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MASON Searching for info on my great grandmother, Rose Lee Mason(1884-1929-but not positive of these dates). She was married to Robert Eugene Ginn. They had the following children: Maggie (my grandmother), Robert, Lester, Ada and Idell. Any help will be appreciated! (1/4/00 9:04:50 PM) Cheryl
MATHEWS I am trying to locate a burial site for William Ezekiel Mathews died June 9, 1881 in Hampton County. I have located the grave of his second wife Rebecca Rivers Mathews but evidently he is buried with his first wife, Cynthia Shipes Mathews. I am also trying to locate burial sites for William and Cynthia's children, William W. Mathews, their son, Victoria Mathews Nix, their daughter and E. R. (Rose) Mathews Gooding, their daughter. 5 Oct. 2001 A. Baker
Mauldin Mill Does anyone know where Mauldin Mill is or was? I have a copy of a letter from my great grandfather, Frank Bowers, dated April 9, 1888 and the return address at the top of the letter is "Mauldin Mill". Does anyone have any information on a Captain Wattie Mauldin? Ann Baker 5 Oct. 2001 A. Baker
MAY Greetings! Does anyone have information on a John May born before 1723 and his wife Mary (Stafford) May born before 1727 in Hampton, South Carolina and their daughter Sarah Hetty May who was born about 1749 in Hampton, South Carolina. Sarah later marreid Robert Evans. Thank you (5/27/99 2:33:31 AM) Pat Keenan
MAY I have been told that John May born before 1723 and his wife Mary Stafford born before 1727 lived in Hampton Co., South Carolina. I have also been told that they MAY have been the parents of my Sarah Hetty May who married Robert Evans. Has anyone seen this connection before? I have not done research yet on the May/Stafford family yet . . . so all help is certainly appreciated. (6/4/99 11:01:22 AM) Pat Keenan
MAY I am looking for information on a JOHN HAMPTON MAY, born in October 1813 in S.C. I am guessing since his middle name was Hampton, he was born in this county. He later moved to Ga, married and died in Putnam County Florida. Any information would be appreciated. 16 Oct. 2000 Emory May
McALHANEY I am looking for any decendants of Robert Henry McAlhaney and Elizabeth Heirs McAlhaney. They were born May 19, 1835 and November 9, 1834, respectively. They were both from Hampton/Varnville area. Any information would be helpful. Thanks (5/24/99 5:18:20 PM) Karen McAlhaney
McKENZIE I am researching the McKenzie family of St Peter’s Parish and specifically Brighton, SC.  My ancestor Archibald McKenzie was half-brother to Rebecca Mary Jane McKenzie Tison (married Reuben Henry Tison).  Archibald and Rebecca Mary Jane’s father was William McKenzie.   Archibald had the following children with Harriet F Hutchison McKenzie: John Hutchinson McKenzie, Lawrence Anthony McKenzie, Edward Archibald McKenzie, Jane (married a Davis) Harriet.  In the 1860’s Lawrence’s land was bordered by Reuben H Tison, Joseph Lawton, Benj R Bostic.  Can you offer any research suggestions?  14 Sept. 2015 Caren Jones
McTEER I am searching for information on the McTEER family of Yemassee and Early Branch, SC. JOHN McTEER died dec. 1821. WILLIAM McTEER died 6 Sep 1799. Would appreciate any help on these lines. Will gladly exchange McTEER information. (6/7/98 5:15:48 PM) Julie Perry
MEDLOCK Looking for information on and Interested in corresponding with descendants of CHARLES HOYLE MEDLOCK (1858-1936), s/o Joseph Miller Grieve Medlock and Sarah Ann Hardeman Medlock. He is buried Lawtonville Cemetery, Estill. He married 1st SARAH C. LAWTON (1860-1891), d/o John Lawton (1830-1908) and Elizabeth Stoney Peeples (1834-1910) and had 3 children, Caralie Douglas Medlock, Joseph Hoyle Medlock, and John Lawton Medlock. Charles Hoyle Medlock married 2nd Mamie Tripp and had at least 1 child, a daughter Elizabeth Medlock.  Caralie Douglas Medlock married Cornelius Louis Stoney. Their daughter, Caralie Stoney (1908-1994), was my Grandmother. She was born in Estill and married Rev. James Felder Moseley, Jr. in 1931. I have information to share on the early Medlock, Hardeman, Lansford and Rainey lines back to 1735 GA. 28 June 2004 Lynda C. Moseley
MITCHUM I am looking for information on Theodore Mitchum who settled in Hampton County. My g grandfather was James Rial Mitchum (born around 1799) who settled in Berkeley County. I am wondering if they were of the same family. If so, who were their parents? (3/1/98 9:41:04 PM) No Name Given
MIXON Looking For information on William Thomas Mixon. He married Mary N. Sauls they lived in Varnville, S.C. They moved to Guyton, Ga. around 1905??. They had 3 girls one was named Alice(or Alyce) Hattie W., Minnie V. (4/28/99 8:35:24 PM) Al Sammons
MIXON Looking for Charlie M. Mixon, born May 16, 1872; father William Mixon. 6 March 2001 F. Kent
MOCK Arthur Mock believed to have been born in 1881 in the 1930 census it does not list my grandmother I think she was the oldest Ethel Mock b-1901m-Howell Crapse lshe died in 1961 buried at Lebanon Church in Scotia. the census list 2 sons can't read names also Isiac, Bobby and Pinkie her sister. I need help from before this to find out ancestors of Arthur Mock and Daisy Smith (they were first cousins) 27 Sept. 2003 Carrol Deloach
MOLE Looking for the parents of William Frederick Mole, b. 1822 in the "old Beaufort district" of SC. He married Mary Ann Breland and they had 4 children: Theodore Franklin, m. Susan Billy Pricher; John William, m. Alice Lightsey; Mary Jessie, m. Dr. (unknown) Whatley and Edgar C., m. Alice Rabb. William died in 1896. (2/7/99 5:56:11 PM) Marianna "Mike" Williams
MOLE I am looking for the family history of my grandfather Roy Mole from Hampton SC. If anyone has information on his family line please let me know. I would like to trace the family history back to when the first mole setteled in America. Please helop me if you can Thank you. (1/4/00 9:03:57 PM) Dan W. Hiers Jr.
MOLE I'm researching the Mole Family. My Grand Parents were Lewis E. Mole and Claira Ruth McMillian.I'm not sure about the correct spelling of her last name. Lewis parents were Wyman Mole and Jane Mixon. Ruth's parents were Edward Angus Cameron McMillian and Lila Altman. Can anyone give me any dates or possibily any of their parents names. Thanks (12/5/99 5:58:22 PM) Richard A. Mole
MOLE Does anyone have information on a cemetery, I believe the name is Sandy Run, where Lewis Elmer Mole and Clara Ruth (McMillan) Mole are buried?  I recall the cemetery as North between Fairfax and Brunson, SC.  They lived between Brunson and Hampton.  14 Jan. 2001 John Mole
MOONEY Looking for info on Harry Mooney who died in Varnville, Hampton Co., S.C. at the home of his brother, Robert Mooney. Need dates of birth and death, also, would like to find out where he is buried. Died between 1960-1970 I believe. (12/5/99 5:48:02 PM) mailto:Judith
MOORE 1850 thru 1880 Census Reports : John Moore was a merchant and postmaster in Gillisonville S.C. Surnames connecting to the Moore line thru marriage are , Adler (Adair} , Boyd , Ferguson , Harvey , Ruth , Tillinghast , Woodbury lines 5 Oct. 2001 Tom Brewer
MORGAN Looking for info on Lewis Morgan. Married a miss Gardner of SC about 1767.Moved to Ga. prior to 1783, most probably Effingham Co. His father or possibly grandfather was John Morgan, which died in SC, in 1695  (4/21/99 9:10:52 PM) Miriam (Morgan) Glisson
MURRELL My father is Samuel Francis Crews, Jr., 80 and mother is Ruth Elizabeth (Betty Ruth) Ayer Crews, 77 and who still live at the end of Main Street (Lee Avenue), Hampton in the Eugene Murrell Peeples house (built 1908). Betty Ruth is the daughter of Aline Peeples Ayer (1899-1945) and Frank Ayer. Aline is the daughter of Eugene Murrell Peeples and Emma Johns. Eugene is the son of Alexander McBride Peeples and Caroline Julia Murrell (1840-1911). Caroline was the second wife of Alexander, the first wife being Rosa Goethe.  Caroline moved to Hampton County in 1867 to be the governess/tutor for the Peeples children, then married Alexander and had seven children.  Caroline claimed her father was Walter Murrell, Charleston who died in the War Between the States. However, the 1850 census of Charleston, Ward 1, list her as being aged 11 and living with John Jonas Murrell. I believe her mother was Susan McClendon Murrell. Do you happen to have confirmation as to who may be Caroline's parents? when you are coming South. I would really like to meet you personally.  5 Nov. 2002 SAM CREWS

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