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WALL Benjamin Wall married Catherine Wood (?) in 1876 in Hampton SC. They lived and died in Bryan County Georgia. I am not sure if they were from the Hampton area. Any help on this family would be appreciated. (10/28/99 10:14:17 PM) Kathie Bass
Warnock I was hoping someone has read information about John Mitchell Warnock or David A Warnock living near Hardeeville in the early 1800's. Many of the Warnocks moved north to Hampton Co, Savannah, and Screven/Burke County. Any information is a help.  20 Jan. 2009 Stephen Rigg
WARREN Seek info on family of Richard Warren born abt 1802 in Hampton Co., S.C. His wife Eliza? b. abt 1818, in Hampton Co. according to his daughter, Mary Ann Warren McMillan's death certificate.  Richard & Eliza Warren abt. 8 children: (1) Richard G. Warren, b. abt 1839, m. abt. 1859 to Elliott, b. abt. 1838. (2) George L. Warren, b. abt. 1843 (3) Amanda Warren, b. abt. 1850 (4) Mary Ann Warren, b. February 28, 1848, d. February 2, 1917, in Bamberg Co., S.C., buried February 24, 1917 in the South End Cemetery, Bamberg, S.C. by Cooner Funeral Home.. She was the widow of Jasper N. McMillan, son of Joel and Mary Lane McMillan of Barnwell County, S.C.  Children of Jasper N. & Mary Ann Warren McMillan were:  Richard Frank McMillan, b. December 27, 1860, d. January 23, 1911, in Bamberg County, S.C., buried in the South End Cemetery, Bamberg, S.C. Probably known as Frank McMillan.  William McMillan. On census he was listed as Benjamim A. W. McMillan. (Name could be Benjamin A. Henry William McMillan.  Joel McMillan (Probably named after his grandfather, Joel McMillan.)  Mary M. McMillan Ernest Delilah McMillan, known as "Tiney", m. Joshua Lott. 8 August 2001 S. McMillan Pierce
WEBB My great great great grandfather is buried on a family cemetary in Garnet SC. Now the Webb reserve. I have a list of graves and a picture of it. About 40 grages. It is NOT the black swamp cemetary.  I have sent two letters to the Webb reserve know answers. I know it is somewhere on the reserve. 13 Feb. 2007 John Tison
WELLS I seek information on the surname, WELLS? In Jasper and/or Hampton County.  My father was born in Hampton County, raised in Jasper and had a brother, John Ivan Wells, who was the superintendent of Gregorie Neck Plantation for many years. He was later an officer in the First National Bank of Ridgeland and active in civic affairs in Jasper County for his entire life.  Most of the Wells family is buried at Great Swamp Baptist Church. Do you have any information on that cemetery? 5 Nov. 2002 Ivan M. Wells
White, Whitney, Housey, Johnson, Capers (Allendale), and Heyward I am African American and I grew up in Garnett, South Carolina in the Shirley community. I have traced my mother's paternal side back to 1889 to my Great Grandfather, Adam Whitney Sr who died in 1970 and great grandmother Penny (although I don't have her last name). I would like to know more if I can about both sides of my family. My family names consist of White, Whitney, Housey, Johnson, Capers (Allendale), and Heyward. I would like to track as much of my history as I can. Any information would be appreciated.  29 Jan. 2009 Sabrina White
Wiggins I am looking for information about the parents of Mary L(awton?) Wiggins who died in 1853. Her will lists a son James (B1813), an unmarried daughter Ann E. (B Abt. 1813), daughter Mary Ann Clark, a daughter who married a Hughes, granddaughters Julia Hughes and Martha Julia Clark. She would have been of the same age as the children of William Henry Lawton (B1775) and Catherine Maner (B1775).  21 Feb. 2008 Beth Guess
WILLIAMS Tracing the geneology of Manor and Lula (Gardner)Williams, my grandparents. They resided in Hampton Co. SC in the late 1800's and the early 1900's. Their Children were as follows: Lucenia, Elouise, Jimmy, James Charlie, Manly, John Henry and an adopted son, James Allen. They moved to Sylvania Screven Co. GA. in the early 1900's and settled in the WhiteHill Community. They were members of the founders of the Black Creek Baptist Church. I have information that my paternal Great Grandparents' name were Cecil or Ceasar Williams and Mahana(sp) Williams. (8/22/99 6:38:12 PM) R. Williams
WILLIAMS I am looking for information on my Grandparents, Manor and Lula (Gardner)Williams. They resided in Hampton, SC during the late 1800s and early 1900s. They moved to Sylvania, Screven County GA. in the early 1900s and resided in the Whitehill Community. They were members of the founders of the Black Creek Baptist Church in that community. There children most of whom were born in Hampton, were: Lucenia, Elouise, Jimmy, James, Charlie, Manly, John Henry and James Allen (an adopted son). Any helpful information will be greatly appreciated. (9/3/99 8:40:43 PM)
WILLIAMS Henry Williams was listed in 1900 census of Hampton County, in Peeples Township. Born December 1857. Was he the Henry R. Williams age two son of Jno. Williams in the 1860 census of Bufords Bridge, Barnwell County. Would like parents and death date for Henry. (12/5/99 5:48:24 PM) James Wood
WILLIAMS I need info on Limus (Lymus?) Williams who probably resettled in Hampton Co in apprx. the 1920's after living in Screven Co. Ga. for approx 30yrs. Time frame is 1880-1920. He was of native amer and poss. afric. descent. He originally fled SC by swimming the Savannah river...probably wanted for a crime against caucasians. His family in Sylvania, Screven Co. Ga. incl. Rev Grover Williams who died ~1930's. Limus was known to have had at least 2 daughters with whom he probably lived in SC. They attended the funeral of Rev Williams with their father. Any info/tips would be appreciated. (12/28/97 12:56:42 PM) No Name Given
WILLIAMS Jack Williams, b. unknown in Estill, SC. died 1891 Fairfax, SC. Wife maybe Susan, Maiden name Priester. Known children: John Brooks Williams, b. Feb. 1862, d. May 1929 in Woodcliff, GA. (11/5/98 9:38:09 PM) James Wood
WILLIAMS Julius and Charity Brown Williams of Hampton, S,C, children: Abe Williams, Eeugene Williams, Hugh Williams, David Williams and Cattie Williams.19 Jan. 2001 Howard Williams
WILLIAMS Looking for anyone who knows of a John and Lindie (Brown)Williams who had a daughter named Alice who was a midwife. Alice married James Madison Primus.  Lindie or John could have possibly been of Irish descent, and the other Native American. They may have lived in the Yemassee area of Hampton County, or in the Allendale area of Barnwell County. 27 Sept. 2003 Y. F. Mitchell-Sheets
WILLIAMS William David Williams(1844-1934) in Hampton Co. I found some basic info on census forms but need more.  April 2009 Jimmy Hinely
WOOD Catherine Wood married Benjamin Wall in 1876 in Hampton SC. They lived and died in Bryan County Georgia. I am unsure if they were from the Hampton area to start with. Any information on this family would be appreciated. (10/28/99 10:13:52 PM) Kathie Bass
WYNN I am desperately seeking information on a murder that took place in Hampton County, SC. The subject was Walker Addison ("W.A.") Wynn who died 1/1/52. He was shot in a bar by the bartender named "Crews" (apparently) and died on the way to Fairfax Hospital. No one was ever arrested, tried, or prosecuted in this death. There have been rumors that the death was not an accident.  He left behind two small children, Rita Darlene born 5/10/51 and Don Walker Wynn (who was 25 months at the time), deceased. WA's widow was my grandmother, Mary Verdine Avant Wynn. She apparently left him for another man in Columbia, SC (rumored to be Edgar Roy Moss who was in the US Army and had a child named Marie Annette Moss born 1/10/53).  Mary Verdine took WA's life insurance money and left. She has not contacted her children by WA or my mother or uncles, who she had with a man named Eugene Troy Nichols between 1942-46 (see my web page).  My family would like to find my grandmother. We have reason to believe that if we can find out more information regarding the death of WA Wynn, then there may be some clues to her location.ANY information you may be able to provide will be appreciated. Thank you very much for your time.  9 Sept. 2006 Allison Davidson

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