(2) John A. Canty born c1806, 1808 or 1810 (census dates) died 9 May 1873 (Barnwell Probate bundle 1-195, farmer, married (Harriet wife or sister in 1831?) Louisa (Elisa) born c1815-6 died between the 1860 and 1870 censuses (wife in 1850 & 1860 census).

1831 March 2 Barnwell Deeds S485 We the undersigned having already ceded to the So. Ga. Canal & Railroad Co. Land to locate the train do hereby in addition give the wood & timber necessary to construct same through our land only free of cash. Barnt? Binnicken 1 March 1831, Harriet Canty, John A. Canty. 2 March 1831 James H. Simmons, Joseph Sandifer, James Sandifer, John X Johnson, Robert L. Mitler, Thos. Blitchintor, Jos. Zeigler, Edward Hoges 3 Mar.1831. Rec: 21 Mar.1833. Was Harriet Canty his wife or sister?

1832 John A. Canty vs Lt. Hartzog, note Gantt atty, 1832, $27.25 (unmarked Barnwell Book p58).

1833 John A. Canty vs Nathan Binniker, note, Trotti atty, 1833, $54.18 (unmarked Barnwell book p49).

1836 John A. Canty vs Rice & Dowling, Acct., Bellinger atty, 1836, $22.94 (unmarked Barnwell CH book p31).

1838 J.A. Canty vs Mm. M. Jones, note, Billings atty, 1838, $31.75 (unmarked Barnwell book p16.

1841 Barnwell Deeds X249 (two deeds) James Millhouse 19 Feb. 1841 for $1 and Love and Affection give slaves and personal property to John Inabinet: a horse gig, 5 negroes: Bob, Merles?, Sarah, Irma, & Aaron in trust for John A. Canty. Wit: C.K. Ayer. This has to be his mother's father. Why was this left in trust for John A. Canty when he was already an adult?

(followed by)& the following property: horse, 1 month clock, 5 negroes: Boston, Joanna, March, Empress, Chloe, in trust for use and benefit of Vincent J. Canty. Should Canty die to be divided equally between Samuel L. Millhouse and Joseph H. Stokes. Wit: C.K. Ayer.

1846 John A. Canty administered the estate of Vincent J. Canty 12 May 1846, Barnwell Probate Bundle 11-91. Inventory: 1 trunk & contents $15 & a bed and furniture valued at $15. Inventory taken by Thomas Easterlin, Wm. J. Esterling, & Joseph Wennich 1847. I copied an original signature of his from this bundle. Was Vincent a brother of John?

15 May 1851 Barnwell Deeds DDD 438 Winchester Graham sold to John A. Canty for $200 133 acres on Stony Hill Branch of Savannah River, NW by Thomas H. Johnson, S by Charles Ashe, E by Stony Hill Br., plat by A.R. Johnson 29 May 1849. Wit: Wm. H. Duncan, M.T. Malony. Rec: 9 Nov. 1872.

He was a farmer ("James A. Canty") valued in the 1860 census at $1380 real estate and $1235 personal estate, born in SC, in Barnwell CO., SC in the 1860 census.

Barnwell Deed Book DDD page 439 15 November 1869 John A. Canty sells to Kit Rivers for $800 123 acres of land by Stoney Hill Branch, waters of Savannah River, bonded NW John Willingham, S Mrs. Ann Ashe, E. Stony Hill Br., plat made 29 may 1849 by A.R. Johnson. Wit: Thos. H. Johnson, Thomas D. Morrel, rec: 9 Oct. 1877.

Residing in Allendale, SC in the 1870 census. He probably resided in Allendale all his life, as this was early part of Barnwell County.

John A. Canty died intestate 9 May 1873, Barnwell Probate bundle 1-195, administered by George Chavis 16 Feb. 1874. Petition states that he died 9 May 1873 estimated estate valued at $300 dated 16 Feb. 1874, witnessed by Kitt X Rivers. Nothing useful in the bundle except the death date.  Known children from census:

  1. Ann Canty born c1832-8 listed as Lerring? in the 1860 census.
  2. Sam Canty born c1836. May be "S.C." Canty who signs along with Eugenia C. Lipsey (daughter of Mary D. Lipsey who died c1870) Barnwell Deed Book 4-G page 54)
  3. Elvira Canty born c1838
  4. James A. Canty born c1840, 41, 42, or March 1854 (these are census dates!) in SC. He is listed as a farm laborer in the 1860 census, as head of household in the 1870 census, born March 1854 in the 1910 census age 46 residing RCD 600 D'Antignac St. Augusta, GA.  Four known children of James A. Canty born c1840 from census:
    1. Willie Canty was born Oct. 1881in SC and is in the 1910 census at age 19. He is listed as ("Uncle Willie Canty"} Willy Canty in Effingham Co., GA (contains Clio, GA) married May born c1888 age 22 in 1910 census.   Was Willie Canty's wife, May, related to the family of Ganum?   Could this be the family of Dorothy Marcelle Herron Ganus in a 1956 Augusta probate record?  Known children (from 1910 census):
      1. George Canty born c1907
      2. Ernest Canty born c1910 age 8/12 in 1910 census)
    2. Jennie Canty dau. born Dec. 1883 SC
    3. Walter Canty son born March 1887 SC
    4. Pearl Canty dau. born June 1895 SC, did she marry a King? Married Charles Cumiller Herron.  Brother Willie Canty who lived at Clio, GA.
  5. Harriett Canty born c1843, Lerring? In 1860
  6. Joseph Canty born c1843, farm laborer born SC fam. 329
  7. Lewis Canty born c1844
  8. Sarah Canty born c1842 or 1846
  9. Mary Canty born c 1844 or 1848
  10. Joseph Canty born c1853
  11. Fanny Canty born c1853 SC
  12. Benjamin Canty born c1854 SC

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