Children of Valentine Gill Note that although records are in Barnwell, this family lived in what is today Allendale County, SC.

1. Mary Gill (by Valentine's unknown 1st wife) married Jacob Blizard of Fairfield Dist., SC. Linda Murphy found a file, Film # 0954248-I-923, item 18, page 39, located at the Jonesboro, GA, Family History Center. dealing with the estate of a Josiah G. Allen. "In the file is a receipt from MARY BLIZARD of Fairfield Dist., SC (no date shown) for $32.50 in full for her 1/9th part of lands sold by G. J. TROTTI, late com'r in Equity of Barnwell District, belonging to her deceased father VALENTINE GILL, which lands had been sold to JOSIAH G. ALLEN. The receipt is signed by her attorney-in-fact, JACOB BLIZARD, JR. The original P/A signed by her was executed in Fairfield District, 9 Sept 1841, and is unrecorded and states that MARY (nee GILL) married JACOB BLIZARD, now deceased."

2. John Gill born 1784-94, married Martha (Hannah's deed). On 24 Oct. 1809 Hannah Gill, apparently the wife of old James Gill of Gill's Creek in Richland Co., but could be the wife of his son Thomas, "for the love and affection which I have for John Gill, son of John and Martha Gill of Barnwell, grant unto said childe (sic) all the house and furniture where the said Gills now live. Hannah signed by mark (H), witnessed by Sally Gill and Elizabeth Gill (Barnwell Deed book D, page 476). Sally and Elizabeth were likely Valentine Gills daughter, Sarah, and his wife. This "H" mark is the same as that used by Hannah Gill to sell slaves to a Goodwyn, presumably her kin, and this Hannah the widow of old James Gill. This deed clearly implies a close relationship between Hannah and Valentine's children, and I take it to imply that this John Gill married to Martha was Hannah's grandson, and she was looking after her great-grandchild. It is very clear from the 1820 deed of John and Martha Gill (below) that this John Gill married to Martha was the son of Valentine Gill. This John Gill married to Martha is apparently John Gill "Jr." of the 1810 census, and it may be that he had reached the age of 21 in 1809 (born c1788). John was born c1784-94 from the census, as was John of Barnwell's son, John. John Gill, "Jr." (census page 69) has a stray female over 45, probably Hannah who was probably his grandmother. The 1810 John Gill, Jr. on census page 69 is implied to be the son of Valentine Gill, and John Gill, "Younger" is implied to be the son of John Gill of Barnwell. John and Martha Gill on 9 December 1820 sold to Josiah G. Allen the land "deeded to them by Richard Gill" for $50. Since Barnwell deed books are quite complete, this can be investigated. The only deed preceding this date between Richard and a John Gill is in Book B pages 90 and 82, wherein Richard states "my brother Valentine Gill's three sons by name as follow: John, Valentine, and James, children of Elizabeth Johnson". Hannah made a prior deed referring to John and Martha Gill's son John Gill. The 1820 census shows that John Gill of Barnwell's wife was still alive in the summer, when the census was taken. Valentine Gill's son, John, is known to have married a Martha. The land in question adjoined John Brookers, John Craddock's estate, Parker Savage, and Thomas Riley, being the tract surveyed for George Weekley 7 Sept. 1785 by William Green of 100 acres, and also the other run by Weekly 24 June 1774 containing 200 acres, surveyed by John Barron. Thomas Riley was also a friend and neighbor of old John Gill (WB) of Winton, Barnwell. The above 100 acres of land adjoined that of Miles Goodwyn, Gray, John Craddock, and Stepker(?) Roberts. John and Martha Gill signed by mark(X), they were illiterate. (Mrs. Hicks p27) Deed Book O page 250 John Gill & Martha Gill for $50 paid by Josiah G. Allen sell .. our shares in the undivided estate deeded to us by Richard Gill adjoining John ___, John Cradock Est., Parker Savage, Thomas Riley, ... surveyed for George Weekly 7 Sept. 1785 ... 100 acres ... The other was run 24 June 1774 ... 200 acres ... joyning (sic) above 100 acres & Miles ___, Gray, John Cradock, Robert. Dated 9 Dec. 1820. Both sign by X. wit: P. Creyon, Benj. Coleman. Proved 1 Aug. 1823. Recorded 8 Aug. 1823.  One known and one suspected child of John and Martha Gill:

  1. John Gill born on or before 1809 (documented in the deed listed above)
  2. Valentine Gill born c1814 of Bryan Co., GA? He is NOT documented as a son.

3. James Madison Gill ("Madison") bc1798 died c1873 married Elizabeth born c1801. James Gill vs J.G. Allen, note, A. Patterson atty, 1821, $33.37 (unmarked Barnwell book p132). Daniel Brown versus James Gill, Sum. Pro., decree for defendent, Sat. 9 Nov. 1822 (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1822-32, p26). James Gill vs C.G. Menninger, note, Martin & Neoga? Attys, 1828, $31.76 (unmarked Barnwell book p83). James Gill served as a juror 30 Oct. 1837 (Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Spring 1841 page 272). He served as juror again 29 Oct. 1838 (ibid p294), on jury #2, was excused on 30 Oct. 1838 for being unwell (ibid p297), and served again on Mon. 30 March 1840 (ibid p326). 1860 census shows James Gill 62, real estate $11,000, personal estate $19,220. Elizabeth, 59, Henry 18, Thomas T. 13. A Barnwell deed lists the children, pencil marked by someone who has been here long before. Someone, unknown to Dr. Sizemore, has researched this branch of the family in the dim past. In the SCDAH is an "Index to the General Assembly Papers", and on roll 6, James Gill, Sr. of Barnwell is listed on a petition in 1860 (I have not read this petition). Barnwell Probate, James Gill estate Administered by Wm. V. Gill (his son) 1 Feb. 1873 Package 3 Case 192.  Children of James Madison Gill

  1. Catherine A. Gill married Hanson Bennett, in Wm.V. Gill's will in 1897.
  2. James Madison Gill (Madison) born c1826, m. Mary b c1831, James and his wife Mary are mentioned in Wm.V.'s 1897 will. The 1850 census shows James M. Gill 24 (sic female), Mary 19, Catherine 8/12 (census usually taken in the summer). In the SCDAH is an "Index to the General Assembly Papers", and on roll 6, James M. Gill of Barnwell is listed on a petition in 1860 (I have not read this petition). His father was also listed in this index.
    1. One known child: Catherine Gill born cJan. 1850 died 1886 buried near Appleton, SC, who married Midian Sizemore. She is the only known daughter of James Madison Gill census & Dr. Sizemore) Catherine was very young when she died (c36), leaving three small children. {Sizemore note: 20 March 1835, State vs Walter Sizemore, assault on a constable, True Bill, J.J. Wilson Foreman, Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Sprint 1841 p189. State vs Walter Sizemore, Assault on a constable, fined $1, Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Spring 1841 p212.}.  Three Known Children of Catherine Gill and Midian Sizemore (note that I have the children below. I have omitted their names, as some are living)
      1. Carrie Sizemore 1880-1959 married Nealy Hawkins. No children.
      2. Jesse William Sizemore 1884-1957 married Ozella Blackmon 6 Children:
        1. Edward Sizemore 1916-1992 married Juinata Key, 5 children.
        2. Willie Preston Sizemore 1919-1991 married Loriene Yonce, 6 children.
        3. Finley Hubert Sizemore, M. Div., Ph.D. 1921-married Myra Spires, 3 children.
        4. Evelyn Sizemore 1924-1991 married Finley Lowe, 3 children.
        5. Wilbur Sizemore 1927- married Blanche Jones, 4 children.
        6. The Reverend Olin Sizemore 1930- married Mary Ann Seigler, 4 children.
      3. Ida Sizemore 1883-1970 married Charlie Wall, 7 children
        1. Whit Wall
        2. Jesse Wall
        3. William Wall
        4. Bernice Wall married - Coleman
        5. Lee Wall married - Toulitch
        6. John Wall
        7. Dorothy Wall married - Brown.
  3. Sarah J. Gill married Ulyssees S.I.? Middleton, mentioned in Wm.V.'s 1897 will.
  4. William V. Gill b 25 Jan. 1836 died 16 June 1903, will signed 4 Mar. 1897 and probated 25 June 1903, m. first Diana b c1835, listed in the census, and married second Martha C., listed in his will. Barnwell Probate Package 10 Case 279. Mentions brothers James M., Thomas T., Henry D., etc. (Mrs. Hicks 1991).  One known child of William V. Gill (from census)
    1. Lorenad (sp?) Gill b c1867.
  5. Martha C. Gill married John P. Thomas, married a Hiers in Wm.V.'s 1897 will.
  6. Elizabeth A. Gill married George F. Bodiford. Elizabeth is not mentioned in Wm.V.'s will in 1897.
  7. Henry D. Gill b16 Oct. 1843 died 1 Aug. 1894, buried Barnwell Baptist Church, m. Cornelia b c1845. Henry is a Mariner - Charleston Gill name, suggesting the "discredited" Mariner Gill line. Henry and Cornelia are mentioned in Wm.V.'s will, although Henry was already dead. I wonder if the "D" was for David?  Known children:
    1. Henry Gill b c1867
    2. Mary Gill b c1869.
  8. Elizabeth A. Gill married Joseph A(rnold) Pender, not mentioned in Wm.V.'s will in 1897. Note the early connection with a Pender and James' son Thomas Gill. Perhaps the Penders migrated with the Gills.
  9. Thomas T. Gill b c1847?? married Leavy N., listed in Wm.V.'s will in 1897.  This is probably Thomas Turpin GILL, who married  Scanny? Brown.  One known son of Thomas Turpin Gill, not positive of this Thomas T. Gill:
    1. William Thomas Gill Born: August 4, 1882 in Allendale, S.C. married: Edna Mae Merry (from Georgia).  This appears to be the line of S. Maynor

4. Sarah Gill married Josiah G. Allen. Mrs. Hicks states that 8 out of 9 heirs sold their interest in the 340 acres that Valentine Gill owned to Josiah G. Allen. One known daughter Ann Allen married Seth Daniel

5. Louisy (or Lovisy) Gill married Jonathan Weaver (deeded 1820 to Josiah G. Allen.

6. Valentine Gill (Junior) born c1800 married Judy (or Indy) born c1800. Valentine Gill vs Moore & O'Neal, note Patterson atty, 1838, $35.56 decree (unmarked Barnwell CH Book p18). John J. Cates vs Valentine Gill decree for pltff for $64.82 plus interest from 11 March 1840. 2 Apr. 1840 (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1832-1841 Vol. IV page 586).  In Barnwell County for 1860 census.  Known Children of Valentine Gill, Jr.

  1. James Gill born c1819, blind in 1860.
  2. John Gill born c1830-1, m. Amanda E. Wilson b c1840
    1. Louisa Gill b c1855.
  3. Albert T. Gill born c1835
  4. Judith (?) Gill born c1837 (married by 1860?)

7. Elizabeth Gill

8. Anna Gill married John Barber.  This is the line of  David Page.

9. Mary Gill born c1808 (12 when Valentine died <cSept. 1820, married Mark Long.  A Mary was also the first born of Valentine, but the Barnwell records are quite explicit on this point. The first Mary was not Elizabeth Johnson's, the second was. The 1850 census shows Mark Long 54 on page 438 with Polly, 50 (or 30?), "and family".

10. Richard Gill born c1810 (10 when Valentine died <cSept. 1820). Richard Gill vs Thos. Enicks, trespass, Bellinger atty, 1834, $13 (unmarked Barnwell CH book p42). 26 Oct. 1835 State vs. Richard Gill: "Charge Stealing Apples" no proceedings instituted by the solicitor, case dismissed (Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Spring 1841 page 210).  Apparently in  Barnwell County in 1830 and 1840 census, but gone in 1850.  Wife in 1830 census born c1810.  Children (from the census, no children's names are yet documented.):

  1. son born 1825-30 (1830  & 40 census)
  2. Richard Gill Born c1830 (1830 & 40 census) Is this the Richard Gill in 1850 census in Baker County, GA?
  3. Joseph Gill born 1835-40 (1840 census) (I believe one of these is probably the Joseph Gill who served from Lake City, Florida, CSA.Early Settlers of Hampton Co., SC as derived from extant Records and family records.
  4. son born 1835-40 (1840 census)

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