Our family, as I referred to in my note to you, began in Simpsonville, S.C., where my great-grandfather, William Perry Gresham, begat eleven children with Carolyn E. Jones. William Perry Gresham was a Captain with the Hampton Legion and fought in the civil war, was present at Appomattox, when General Lee surrendered the Confererate forces. He returned to Simpsonville, S.C., following the war to begin a career in the grocery business. Born March 3, 1834, he died on October 25, 1910.

Fife Plantation, an old rice plantation, across the Savannah River from Savannah, lies in Jasper County.

The Legend of Fife

Just across the Savannah River far from the city clamor

My heart tells me we are on a great adventure

Of Georgian ancestry, people who toiled long in the sun

Not to be lain with grandeur within the walls of Bonaventure.

Of peoples like Heyward, slaves of sweat and triumph

In Jasper County, memorable testament to this life

Of rice grown, sacked and shipped for consumption

From the prominence once known as the Plantation Fife.

On this evening, you honor our descendents, Linn and Glen

Giving of yourselves in this cool evening air

For our families, we thank you all

Our hands grasped in hospitality, grace and flair.

For the Gresham family, who's ancestry is rooted in Simpsonville

We proudly offer you our fondest appreciation

May God bless you, your families and friends

For this kindness shown in the south of our nation.

The South Carolina sky never seemed so near

For each of you have brought forth to us friendship and love

Which brightens our soul in this night

As do the stars in the South Carolina heavens above.

In gratitude to: Catherine, Ruth, Matt, Brian, Carolyn & Josh


Bill, Jane, Alex & Julie, Linn Gresham, Glen Zittrouer

February 23, 2008

William Perry Gresham, Jr.

(great-grandson of Captain William Perry Gresham, CSA, Simpsonville, S.C.)

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