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I am forwarding a copy of the letter I received from Janet in California. If anyone wants to contact her about Redding/Reddin Cook, she will be glad to hear from you.

Thanks, Marie

Marie Brunson Jefferson

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Subject: S. C. Reports & Resolutions, Comptroller General 1897, p 302

Marie, Here is a listing of names received from the SC Archives years ago that show my Redding Cook was on the pension rolls. His pension apparently was lost, I haven't made any progress ... thought maybe this should be shared with the Low Country List ... maybe there'd be some feedback ...

Would you be willing to post this and see if there is any feedback ... or if anyone has access to the entire Hampton Co. list. Might be interesting.  The actual page says, Hampton Co., continued

Class C, No, 2.-continued

it's name, township, and post office

Happy Easter ...


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