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PARKER I am looking for Lizzie Parker the mother of Wilhelmenia Willis. She was married to Henry(Prophet)Parker in Jasper County. Her birth year is approximately 1908. We believe she was born in Cummings,SC. She may have family in the Florence,S.C. area. I would like to know her whereabouts if she is living. If not please give her resting place. (11/5/98 9:35:31 PM) Patricia Rhett
PERRIN Does anyone have any information on the PERRIN family? I would be most grateful for any help at all. Thanks so much. (3/18/99 2:07:31 AM) Marthella McCabe
PHILLIPS I am  interested in Phillips in Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton, Jasper, and Old 96. I can connect a Dempsey Phillips with the Jacob Phillips and others in these areas. I was trying to locate Civil War records for John, Preston and Jacob Phillips They were brothers of my husband's grandfather, Bartley Phillips out of Hampton County. We traced the original land grant to 1000 acres outside Grays, SC. But the Phillips had come to the area from further up, I believe. From Barnwell, Bamberg, Old 96 and Anderson areas....Maybe NC before that. I have much info and pictures to share and 10,000 names dates etc. 7 Jan. 2001 D. Phillips
PHLLIPS There are records of quite a few Phillips in Jasper County. I have recently visited Grays and found the family cemetery. There are Phillips, as well as Ginns, Smiths, and Hortons buried there, but I cannot find this cemetery on any lists so far, so I don’t know the name of it.  Sept. 2007 Barbara Cook
Proctor I have found some information relating to the surname Proctor relating to a plantation.   Does anyone know the location of the Proctor Plantation "Situated in South Carolina on the River Savannah and C?  I know my grandfather was born in Beaufort county . trying to find the plantation his father was a slave on.  PROCTOR-WRIGHT FAMILY REUNION.  My grand father was born William Proctor, Jr I have oral infomation that the family migrated from Sheldon, SC after the death of William Sr., and my grand mother who was Laura Hicks-Proctor married a Mr. Fitsgerald and moved to Early Branch and from there the family moved to Ridgeland sometime in the late 1890's or early 1900's.  I found the name Proctor plantation on a site of plantation owners petitioning to reclaim their property back . The name John and Thomas Scriven filing a claim in Chatam County around 1863 also the site give the parish of St Luke/beaufortDistrict. Ruth Chapman.  23 March 2005 Ruth Chapman

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