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HALFORD I have been researching my family history since 1965 and am trying to link to my GG Grandfather and his connections to the low country and Jasper County. His name was Jefferson James Halford or James Jefferson Halford depending upon sources. The surname is sometimes spelled with two LL's as well. I have undocumented information that he owned and sold Oketee plantation after the war. 9 May 2001 David Cravey
HANDLEY In search of the Handley families in Jasper and this area in the mid-to-late 1700's. John, James, William and Thomas. The name has been spell Handly, Hanly, Hanley and Handley. Anyone doing research, please contact me. Will be happy to share data. Thanks (4/19/99 7:27:34 PM) Ellie Handley
HARRISON I am interested in any information concerning the ancestry and descendants of a Thomas Harrison, planter of Prince William Parish, Granville Co., SC. His home was probably in the vicinity of present-day Grahamville, Jasper Co, SC. In 1752 this Thomas was ordained a deacon of the original Euhaw Baptist Church, which was located about 6 miles east of Grahamville on Euhaw Creek. Thomas' first wife was a Mary ______, his second wife was Hannah Sealy. According to his 1755 will, Thomas' children were Henry, William, Thomas, John, Mikell, and Francis; no daughters were mentioned. One source, "The Beville Family" by Agnes B.V. Tedcastle published in 1917, suggests that Thomas of Euhaw was the son of William Harrison and Sarah Hawley, but this was not documented. If correct, Thomas' ancestry could then be traced back to Burr Harrison (son of Cuthbert) of Northern Virginia.My interest in Thomas of Euhaw relates to the possibility that I am a descendant of his son Henry. 9 May 2001 Julian R. Harrison
HARTLEY I am searching for information on Daniel Hartley, Sr, b. 1720, d. 1798. Or others with Hartley name. (9/3/99 8:46:00 PM) Early Hartley
HEAPE Trying to find info on John Mitchell HEAPE b abt 1894 in Jasper/ Beaufort County area. Married Martha ??. (5/31/97) Jim Strickland
HOLMES Where may I locate information about David Holmes. He may have resided on Kincaid Plantation. I have been told that he was the original inventor of the cotton gin, and I would like to know more about him. 27 Sept. 2003 Dianne Bush
HOLZDORF Looking for any information on Holzdorf possibly from Purysburg SC mid 1700's. (9/3/99 8:42:14 PM) ken sanders
HUMBERT I am looking for more information on William Humbert. Born 1780 died 1870. He married Elizabeth Ward Born 1797 died 1860. I have read a book in the Ridgeland County Library called, " The Moving Hand of Jasper ". It says in there that the Humberts once owned the property that the present day Okatie Club now sits on. I am trying to trace my family back to their beginning when they settled in Purrysburg. (5/31/99 10:00:56 AM) Joey Cordray

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