Thomas Gill of the Congarees born c1732 (1731-44) died >30 Oct. 1784 - 24 Nov. 1786, documented eldest son of old James Gill of Gill Creek, signed his name.

Hannah, wife of Thomas, born <c1765 died (>1810 <1820)

1753. Thomas Gill and wife Hannah were in Anson Co., NC in 1753, then in Cheraw (later Chesterfield Co. or adjacent Lancaster Co., SC; early boundary uncertainties here). This deed places an upper limit on his birth year of 1753-21 = c1732. Either he followed his father a few years later, or remained in this area while accompanying his father. He was too old to have been one of the five children listed in the 1749 land grant. (Andrea record #204) A plat and land grant for 130a of land in Anson Co., NC, later found to have been in Chesterfield Co., SC ... 6 April 1753, Thomas Gill with a dower by his wife, Hannah Gill, sell this land grant to John Arnold Pender, then John Arnold Pender with a dower by his wife Mary of the Parish of St. Mark in Camden District deed this land to John Cantzon. Later in an adjoining deed Pender mentioned "Thomas Gill now of the Congarees."

1754 March 30, Thomas Gill of Anson Co., NC and Hannah his wife to John Arnold Pender of Anson Co., NC, 130 acres in Waxaw's Settlement on Gill's Creek £20 Sterling ... Book III p398. Waxaw Creek is in Lancaster Co., slightly west of north of Lancaster, right on the corner indentation of the SC NC line.

6 Feb. 1765 Thomas Gill in Memorial of Wm. Hall Vol. 6 p368.

7 Oct. 1765 Colonial Plat Vol.8 page 519. So. Carolina Pursuant to a Precept from John Troup Esqr. Dr. dated Oct. 7 1765 vis? I have Laid out unto Thos. Gill 150 Acres of Land in the fork between Broad & Saludy Rivers, Bounded on a small branch of Little River waters of Saludy River, also Bounded So. on Chas. Pinkney Esqrs land, all other sides vacant Land & hath such shape form & mask on the above platt represents. Certified Oct. 23d 1765. Edwd. Musgrove D.

18 Oct. 1765 memorial of Dr. John Cantzon summarizing chain of title to grant 6 Apr. 1753 to Thomas Gill Vol. 8 p117. (the third of three tracts listed by Dr. Cantzon in this memorial),. 130 Acres Rl 4/Pro. money To(or 70?) Trane? acres. Of one other Plantation or Tract of Land Containing 130 Acres Situate Anson County, N. Carolina, both Sides of Gills Creek beginning at A. Lewis? & 15 W. 20 Chains to a pine then N40 E28 Chains to a Black oak due E 15 Chains to a White oak then N53E20 Chas to a Wt. Oak, then to the first Station. Originally granted the 6th day of April 1753 by the Hon. Mathew Rowan? Esqr. President of the Council to Thomas Gill and Conveyed by him and Hannah his Wife by deed of Release bearing date the 300th day of March 1754 to John Arnold Pender, and by him to Doctor John Cantzon the Memorialst. 2t? Rt. 4/Pro. money 7A? These acres from the datebest? by a Late Reprevey? by? on? dai? of his present Majesty of the Poundeis? bue? between N&S Carolina the above mentioned Tract of 130 Acres of Land falls me? their? Province of CP Carolina Craven County And therefore the Meuion a bit friers the Memorial to be? cut? in the Aud. Generals office of this province. In Witness Whereof he hath hereunto Set his hand the 18th day of Oct. 1765. John Cantzon.

23 Oct. 1765 Colonial plat Vol. 8 p117.

3 Dec. 1766. Colonial Plats Vol. 11 page 235 (Roll AD 587). Pursuant to a Precipt directed under the hand and Seal of John Troup Esqr. D.L. Genl. dated 3 Dec. 1766, I have admeasured and laid out unto Thomas Gill a plantation or tract of vacant Land in Barkley (sic) County Containing 150 acres in the fork between Broad and Saludy rivers, Situate on a Small branch of Little river Called Mudlick Creek not five feet broad nor one deep and bounded S on land laid out to Mr. Pinkney and Eastward on Land laid out to Benjamin Colliar (Collear on plat) and West part on Land laid out to Thomas Gill and part vacant the other sides on vacant Land and hath such shape from and marks as the above plat represents. certifide (sic) under my had this 16 day of April 1767 Enoch Neanrom? D.S.

1766 or 1767 Thomas Gill witnessed the will of Jethro Manning of Saxe Gotha Township (across the river from present day Columbia), Berkeley County. Will proved 18 Jan. 1767.

1767 plat & grant, Register of Conveyances 310:396. (Mrs. Hicks April 1986 p6) Thomas Gill 150a on a branch of Little River, Craven Co. 17 Feb. 1767 Royal Grants Vol 14 p208 (Little R. Fairfield Co., north of Richland Co., or Newberry District). Both a Mudlick Creek and a Rocky Creek flow into "Little River", which in turn flows into the Saluda River. This location is approximately 11 miles west and 2 miles south of "Newberry Village". This is the only indexed Mudlick Creek in Mill's Atlas.(Mrs. Hicks says see Thomas Gill deed Laurens Co., selling grant of 1769).

1767 Deed & Release. Register of Conveyances. 310:398.

2 Apr. 1767 Memorial Little River Vol. 9 p208. S. Carolina Thos. Gill 150 Acres 2£/s Stg. or 4 /Pro. Money Certified by Richard Lambton, Deputy Auditor. A Memorial exhibited by Thomas Gill to be registered in the Auditors Office Agreeable to an order of Council after Condition of the Grant hereafter Mentioned of a plantation or tract of Land Containing 150 Acres Situate in Berkley County in the fork between Broad & Saludy Rivers and is bounded on a Small branch of Little River the waters of Saludy river and is bounded S on Mr. Pinckney's Land and on all other sides by vacant land. Surveyed Certified the 3rd day of December 1766 and Granted the 19th day of Feb. 1767 to the Memst at the 2Db? of 3 Stg. or 4 pro. money per 1 Acres to Commence two years from the date In Witness Whereof he hath hereunto Set his hand the 2d April 1767 Edward Musgrove D.L. For the Memorialist Thomas Edghill.

16 Apr. 1767 Colonial Plats Vol. 11, p235.

6 Apr. 1768 Memorial of Dr. John Cantzon Vol. 9 p467.

13 May 1768 Plat of Benjamin Averitte Vol. 11 p58.

1769 (Andrea record #99, 100)(Laurens Co.) Thomas Gill with dower by wife Hannah Gill make deed for the above 150 acres of land on Mudlic Creek between Broad & Saluda Rivers, said land granted to Thomas Gill 19 Feb. 1769, Deed to John Moore.

1769. Thomas Gill, born <1748, witnessed deed of Richard Jackson, Jr., resident of Winton, 29 July 1769, giving his share of Miles Jackson's land to John Gill. Deed states that "Thomas Gill (among others) came before Thomas Young, J.P. for Winton." Thomas Gill, 21 years or older, was in Winton in the summer of 1769. Considering all implied children of James Gill, plus the documents relating to the Chester Fishing Creek clan, the only possibility for this person is this Thomas Gill. Thomas Gill signed his name.

1769 Dec. 8 Memorial of Peter Faus. Vol. 10 page 17. Peter "Faus" (sic, Faust) 200 acres 21.21.31 Ster. or 41 Proc. Money, Certified R.L.: A Memorial exhibited by Peter Faus to be registered in the Auditors Office, SC of a plantation or tract of land containing 200 acres, situate in Craven County, on Dreans of Santee Bounded to the South on Thomas Gill's land, all other parts are vacant . Land survey certified the 3d of Oct. 1769, and granted the 31st day of Oct. 1769 to the Memorialist at the quit rent of 3 ƒ (this is how it looks, not clearly a £ mark) Sterling or 41 Proc. Money 100 acres to commence two years from the date. In witness whereof he hath hereunto set his hand the 8th day of Dec. 1769. Jonathan Hodge. R. Humphres LS.

26 May 1770 Memorial of Joseph Hutchinson, Mudlick Ck. Vol. 10, p141.

10 June 1771 plat of John Skurklock Vol. 19 p508.

5 Aug. 1772 Plat Hughes Ck. Vol. 16 p99. 26 Sept. 1772 grant 100a on Huses (Hughes) Ck. a branch of Broad River Vol. 26, p540. Thomas Gill 100 acres situate on Huse Creek on the West of Broad River, bounding SW on Henry Longs Land and to the SW, NE, and SE on vacant land. Granted 26 Sept. 1772. Certified by John Mils, Pro.C.C. There is no Fishing Ck. Thomas Gill born early enough to associate with this record. Thomas Gill married to Rebekah Curry was 10, Thomas Franklin Gill was 15, and Thomas Gill son of Robert David Gill was 17. One had to be 21 to appear in a legal record. Hughes Creek flowing into the Broad River is shown on Mill's Atlas in Union County just south of Lockhart's canal, or about 9 miles NW of Unionville center.

23 Nov. 1772 Memorial Broad River Vol 12, p1. S. Carolina Thos. Gill 10 Acres 2Th 3/Stg. or 4/Co. money Certified by R.L.: A memorial exhibited by Thos. Gill to be registered in the Auditor Gen. Office agreeable to order of Council and to a Condition to the Grant hereafter mentioned of a plantation or tract of land Containing 100 acres situated on Huse Creek on the eldest? side of Broad river bounding SW on Henry Longs NW NE & SE vacant lands. Survey Certified the 5th of August 1772 and Granted 26 Sept. 1772 to the Quit Rent 3/Ster. or 4/Proc. pr hundred acres to Commence two years for the date. Witness Whereof he hat hereunto set his hand the 23 day of Nov. 1772. Robt. McFadden LS, del March 1st 1773 to Christopher Stright. Christopher Straight is documented as a neighbor of the Chester Gill clan.

21 Dec. 1772 Memorial of John Shurlock, Mill Ck. Vol 12 p48

27 Feb. 1775 memorial of Agnes Burnett of Catawba River. Vol. 13 p356. Fishing Ck. flows into the Catawba R., so this may be a Fishing Creek reference.

[1776 (looks like a Chester reference)March 9 George Gill, John Gill, and Thomas Gill witnessed will of James Linn of Camden Dist. (Mrs. Hicks p35){1790 James Linn in Pendleton Co., 96 Dist., other Linns in Lancaster Co., Chester Co.}]

There is no Revolutionary War record of which I am aware associated with Thomas Gill of Richland Co. which is unusual.

1784. Thomas Gill to Benjamin Everitt Lease. Charleston Deed Book T5 Page 169. South Carolina This Indenture made this twenty ninth of October in the year of our Lord one Thousand seven hundred and eighty four and in the eighth year of the Independence of America Between Thomas Gill of Camden district and State of South Carolina planter of the one part & Benjamin Everitt of the aforesd county & state planter of the other part Witnesseth that the sd Thomas Gill for and in consideration of the sum of Fifty pounds sterling to him in hand paid by the sd Benjamin Everitt at or before the sealing and delivery? of these presents Doth bargain & Sell unto the sd Benjamin Everitt all that plantation or Tract of land containing one hundred and seventy five acres situate lying & being in Camden District on the North Side of Congaree river it being the half of a Tract of Land originally granted to James Gill containing three hundred and fifty acres, and the above divided one hundred and seventy five acres being properly laid off by an actual survey butting & bounding to the North on said Tract granted to James Gill & on other sides by vacant lands of at such shape form and marks as appears by Platt known to annexeds? of the sd Thomas Gill being eldest son and Heir to James Gill is enabled to grant the sd premisses and the Penedown? Norodland? Remainder & Remainders or unto? Services? issusus? of the said Premises? and in any part & parcel thereof with their? and every of their appurtainances. To have & to hold the sd in usuage as tennant lands and as? editions? until above? eng? contained? said many? part & parcel thereof with th? esk? and every of the air? appurtenances unto the sd Benjamin Everitt his Executors and Administrators and assigns from all person? and persons whatsoever? is? lawfully etaining Nyc? For and during until the full and? ands? Term of one whole year from then or next ends immediately ending the date hereof fully to be compleat and andida? Yielding and paying there for one Pepper corn if the same shall be lawfully Demanded to the interest that by virtue of these presents and the fail? of the Statues? of Transferring? under into Possessions he the sd Benjn Everitt may be in actual possession of all and Singular the sd Premisses above mentioned until the appurtained and be thereby enabled to miest? and take a grant and Release of the Reserdions? and inherit until thereof to him and his heirs to the only Isoper? and behoof the sd Benj. Everitt his heirs and assigns forever. In Witness whereof the sd parties to this presents have set their and seals the day and date first above written Thomas Gill (LS) (Thomas Gill signed his name). Thomas his+mark Spauldens John his+mark Bealden William Everitt. Aasais? iels? of the witnesses named may? of? a? wit? Fifty pounds Ster. being the full condition? may? ago? within? is? castionefs?. Thomas Gill in Camden District Chajong? Srylionally? (page 170) personally appeared Thos Spauldin if? after? having sworn on the Holy Evanglist of Almighty God sayeth that he was present NoJas? the in this? and witnessed Thomas Gill subscribe his name & fix his seal to a Mnvavleasa? the line? Heteliner? the within mentioned Seal (Lead?) or instrument of writing as his act and Deed & that he the deponent subscribed his name as a witness thereto at the same time & that at the same time saw John Boalden & William Everit (sic) subscribe their names as Witnesses to the same Thos his+mark Spaldin. Sworn this 29th day December 1785 before Thomas Taylor J.P. Recorded & Examined the 6th day of July 1786 by D. Maggor?.

Thomas Gill to Benjamin Everitt Release. South Carolina This Indenture made the thirtieth day of October in the year of

our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and eighty four in the [cut off by plat]
State of America Between Thos Gill of the State of South Carolina [cut off by plat]
-trict Planter of the one Part & Benjn Everit (sic)) of the afo [cut off by plat]
the other part Witnessith that the sd Thos Gill for and [cut off br plat]
of Fifty pounds Sterling too (sic) the sd Thos. Gill in hand [cut off by plat]
Delivery of these presents by the sd Benj Everit (sic) the [cut off by plat]
doth hereby acknowledge and himself therewith [cut off by plat]
and thereof and fromc? every part & parcel thereof [cut off by plat]
charge the sd Benj Everit (sic) his heirs Executors or administrators [cut off by plat]
Hath granted bargained & dits? ramidade? released if? as? [cut off by plat]
grant bargain sell remits? release & confirm unto [cut off by plat]
Possessions now Being by virtue of a Bargain & tha [cut off by plat]
Gill by Indenture bearing date the day next b [cut off by plat]
these presents for the Term of one whole year am? [cut off by plat]
-fore the date of the date of the same Indenture and [cut off by plat]
-fering uded? into Possessions] And to the hird? & as? [cut off by plat]
-ever all that Plantation or Tract of Land contain [cut off by plat]
situate lying & being in Campden (sic) District. and [cut off by plat]
granted to Jams Gill and on eithersides by mean? [cut off by plat]

being eldest son & heir to Jams Gill decd. is enabled to grant the Premisses Together with all the Premissess and Singulare the houses outhouses ways buildings Water passages lights easements? duties profits commodities & appurtenances whatsoever to the said Plantation or Tract of land belonging or in any wise appertaining or accepted or expected taken or horo? an? uded? enjoyed held occupied leased or Divided as part parcel or in anly? of the Same & the division? Preversions? remainder & remainders rents issues & profits of all Bord? Singular the profits of the premises and every part & parcel thereof with their and every of their rights members & appurtenances and all Estates right Title interest possession right property claim and demand whatsoever of him the sd Thos Gill of in and to the sd plantation or tract of land and premises herein before granted & released or mentioned or intended to be hereby granted & released & every part & parcel thereof Together with all deeds Evidences of writing touching or in any wise concerning the sd Tract or plantation of land& premises or any part thereof only now in the Custody? or power of the Thos Gill or which he own? or may come by in Saw? or equity? ily? time?Copies of such others as concern the premises jointly with other things to be made and written at the request cost and charges of the sd Benj Everit (sic) his heirs and assigns. To have and to hold the sd Plantation or tract of land & Premises in and by these presents granted and released or mentioned or intended? to be hereby granted & released & every part & parcel thereof with their & every of their rights members & appurtenances unto the sd Benjm Everitt his Heirs and assigns to the only proper rsse? and behoof of the sd Benjm Everit (sic) his heirs and assigns forever and the sd Thos Gill for himself his heirs Executors & adms oath? covenant? promise & agree to and with the Benjm Everit (sic) his Heirs & assigns and for every of them by these presents in manner and from following that is to say the sd Thos Gill & his Heirs and from all and every other person & persons having lawfully claiming and Estate right title or Interest of in or to the sd Plantation or Tract of land & premises with the appurtenances herein before granted & released or mentioned or intended to be hereby granted or released or any part or parcel thereof from by or under him or them & all or will from time to time & at all times hereafter upon the reasonable request and at all the costs & Charges of the sd Benj.m Everit his Heirs & assigns make do (sic) acknowledge levy suffer & assent? or cause or presume to be made done acknowledge de? leveyed suffered? executed? all and such further & other nets? matters & things conveyinised? & assurance in Law whatsoever for the further better & more efectual conveying & assuring? all & singular the premises herein before granted & released or mentioned? or intended to be hereby granted released or conveyade? with theirs? & every of their rights members and appurtenances to the only proper side? & behoof of the sd Benjm Everit (sic) his heirs and assigns for ever as by the sd Benjm. Everit (sic) his heirs or assigns or his or their council learnade? in the Law shall be reasonably advisade or diviside & requiyado? & lastly thet the sd Thos Gill hid Heirs & the sd plantation or tract of land & premises with the appurtenances herein before granted & Released or mentioned or intended to be hereby granted or released and every part & parcel thereof unto the sd Benjm Everit his heirs & assings against himself the sd Thos Gill his heirs & assings & against all and every other person & persons whatsoever Lawfully claiming or to claim by from or under him or them or either of them Shall and will warrant and for ever Defend? by these Presents. In Witness whereof both Parties hereunto interest? agreeably? set their hands and seals the day &fast? above written Thomas GILL (LS) Signed Seal'd & delivered in presence of Thomas his+mark Spaulden John his+mark Bralden?. William Everit (sic). Received the sum of Fifty pounds Sterling of the within named Benjm Everit being the full consideration money within mentioned. Thomas Gill. Camden District. Before Thos Taylor personally appeared Thomas Spaulding & after being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God sayeth that he was present & saw the within mentioned Thos Gill subscribe his name & fix his seal & acknowledge the demet? & deliver the within mentioned Land? or instrument of writing as his act & Deed & that he the Deponent subscribed his name as Witness theirto (sic?) & that he at the same time saw John Boalden & William Everit subscribe their names as Witness to the same Thomas his+mark Spauldin. Sworn this 29th Dec. 1785 before Thos Taylor J.P. Recorded & Examined the 6th day of July 1786 by D. Mazyy?. The above reproduces the original deed inasmuch as it is legible.

Surrounding the plat attached to this release are the words "Land belonging to Thomas Gill" or "Thomas and John Gill." I have edited the image to the latter, given the wording on the bottom which follows: Pursuant to the directions of Thomas and John Gill I have laid one hundred and seventy five acres of land it being one half of a tract? originally granted to James Gill and the said Tract of one hundred and seventy five has ??? Shape Form and Marks as the ??? (unintelligible) Certified P no? 1768. R. Humphrey. L.S. If in doubt, consult the original. I may have overdone my editing of this nearly illegible plat, but the "Pursuant ..." on the bottom clearly states land of Thomas and John, and the date is unambiguous. This is a very old plat attached to this deed.

The fact that both John and Thomas are mentioned equally, suggests to me that they were twins, and therefore inherited equally under the law.

Thomas Gill signed both lease and release, he was literate.

1784. (Andrea's record #205, the above record. Andrea was reading the paper original in Charleston) Book T-5, pages 169 & 170, 30 Nov. 1784 first a lease followed by a release. Thomas Gill and no dower of Camden District and the Congarees (implied Richland Co.), a deed to Benjamin Everett for 175 acres of land; said land being a part of the original grant to my father, James Gill (Andrea record 16), and now that James Gill, my late and honored father has now died, and according to the law (He was referring to the law of primogeniture - Andrea) I, Thomas Gill, being the eldest son and heir of the said James Gill, now deceased, am enabled to make a title to this said land. Andrea states that the plat attached to this deed was the same plat as on Gill Creek opposite Saxe-Gotha (Saxe-Gotha, a part of Orangeburgh, was just across the Congaree River from Richland County). The attached plat was carefully made. Note the absence of a dower even though Hannah appears in the 1790 census. 175 acres were retained and 175 acres sold by Thomas Gill to Benjamin Everett. Everett may have been a son-in-law. This remaining 175 acres of land was sold by Thomas' eldest son, John Gill (signed by mark) in 1786. Everitts removed to Barnwell with the Gills and were neighbors to John Gill there.

(Andrea #205c) "Note that Thomas Gill in this deed to Benjamin Everett that there was no dower by his wife, Hannah Gill. She could have been dead but note in #55 (1790 census, Orangeburgh Dist, So. Part) there were two widow Hannah Gills. (#206) The widow of James Gill #16 and James in #205. Mr. Hutson of the Historical Commission explained to me that even when the eldest son heired all the land under primogeniture, that the widow if alive, was still entitled to have her dower cut off. Note in #36 & Mr. Hutson suggested that this was the dower of 100a land sold to Robert Goodwyn and note in #156, also note my comments in #165."

(Andrea #206a) "Back to the land plat of James Gill #16. Attached to the deed of Thomas Gill, his eldest son and heir by primogeniture, the 350a plat had 175a retained and 175a sold by Thomas Gill to Benjamin Everett. The 100a was likely bought. Thomas Gill heired all of the 350a grant to James Gill. Everett may have been a son in law, and if such, no dower was required if a deed of gift. Thomas Gill was left in ownership of 175a of the land of the original grant to his father, James Gill of the 350a grant. Now note in #207 how this was disposed.

(Andrea) In S.C. Historical Commission (now SCDAH) is a plat for Thomas Gill for 150 acres of land between the Broad and Saluda Rivers surveyed 1 Oct. 1765, bounded by vacant lands & the lands of Squire Pinkney (sic). (From Andrea, #99; a Laurens county record) Thomas Gill with dower by wife, Hannah Gill, make deed to John Moore for 150 acres of land on "Mudlic" Creek between Broad and Saluda Rivers, said lands granted to Thomas Gill 19 Feb. 1769. (Newberry District). Thomas Gill of the Congarees died before 24 Nov. 1786 when his eldest son, John Gill of Orangeburgh (Allendale was previously part of Barnwell, Winton, and Organgeburgh) , sold the rest of Thomas' land "on the Congarees". There may be more land records here to be traced.

There are two Hannah Gills in the 1790 census. Andrea asserts that the older Hannah was the wife of James Gill of Gill Creek (1712 - <1784), and the younger the wife of Thomas Gill of the Congarees, son of James.

Only Documented Child of Thomas Gill and Hannah Gill:

1. John Gill born c1759 - died in 1822 in what is now Allendale County, SC.   John Gill, eldest son of Thomas Gill, with his wife Ann sold land inherited from his father, Thomas Gill, in 1786. John Gill signed Revolutionary war receipts with a crude mark like an overwritten "jg", then in 1786 by an identifiable "j," then "jg," and later signs his name.

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