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Farris What year did "Jasper" become a county?  Farris is the surname I am searching. Located in 1890, 1900, and 1910. In Hampton County, Coosawhatchie, South Carolina. From my limited evidence none of them ever died. 2 Aug. 2002 Bill Kephart
Fescharek My mother and My father (deceased now)got married in Jasper County, South Carolina July 07, 1973. I would like to know how can I get a copy of their marriage certificate, and does it cost anything to get a copy. My mother was previously married before my father. Her name is Betty Jane Lowery after first marriage it became Doane. Then my dad, Francis Fescharek. Thank you in advance. (4/8/00 11:44:58 AM) Barbara Honig (Fescharek)
FLEMING Charles Fleming (1837-1917)/ Phillip Fleming/ Arminter Barnhill  (1846-1923) - from Williamston/Bladen, NC; to Tillman, SC; (perhaps Savannah/Rincon, GA area)-  My great-grandfather, Charles Fleming (5/27/1837-9/22/1917) married Arminter Barnhill (7/1/1846-8/25/1923). Marriage date: 3/24/1867.  Charles' middle initial could be either "A" or "P." His grave marker says "Charles A. Fleming" however, his name is shown elsewhere as "Charles P.  Fleming." His father's name was Phillip so Charles' middle name may have been "Phillip" as well.   Legend has it that Charles was supposedly the first Fleming in the United States to serve in the Marines (in the Civil War). He served from 1862-1865 and was said to have been on the ship Scotia; however, we have been unable to find any documentation of this.   Charles wife, Arminter Barnhill, was from Williamston, NC. Her parents were William Cauton Barnhill and Adeline Pridgen Barnhill. Charles and Arminter had 11 children from 1869 - 1914.  The eldest 4 children were all born in Bladen, NC:  1. William Alexander Fleming, born 1869; 2. Ida Fleming, born 1870, married William Allen Smith;  3. William Matthew "Buddy" Fleming, born 1872, married Julia Conniffee and Annie Edna Phillips;  4. Duncan O'Hanlen ("Dunk") Fleming, born 1874, married Maude Gill.

The remaining 7 children were born in Tillman, SC (near the Savannah/Rincon, GA area) -  5. Anna Adaline "Nan" Fleming, born 1876, married Alard Oosterbaan;  6. Augustine "Teeny" Fleming, both 1878, married Christopher Columbus Scoggins;  7. Florence Fleming, born 1880, died 1881;  8. Charles Phillip Fleming, born 1882, married Nora Belle Purvis;  9. Arminter "Minter" Fleming, both 1884, married James Elias Malphrus;  10. Calhoun "Cal" Fleming, both 1886, married Blanche Ford Ellis; and 11. Mitchell McCoy Fleming, Sr., born 1889, died 1927, married Gertie Lucille Ellis - (my grandparents).

Thus, we assume that Charles was in the Bladen, NC area from at least 1867 through1874 or 1875. Legend has it that Charles was born in Ireland; however, we have no proof of this.  As stated earlier, we have been told that Charles' father was Phillip Fleming (thought to also be from Ireland) and that Charles may have had a brother named Augustine.  Any "cousins" out there who have any additional information whatsoever on these Flemings?  28 June 2004

Deborah Fleming Hutto
FLOYD Interested in the Floyd family genealogy, Last known in the Floyd family was Milton Floyd. Can you help? (7/17/99 8:14:02 PM) Mike Ogburn
FORRESTER Searching for info on Rebecca Forrester Warren b.March 1882 in Jasper County. Daughter of Robert Wilson Warren and Rebecca Ann Forrester. Unable to find any ifo on her parents listed above. Thank you. (8/7/97) Pat Steowe
FOX I don't know if I am related to Ms Perry. My grandmother was Anna Eibbs Fox. She owned a general store in Ridgeland for over forty years. Everyone called her "Sister" ; She passed in '66. My grandfather was John Richard Perry Fox 11. He was killed in an automobile accident when I was nine months old in 1952. I am JRP Fox 111. Jan. 2004 j. r. fox
FRAZIER I am looking for information on the family of Stephen Frazier and Emma Lee Frazier. He was born 6 March 1894 and she was born 9 April 1899. They both lived ,as far as I know in Pineland all their lives. My source for death and birth dates was the Social Security Death Index. He died in July 1973 and she died in March 1984 in Pineland. My source for Emmas maiden name was her daughter Ruth.  27 Sept. 2003 Stephen Frazier and Emma Lee Frazier
FREEMAN Seeking information of the Freeman family of Jasper County. Family tradition says John Nelson Youmans married Martha Freeman. The eldest child of record was born about 1834. I'll be happy to share information with anyone else who is reseaching the Freeman family.  16 Feb. 2003 M. Blakely
FREEMAN FREEMAN - Seeking information on the Freeman family from Jasper County (Grays SC) My great grandfather was David Thomas Freeman and my grandfather was Lawrence Franklin Freeman.  27 Sept. 2003 Brenda F. Willis

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