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HADWIN Looking for information on William Barney Hadwin. I understand they may have originally been from Georgia. He died 11/22/1916 and was buried at Scotia. He was married to Catherine Virginia Crapps (sp?). 28 June 2004 Cindy Middleswarth
HAITHCOCK It is my understanding that my great-great grandfather, Green (?) Haithcock owned a cotton farm in Eastover prior to the depression. Do you have any information about the Haithcock family. They attended Good Hope Baptist Church in Eastover. I believe he had about six children: Larry, Reuben, Gussie, "Doc," Essie, and Pearl. Larry married a woman by the name of Marie. Pearl married Sam Hall who was a captain on an ocean liner. 5 Oct. 2001 B. Donahue Richard
HAMILTON I was trying to find information on Nicholas Hugh Hamilton's first wife Alabama Taylor. Nicholas Hamilton was born 1855 and died in 1910. I thought if I could find when he married, it would have some info on her. (12/5/99 6:01:16 PM) S. Bowers Higgins
HAMMOND Researching family of Walter Raymond HAMMOND and Margaret Virginia BRANCH, who were in Cummings, Hampton County, SC in 1880s. They had 6 daughters, all born in Cummings; Iuka, Irene, Iva, Iola, Idell, and Ida. Would like any info about family, particularly parents of Walter HAMMOND, and any descendants of the sisters: Irene LIGHTSEY; Iola STONE; Ida LITCHFIELD. (11/28/97 9:26:55 AM) J. Myers
HAMPTON Looking for info on Nancy Hampton, (b.) 14 Sept 1817 in (?) She married Henry Shaw in Charleston, SC on 21 Dec 1837. How did HAMPTON COUNTY get it's name? I was wondring if it was named after the Hampton family. Any info on the Hamptons would be appreciated very much. Thank you for your time and consideration. (6/17/98 7:49:14 PM) Jerry M. Hannah

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HANDLEY In search of the Handley families in Jasper and this area in the mid-to-late 1700's. John, James, William and Thomas. The name has been spell Handly, Hanly, Hanley and Handley. Anyone doing research, please contact me. Will be happy to share data. Thanks (4/19/99 7:27:34 PM) E. Handley
HANSFORD Relative to my queries for Bowers, I am also looking for information on the name HANSFORD. My grandfather's name was Gainey HANSFORD Daniels and I believe HANSFORD and GAINEY to be family surnames for his mother or father. Gainey HANSFORD Daniels was born in Cummings, Hampton County, SC on Novemebr 11, 1880. (7/6/98 8:36:38 PM) Leslie Daniels
Harriett I am looking for William H. Harrietts grave, his first wife, Sula Preaster .  Harriett and other Harriett families. W. H. died bet. 1910 & 1920.  Brother Frank E. Harriett died bet 1920 & 1930 in Hampton Co. Brunson or Peeples Twp. I need information on William Harriett, born July 1848 in South Carolina. He married 1st Unknown. Children were: John Andrew B. August 24, 1877 in Barnsville, S. C., George Washington born August 1880 in S. C. , Susie Lee Born May 1881 in S. C., Mandy Born Oct 1885 in S. C. , Ida born Oct 1895 in SC. 2nd wife Sarah Unknown, Child: Alma born Sept 1897 in Peeples, Hampton Co. S. C. He was still alive in the 1900 Fed Census of Hampton Co. I need death and burial information, his parents, names of spouses. 23 August 2006 Rachel Reid
HARRISON Searching for ggGrandfather Richard Harrison b. 25 Apr 1818 Prince William Parish. Family left farm in 1851 which was located at "forks of Big and Little Salkehatchers" to move to Pierce Co. Ga. Believe Richard is son of Joseph Harrison and Ann Gooding of Crocketville area but both Joseph and Amos remain candidates 'til I find more. Have pics of Richard and Susan, and of their log cabin and separate kitchen in south Georgia and fairly large file. Would love to exchange data with anyone interested. Thanks. (1/25/98 1:24:07 PM) Rod Medders
HARRISON Hope to find others searching Joseph HARRISON b. cir 1765 Jones County, N.C. Married Anne GOODING, also of Jones Co. Both Harrison and Gooding families moved to Prince William Parish, Beaufort Dist (presently Hampton). Joseph and Ann family begin showing in Beaufort census by 1820. (8/9/98 11:05:08 AM) Rod Medders
HARRISON Our family has been traced back to AMOS HARRISON of Prince William Parish, Beaufort Dist.(Hampton Co.) South Carolina before 1800. Amos was eather 80 or 86 years of age when he died on 3/26/1855. When he was a boy it is said that he remembered the Revolutionary War very vividly. The 1790 census for Beaufort Dist. South Carolina lists Henry Harrison head of household and three(3) males under sixteen(16) years of age, and one(1) female. The 1800 census lists Henry as executor of Catherine Stone Est. We think Henry is the father of Amos But can not prove it. Amos married Sarah Ann Hamilton 4/10/1804. We have all of Amos's Bible records from his marrage to Sarah Ann foward. Henry David was there first born. If any one has any information on the Harrison family please help me out. We will share any info we have. (1/4/00 9:08:06 PM) James W. Harrison
HARTLEY I am searching for information on Daniel Hartley, Sr, b. 1720, d. 1798. Or others with Hartley name. (9/3/99 8:46:00 PM) Early Hartley
HATTRICK I seek information of Caroline Hattrick about the surname.  My own version traveled from Germany>Ireland>Canada>WA state. Germany>Ireland 1709>Canada 1854>WA state  1889.  19 Jan. 2001 Mike Hattrick
HEAPE Seeking information on Orrie HEAPE, wife of Reuben Jorden RIVERS. Who were her parents and siblings? 11 Feb. 2001 Nancy Rivers Pond
HERRIOT Searching for family of Susan HERRIOT b. 30 jan 1823 in Prince Williams Parish, Beaufort Dist. She married Richard HARRISON, son of Joseph and Ann GOODING Harrison, originally from Jones Co. N.C. Richard and Susan moved to Ware (later Pierce) Co. Ga. in 1851. Would love to exchange data with anyhone interested. (8/9/98 11:04:22 AM) Rod Medders
Hull, Ulmer My mother was Carrie Elizabeth Hull who married James Henry Ulmer. Both were natives of Hampton County. I am seeking information on the Hull family who lived in Huggin Oak. I have complete information on the Ulmer line but not on the Hull line. 24 Feb. 2007 James Earl Ulmer
HOLZDORF Looking for any information on Holzdorf possibly from Purysburg SC mid 1700's. (9/3/99 8:42:14 PM) Ken Sanders
HORTON David Horton (s/o Moses Horton)/wife Sarah who lived in Danielston near the Savannah River in northwest part of Beaufort County, South Carolina in 1860. 1997 map would locate Danielton (not on current maps) near the county line in either Hampton County or Allendale County. David was born in 1813 and was a planter with 200 acres. According to 1860 census. Horton, David b:1813; wife: Sarah H. b:1815; daughters: Elipire N (?) b:1845, Rebecca b:1847, Sarah b:1853; sons: David b:1848, Solomon (Paul) b:1850, Rienzie b:1852, Deloach b:1854, Broadus b:1855. David's son Solomon Paul Horton born in 1850 and died in 1909 married Amanda Oliver in or around Screven County, Georgia. One of their sons, Leonard Hayes Horton born in 1889 and lived in Jenkins County, Georgia was my grandfather. Any help in locating any of David & Sarah's other ancestors or decendents would be greatly appreciated. (8/10/97) Mickey Horton
HUDSON HUDSON - I am researching Hudson Landing and the related Hudson Ferry which operated between present-day Hampton Co SC and Screven Co GA in at least the late 1700s. I am also very interested in the HUDSON family that owned/operated the Ferry. 4 Feb. 2002 J. Hudson
HUGHEY James S. HUGHEY b 1809/15 d 1886 in Hampton County. Married Mary Ann BARNES B 813/14. Children were 1. Holland (Holly) Elizabeth b 1834/35 married Henry P.BELGER (My Line) 2. William R. b 1834/39 married Georgia Lane. (12/30/98 9:44:05 AM) Jim Strickland

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