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Okeetee Hunt Club Hello- I am interested in finding out what the physical boundaries of the Okeetee Hunt Club are-i.e a map of sorts if there is one available. Does Haphazard Road cut through this property? Thanks very much for you help.  27 Sept. 2003 Jim sargent
OSTEEN I am looking for the ancestors of Shadrack Osteen who was born in South Carolina in appx. 1815. He was married to Pamela also born appx. 1815 and had the following children: William Bartley b. appx 1835, John b. appx. 1837, Mary b appx. 1840, Alford b. appx. 1842, Vicey b. appx 1844, and Amos b appx. 1850. All of the family were born in SC except for Alford, Vicey and Amos who were born in Georgia. I have been able to trace a Reuben, an S. , a John and and R. Osteen all living in Beaufort at various times between the 1810 and 1840 in the Census records. I am currently at a dead end and would greatly appreciate any assistance in solving this mystery. Thanks, Lee. (10/28/99 10:08:40 PM) Lee Gautreau

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