Looking for info on Caroline "Carrie" Baughman married a ? Hadley then "Henry T Quick. Had two daughters, Harriet Eugene Hadley and Martha M Hadley. Should have lived in Richland County. Hariett Hadley went on to marry Robert C Watkins. Looking for information on Baughmans and Hadleys. Harriet's daughter Aletha was my grandmother.

Possible Census info ???

1930 SC Richland Co. School District No. 1 Columbia ED 35, sheet 11B, can't

read the stamped page number well - could be 152, dated April 9 1930, visit

225/246. Street written on side of page is Two Notch Road

Robert C Watkins Head owns age 43 married at age 20 SCSCSC, manager Dairy farm,

not a veteran

Hattie Watkins wife to head age 42 married at age 19 GA TN SC

Alethia Watkins dau age 19 all children b. SC

Beatrice Watkins dau age 16

Robert Watkins son age 5 6/12

May Quick niece A? in [] adopted? age 15 SC SC SC

Note: other persons on this page worked on dairy farm

In case you aren't familiar with census. The 3 state abbreviations are:

1st - state where individual listed was born

2nd - state where individual's father was born

3rd- state where individual's mother was born

1930 SC Richland Columbia ED 35 sheet 11b on same page as above hh 228/250

Henry T Quick head rents wm age 71 married at age 21 SCSCSC veteran col not

noted no occupation

Carrie Quick wife age 62 married at age 29 SCSCSC


1920 SC Richland, Columbia City, 7th of January [this page is smudgy and hard

to read. There is a street written on side of page but I can't read.

All in this listing have SCSCSC

ED 92 sheet 3b stamped page 22?

?? Quick Head rents wm age 63 occupation: general ?? Ancestry.com lists his

name as Henly T Quick [but believe it is Henry] b 1856

??? Quick wife wf age 52

Hattie Watkins dau age 32 married

Robert C Watkins son in law age 33 married occup R R shop ???

Betty ? Watkins grandaughter age 11

Alethis?? grand daughter age 9

Beatrice Watkins gr dau age 6


two others with Quick surname in Richland Co. are

Latha Quick age 21 and B R quick age 51


1910 SC Richland, Columbia Twp, Berkley?/Barkley? Rd, stamped page 131b, ED 77

page 9b, dated 23 of April

all are SCSCSC except as noted

Henry T Quick head wm age 50 married 2 times, last time for 13 years, rents

Carrie Quick wife wf age 42 married twice, last time for 13 years 3 born, 2

living, carpenter housebuilding

Hattie Watkins step daughter [to head] wf age 22 married once for 3 years, 1

born, 1 living she is GA SC TN

Robert C Watkins step son in law wm age 23 married 1 for 3 He is listed as SC

VA SC, book keeper furniture store

Dottie Watkins grand daughter wf age 1 4/12 SC SC GA

Martha M Hadley step daughter wf age 17 single she is SC TN SC, spooler cotton



1900 SC Richland Co. 5 Ward Columbia stamped page 57, 2nd of June, ED 93, sheet

2, looks like Indigo St on side, all in both hh's SCSCSC

H T Quick head wm b Oct 1857? age 42 married 5 years, carpenter, rents

Carrie Quick wife wf b Aug 1867 age 32 married 5 years 3 born, 2 living

Hattie Hadley dau wf b Jul 1887 age 12

Ma?? Hadley dau wf b Aug 1892 age 7

Following may be part of same hh

B ?? Quick head wm b Feb 1869 age 31 married 11 years, carpenter

??? Quick wife wf b Nov 1870 age 29 married 11 years no children born or living

1890 not available


SC Marlboro Co, Red Hill p 525b

Henry Quick age 20 SCSCSC married

SC Chesterfield Steerpen twp p412a

Henry T Quick age 21 farmer, married SCSCNC

Louisa Quick wife b 1849 SC

I didn't see Carrie but only had the Hadley name to check under. There weren't

too many Hadley's in SC, many in GA

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