufort SC. In my search I found mention of the Goethe Family Reunion held in Beaufort County. I am trying to establish when and where this reunion is held. I have traced my parents, grandparents, and geatgrandparents to Beaufort and would appreciate any information you might be able to supply. I thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter.  27 Sept. 2003 Mac J. Goethe
GOETHE I am researching the Goethe Family of St. Peter's Parrish, SC. I am descended from Sarah Elizabeth Goattee who married James G. Dannelley. She died in 1817 and the Dannelley family moved to Alabama.  Do you have any information that you would be willing to share about this line? 2 Dec. 2006 Gwen Dean Myers
GOODING GOODING, James. Would appreciate any information on James Gooding and his family. Specifically location of their home in Beaufort/Hampton County. James married Delilah Warren moved to Old Prince Williams Parish, Beaufort District, SC from Jones County NC. Period of time would be 1810 and later. Thanks for any information. (11/5/98 9:37:12 PM) Donna Hill
GOODING Am researching my line the Goodings (specifically Daniel and James Gooding) of Beaufort/Hampton County. The Goodings were centered around Crockettville SC and the surround land. Will share information. (3/14/99 5:12:08 PM) Donna Hill
GOODING Looking for burial sites, large or small, for any Gooding families, in Hampton County. Already have knowledge of the Gooding Cemetery and the Church Cemetery at Crocketville. Searching for Daniel Gooding Sr. and Daniel Gooding Jr., their families and descendants, circ 1810 - 1880. These are my great-grandfathers. (3/1/98 9:37:05 PM) Randall Davis

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