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Duncan O. Fleming - Well known farmer, whose land lies near Tillman, Duncan O. Fleming was born in Blakley County, North Carolina, April 29, 1874. He is a son of Charles Philip and Armeda (Barnhill) Fleming, both families being of note in the Carolinas. Calhoun Barnhill, maternal grandfather of Duncan O. Fleming, having settled in South Carolina prior to 1850. Calhoun Barnhill was an outstanding figure of his agricultural community. He lived in the old Hampton district, and his works were of enduring value to the people and countryside there. Charles Philip Fleming, a farmer, was long of note as an agricultural leader in Blakley County. A man of extended experience, he was naturally fitted for leadership, and his contemporaries were in the habit of looking up to his judgment in matters of business and civic policy. He too was of valued service to his fellowmen and died most widely respected by those who survived him. The Flemings have been represented in South Carolina since a time early in the history of the State. Each generation has contributed rugged sons of honor and integrity, they being of service to their respective communities.

Duncan O. Fleming was reared on his father's farm near Tillman and in 1901 entered farming for himself. He was continued engaged at this occupation successfully down the years to the present, and is held in the same respect by his contemporaries that his father before him enjoyed. After he had secured a sound academic education in the country schools and at Tillman, he shouldered various responsibilities, all of them having to do, directly or indirectly, with agriculture. For twenty years he served as overseer of the O'Keetee Club and club lands; he is also overseer of the Pilott Hunting Club, and for a year managed the commissary for the latter. For a year, too, he ran a Naval Store, successfully, and he did a considerable business in logging and in the handling of railroad ties, so his experience has been of unusual scope. General affairs have always interested him. He is past junior deacon of the Ancient Free Masons; a member of the Knights of Pythias, and active in the Woodmen of the World, while in religious adherence he attends the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

On February 24, 1898, in Jasper County, Mr. Fleming was united in marriage with Minnie Maud Gill, daughter of Leroy and Kathy (Goethe) Gill; and of this union were born children: 1. William Terrell, since deceased. 2. Louise. 3. Leroy, graduate of the University of South Carolina. 4. Winthrop. 5. Osselie. 6. Alie May. 7. Frances. All members of the family were raised in the teachings of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and Mr. and Mrs. Fleming have been generous supporters of the denomination for many years.


NOTE: We believe Blakley County should be Bladen County, Armeda Barnhill should be Arminta or Arminter Barnhill, and that Calhoun Barnhill could be William Cauton Barnhill.

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