James Gill, Jr. born before 1752, died after 1790, signed by mark, possible son of old James Gill of Gill Creek.

Mr. Andrea, #168, asserts that James Gill, Jr. was the deceased husband of Abigail Gill, who is listed in the 1790 census in Richland Co. with two children.

1773. A James Gill signing by mark witnessed the 1773 deed in which John Gill born c1733 (signing by mark) and his brother in law John Jackson (signing by mark) sell land inherited by them from Richard Jackson, Sr. (and signed over by Jr.) to Howell Hay. This was in all likelihood a brother of John Gill born c1733 who witnessed this indenture. The other two witnesses were Richard Snelling and James Murphey. If 21 in 1775, he was born <1754. This is not old James Gill since he signed his name.

1775. A James Gill enlisted in the first SC. regiment 4 Nov. 1775 (Rev. War) commanded by Charles C. Pinckney.

1790. A James Gill is listed in Richland Co. in 1790, with 2 males <16, 3 males >16, and 2 females. We can place an upper limit on the birth year of this James of 1790-(21+5) or 1764. I believe the James Gill in the census is this same James Gill born before 1752.

If Abigail was a widow of a James Gill, then he must have been a son of Thomas, John, or James.

Abigail Gill appears in Richland Co. in the 1790 census, 1 male<16, 2 females. She must be a widow, but whose? Mr. Andrea thought she was the widow of this early James Gill, but it is not clear what his rationale was, since a James also appears in the census. There may be more than one James Gill. This Abigail Gill was probably a young woman.

1791 March 15 a James Gill signed his name (i.e. not by mark) as a witness to Valentine Gill's 1791 deed (Book C p) in which Valentine sold land inherited from old James Gill. Since James Gill signed by mark in 1774, it is not clear which this is.

In the SCDAH is an "Index to the General Assembly Papers", and on roll 6, James Gill, of Richland Co. on 17 Dec. 1831 petitioned for compensation for attending court as a juror, 2 pages 0010 004 1831 0025900. (I have not read this petition). Another petition, which I believe my notes say involves James Gill of Richland Co.: Commission of petition of James Gill to free a slave (or is this a petition of slaves to be freed?) 4 pages 1847 0010 004 ND00 0255400. Free slave Andy 16 Nov. 1847 0010003 1847 0001800. There is an entire series of petitions involving slaves or freed slaves, which should be examined.

Possible Children of James Gill born before 1752, died after 1773

  1. James Gill, Jr, born <1774, listed. in the 1790 census 1 male <16, 1 males >16, 2 females. He could have been anyone's son of this generation.

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