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BAILEY/HARDY Rebecca/Rachel Ann BAILEY, Born ca 1802/1810 in Jasper County, SC daughter of Daniel and Ann BAILEY, Married ca 1824 Adam HARDY in Jasper County, SC, Born ca 1800 in Barnwell County, SC. Need information on both sets of parents and siblings. (3/11/97) David R. Heise
BATTISTE Looking for information relative to a family of Battiste who lived in the Grahamville area. There was a sister, Louisa and a brother Simeon. They lived during the early to late 1800's. Simeon may have had a blacksmith shop in Grahamville. He was related to Proctor Glover of Beaufort. (3/18/99 12:45:45 AM) Audrey Quick Battiste
BECK I am looking for the parents of Rev. John (David?) BECK.( b. 19 Aug.1755, in VA.; d. 19 May 1818, at Roseland Plantation, Beaufort District, S.C. and buried in the Huguenin Family Cemetery at Roseland Plantation. He lived in S. C. from 1800- 1818. (Previous: VA. 1755-?; NC 1784-1787; GA. 1793-1799). He was a planter and a Presbyterian minister. First wife: Sophia LEWIS (b. ? - d. 1797) they had one son: John Jedediah Second wife: Ann HUGUENIN. (b. 25 Mar 1773,in St. Phillips Parish, now Chatam Co., GA., d. 12 Mar 1836, at Roseland Plantation. They married in 1800. Ann HUGUENIN'S first husband was Col. John Myre (Myers?). Ann was the daughter of David Huguenin (1724-1790) and Sarah Kenney. Rev. John & Ann HUGUENIN BECK had 8 children: 1. Joseph Huguenin BECK (b. 1801, d. 1862) mar. Sarah Jane SLEDGE in Montgomery Co., S.C Born in S. C.. 2. Emily BECK (B. 1802) mar. Stephen Williams. Born In SC. 3. John David BECK (1802-1823) Unmarried, killed in duel. 4. Josiah BECK (1806-1870) mar. Mary Washington FORD in 1837. Born in SC. 5. Anne BECK (1808-1852). Mar. James Rogers. Born in SC. 6. James Lewis BECK(1810-1865). mar. Sarah Elizabeth GILLISON 29 Dec 1831. Born in GA. 7. Juliana BECK (B. 1811, D. ?) Unmarried. Born in SC. 8. Jane Armanda BECK (b. 1812, d. 1818) child. Born in SC. I have information about the BECK line from Rev. John BECK to the present and would appreciate any help in locating some of the earlier line. I would be glad to share the information I have. Thank you and have a great day. (12/24/98 3:25:31 PM) George L. Hawkins, Jr.
Bees Creek Rd. Don't know if you can help, but... Any idea how Bees Creek Rd. (in Ridgeland) was named? I cannot find any such "creek" nor can I find any notable "Bees".  23 March 2005 Jennifer Kunich
BENEKIN Looking for information on Cesar Benekin(birthdate and date of death unknown), who served in the 104th Regiment of the United States Colored Infrantry organized in Beaufort April 1865 and stationed all over South Carolina until February 1866. I have sent for further information from the National Archives but I am in need of other pertinent information if possible (4/14/99 11:02:12 AM) Mario Bennekin
BING I am looking for information for Julius Bing born in Robertsville, S.C. 1836. Died in Charleston, S.C. 1892 listed as Quadroon (one white parent & one mulatto parent). City directories of Charleston list him living with Adophus, James, William and Henry. I believe these are relatives. I found adolphus was born in 1840 - could be brother or cousin. (2/14/00 7:20:31 PM) Betty Kling
BING I am looking for any information on an African/Native-American family from the Estill, South Carolina area during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Jimmy BING was the father of Mary, Cooda, Adeline, Tiny, Albert, and Bossie. He married a woman named Florence. I would like any information, i.e. dates and parents. (12/24/98 2:50:56 PM) Chris Benton
BOWER(S) I am searching for any information on Mattie Bower or Bowers. Born in this area around 1867. She is my maternal great grandmother. Her daughter Evelyn Garris was my grandmother. (6/17/98 7:46:22 PM) Leslie Daniels
BUCKNER Interested in finding information about my grandfather-William Oron Buckner who was married to Martha Wall Buckner. My grandfather died around 1941-42 and my grandmother in 1945-46. (8/1/99 9:59:35 AM) William A. Buckner
BUSBY I am looking for any information on Judge Benjamine BUSBY. He was born in Aiken Co, SC on 12 March 1886. He married Alneta MCKENZIE, daughter of Bejamin Rollin MCKENZIE and Nettie WOODS, on 1 February 1921. Judge BUSBY lived in Tillman, Jasper Co, SC which is where he died on 23 March 1932. He is buried in the McKenzie Family Cemetary which is located outside of Tillman approximately 1/2 mile. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (1/4/98 11:20:48 AM) Karen Busby

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