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WALL My ggrandfathers name was Charles J. Wall. Born in Ridgeland February 5, 1862. He died in Savannah, GA on March 8, 1930. He was married to a Julia Ann Johnson born in South Carolina on June 10, 1857. I had been told he had been married prior to Julia although I have no docs. His fathers name was Charley Wall and his mother May Douberly.  15 April 2002 Ron O'Leary
WARREN Seeking any information on Robert Wilson WARREN. Apparently born in Colleton County but moved to Jasper County as my grandmother was born there in 1882.
Pat Stoewe
WILSON Seeking information on my greatgrandfather, James William Wilson. He was born in Effingham Co., GA in 1848. Married to Susan Elizabeth Perry. Died in 1915. He lived in or around Ridgeland.
(1/25/98 1:17:07 PM)
Margaret Wilson Stapleton
WILLIAMS Williams, Capt. Billy: Does anyone know the identity of the Capt Billy Williams named in the "Places and People" section under "Grays" on this website? Sandy Elder
WINKLER I am looking for all links to Winkler's in this area. I have just found out there is a Winkler Cemetery located in Jasper County on the GNIS. It seems to be located just below Whitener Hunting lodge. Does anyone know if there is anything left of this cemetery. 12 March 2001 L. Bordas
WOODS I am trying to find any information about my greatgrandfather, Minor Woods.  Jan. 2004 Jen Woods
WRIGHT I am looking for the ancestors of Evans Wright, husband of Yneather (Juanita) McNeil Wright of Tarboro in Jasper County. His 15 children, including my mother, Phyllis Wright Cabba-Gestalk attended school in Jasper County. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
(1/25/98 1:16:25 PM)
Shaunice Hawkins
WRIGHT I am researching information on the Wrights of Orangeburg South Carolina, Gibson Wright (1840 or so) is supposed to be the first Black Plantation owner in Florida, not sure if this information is actual lytrue. He would have been my great great grand father. He was a free man. It looks like the Wrights were Mullatos. My father parents were A Morris Wright, & Lula Wright, they had a son, Vernon Wright-August 25, 1914 (My father). I am looking for information on a Willie Wright that birth a Lillie Bell birth around 1915, James, Anna-Mae and helped raised Vernon Wright my father. these are my aunts and uncles all deceased at this time.

Willie Wright than married a Mary Wright and they had Viola, Miles, Mattie and Ethel Wright. I think they lived in Jasper or near it at one time. Do not know for how long. (Grand Pa Willie moved from South Carolina to Virginia and to New York). Grand Pa Willie than left them and moved back to Orangeburg with another woman, who might have had a child by him in the 1930. The child might still be alive today. This child could be my uncle or my aunt. Also looking for information on two cousins that my Aunt Lillie Bell had and left with their father down south. One names is Arthur or Alvin. She left them when they were young and come to New York. they were left with their father. Do not know the father's name. the father would have been my uncle. If anyone has any information on this please let me know. November 2004

Denise (Wright) Johnson

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