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RAMSEY I am working on the Ramsey family in this area. Carolyn Ramsay
RENTZ Information for Issac Oliver Polk and Elizabeth Rentz they had a 1841 marriage. I would like to find their parents and brothers and sisters names and all, birth dates, death dates I have Hampton Co. as a marriage place. (8/9/98 11:03:36 AM) Jeanne Thackeray
RHODES I am working on the Rhodes family in this area. Carolyn Ramsay
RINKER I am seeking data on earliest Rinkers, probably from Switzerland, in any of these counties. (12/24/98 2:48:31 PM) Richard N. Rinker
RIVERS Seeking information on family of my great grandfather, William Henry Rivers b: Mar. 1828, Beaufort. Second wife was Elizabeth Ann Goethe daughter of George IV (prob. m. in GA). Also, would like to know who first wife was. (7/6/98 8:51:59 PM) Nancy Rivers Pond
ROBERTS Seek information on Temperence DAVIS ROBERTS. B. 1790 in Whippy Swamp, SC. She was married to James Roberts - b. Nov. 1784 Pondtown SC; d. Nov. 1868 Lake Butler FL... looking for info on their marriage and the parents of Temperence. All are supposedly members of the Prince Williams Parish in Hampton County... which used to be part of Beaufort... any help is greatly appreciated.; 18 June 2001 B. Pollock
ROBERTS JAMES BRINCE ROBERTS, SR., oldest son of JAMES AND TEMPERANCE DAVIS ROBERTS was born in (now) Hampton County, Prince William Parish, ca 1810 and died between 1844-50. He married ELIZABETH _____. Thad four children: EMMMA, b. 1838, d. 1805, m. DANIEL SIMMONS; ELIZABETH ROBERTS, B. 1840, D. YOUNG; MARY ROBERTS, B. 1842, D. 1898, m. WILEY THOMAS and JAMES BRINCE ROBERTS, JR., b. 1844. Have been searching for some of the descendants of any of these children, especially JAMES BRINCE ROBERTS, JR. In 1860, he was found living in the household of GEORGE COPE and family in Beaufort (now Hampton), Prince William Parish, listed as being fifteen years of age.  GEORGE COPE was listed as a Merchant. Could BRINCE,JR., have been apprenticed out to GEORGE COPE to learn a trade? I would appreciate getting in touch with descendants of any of these children. Would be happy to share Roberts information. 18 June 2001  V.C. Price 
RUIS Seeking info on Mary, possibly, Todd, married John Ruis/Rewis, late 1700's, died in Tattnall county Georgia, mid 1800's. 5 Nov. 2002 William Orbie Ruis Jr.
RUSHING We are seeking information on a Mary Rushing who was born in Beaufort Co (no date available) and later married a John A. Johnson (Johnston). He supposedly was wounded in the war and later died. Mary grieved herself to death. They had only one son, John A., Jr., who was taken in by Thomas O. Rushing. Legend has it that they resided in Hampton Co. before moving to Adams Run Township, Ravenel. We have searched census records and just haven’t been able to make any connections.  Any help on this would be appreciated 14 Sept. 2006 Thomas Johnson
RUSSELL Seek information about Sam & Beaulah Russells who lived in Hampton County, SC, 1860, one of their daughters was named Rossie Russell Lawton Smith, who married Bascolm Lawton, and later Shaderick Smith, she lived in Pineland, Jasper County, SC. In 1901 she had a son named William Henry Smith, my father. Other children of Rossie Smith; Gertrude, Elsy, Nella, Delita, Pullman, Sam, Jim, Leonard, Bascolm Lawton. Some of these people are buried in Mount Moriah Church cemetary in Pineland, SC. The Lawtons & Smiths owned land in Pineland, SC which was sold in 1960's. Any information on the "Black" Russells, Lawtons, or Smiths would be appreciated, I am willing to share what information I have. It is reported they were "free born people of color" during the 1850's. (8/22/99 6:40:09 PM) LYDIA SMITH YOUNG
RUSSELL Hi, I am interested in trying to find out about my ancestors who lived in Goethe Township per the census records of that time. My Great, great, great, great grandfather William Russell lived in front of the Lebanon Church in what is now Scotia or it could be Furman, SC. It is said that they gave the land for the Lebanon church to built on. They have a cementery on the right side of the church that is for the descendants of William and Mary Russell. And they had around 900 acres of land from there to the Savannah River. I am interested in knowing more about them and if The Goethe Family live next door to them. Could they have possibly known each other. Please email me back. would love to hear or find out that part of my history.  The whites are buried on the left side and one of the graves list a Goethe.  27 Sept. 2003 Tillie Bryant
RUTH Looking for information on the RUTH family. Sarah Barton Ruth Murdaugh (1842-1888). She had a brother Abram Ruth who was once sheriff of Hampton County, SC. Were there more children? Parents were believed to be Abhram and Christiana Ruth. Any information is appreciated. (11/28/97 9:28:26 AM) Debbie J.
RUTLEDGE I am looking for any descendant of Tom Rutledge, circa 1915, who might be interested in a letter I found tucked into a book titled the Carolina Lowcountry. It is by a woman named Ethel and is dated Tuesday,April 13, 1915. It is a very charming letter. (12/24/98 3:31:22 PM) Elaine Stark

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