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Odom I am trying to see if my ancestor, Mary Odom, is on the rolls of any of the Hampton County Churches prior to 1810. I am also a Johnston descendant. My grandmother was the daughter of Nathan Johnston and I believe from their Bible, Jane Miller. Any help you could provide would help. The d/o of Nathan Johnston and Jane Johnston was Margaret Ann (Johnston) Odom Pearce. Her 1st husband was Shadrack English Odom, whom I believe to be the son of Isaac Odom and Mary Purvis. When he died in 1833 in Pike Co., MS, she remarried a widower, William Benton Pearce in 1835. 23 March 2005 Charles Flanders
ORR I am looking for any information related to the ancestors of my great-grandfather Angus Orr, born in Hampton Co. approx. 1901. His was married to Edna Busby (1903 approx) and his parents were John Orr (1875 approx) and Deborah Lawton (1885 Approx.) Any information related to the Orr family will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.  June 2006 Earl Myers, Jr.  or Earl Myers, Jr.
O'QUINN Looking for parents of Ann O'Quinn b 1850 d 1922, Hampton Co, SC, married Meshack Benton in 1865 and had the following children: George, Lige, Lizzie, Susan, Josephine, Catherine, Sarah, Alice, Bell, Margaret, and one dau who died young. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. (8/22/99 6:36:29 PM) Terry G. Britt
OSTEEN I am looking for the ancestors of Shadrack Osteen who was born in South Carolina in appx. 1815. He was married to Pamela also born appx. 1815 and had the following children: William Bartley b. appx 1835, John b. appx. 1837, Mary b appx. 1840, Alford b. appx. 1842, Vicey b. appx 1844, and Amos b appx. 1850. All of the family were born in SC except for Alford, Vicey and Amos who were born in Georgia. I have been able to trace a Reuben, an S. , a John and and R. Osteen all living in Beaufort at various times between the 1810 and 1840 in the Census records. I am currently at a dead end and would greatly appreciate any assistance in solving this mystery. Thanks, Lee. (10/28/99 10:08:40 PM) Lee Gautreau
OVERSTREET I am looking for information on Mary Overstreet who was my Great Grandmother's sister. My Great Grandmother, Georgia Etta Mixon Reynolds was born in Hampton County on 4-1-1870 and later lived in Beaufort County. Her sister was mentioned in her obituary (12-18-1948). Overstreet is probably a married name, but not sure as Georgia Etta was possibly adopted by the Mixon family later. Any information would be helpful. (3/22/99 2:28:19 PM) Cheryl Hayes
OVERSTREET I am looking for information on Georgia Etta Mixon Reynolds. She was my great-grandmother, born in Hampton in 1870. I believe she was adopted by the Overstreet family as a young girl, and had a sister named Mary Overstreet. Would be happy to share all information which I have. (12/5/99 6:03:32 PM) Cheryl Hayes
OWENS Info on Jacob Walter Owens married to Leila Mary Owens b 10/18/1891 died 6/3/1937.  27 Sept. 2003 Kevin & Carol Adams
OWENS I'm researching the Owens family of Hampton and understand you have a copy of the History of Orangeburg County, South Carolina by A. S. Salley, Jr. I can't seem to locate a copy and was hoping you could check for any Owens that may be listed. 27 Sept. 2003 Rick Biddle

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