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Aiken County,  South Carolina

Cemetery Name Location Inscriptions contributed by:
Abandoned Gravesite North Aiken Alan
Aiken Memorial Cemetery    
Asbill Cemetery    
Bath Cemetery    
Berry Cemetery 128 Ellington, SC Alan, 15 Nov 2001
Bethany Cemetery    
Brown Cemetery    
Broken Stones Site Vaucluse, S.C. Alan, 29 Apr 2001
Bogeyville Cemetery North Aiken, S.C. Alan, 04 April 2001
Brown Cemetery (USGS Monetta)  
Brown Cemetery (USGS Trenton)  
Busbee Cemetery (USGS Trenton)  
Carter Cemetery    
Cedar Branch Cemetery    
Clark Cemetery    
Cochran Cemetery Aiken, S.C. Alan, 16 Mar 2001
Courtney Cemetery    
Cullum Cemetery    
Cumbee Cemetery    
Darien Cemetery    
Dorch Cemetery    
Fairfield Cemetery    
Fields Cemetery    
First Baptist Church Montmorenci, S.C. Drew Wright Weeks
Ford Cemetery    
Galphin Cemetery    
Gantt, Israel Sr. Family Cemetery near Steadman Billy R. Hooten, 6 Nov 2003
Glover Cemetery    
Goss Cemetery    
Graniteville City
Graniteville Beth Hemingway, 23 Mar 2004
Green Cemetery    
Gregory Cemetery    
Griffin Family Cemetery   Alan, 26 Aug 2001
Gunter Cemetery directions in file Tommie Provost, 11 Mar 2001
Hammond Cemetery (USGS North Augusta)  
Hammond Cemetery (USGS Hollow Creek)  
Hankinson Cemetery    
Hartley Cemetery    
Howell Family Cemetery
near Wagener, S.C. John Howell, Aug 1999
Jackson Cemetery    
Kneece Cemetery    
(Old) Langley Cemetery    
Levels Baptist Church
(Partial survey)
  Beth Hemingway, 23 Mar 2004
Millbrook Cemetery    
Montmorenci Cemetery    
Mount Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery Mt. Beulah Community Paul D. Peacock
Mount Harris Cemetery    
Mount Pisgah Cemetery    
Nicholson Cemetery    
Pentecost United Methodist Church
  Beth Hemingway, 23 Mar 2004
Pine Forest Baptist Church
(Partial survey)
  Beth Hemingway, 23 Mar 2004
Pineview Memorial Gardens    
Plunkett Cemetery    
Private Cemetery
(file not currently available)
  Alan, 03 Nov 2001
Sanders Cemetery    
Sanders Cemetery    
Sawyer Cemetery    
Seivern Baptist Church Cemetery directions in file Tommie Provost, 12 Mar 2001
Spring Cemetery    
Timmerman Cemetery   Alan, 17 May 2001
Tyler Cemetery (USGS Kitchings Mill)  
Vaucluse City Cemetery
(Partial survey)
Vaucluse, SC Victoria Proctor and
Beth Hemingway, 4 Sept 2004
Warrenville Cemetery Warrenville, S.C. Linda Goetz, Jan 2000
Weeks Cemetery    
WILLIAMS Cemetery near Monetta, S.C. Tommie Provost, 11 Mar 2001
(Rev. John) WILLIAMS Family Cemetery Williston, S.C. Paul D. Peacock, Jun 1999
Willis Cemetery    
Wrights Cemetery    

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