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Little Pee Dee River
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Bermuda Church Cemetery

Contributed by Sandra Brumbles and Sheila Berry, Dec 2001.

Directions: From Dillon on highway # 9 going toward Lake View, go about 
seven miles to a country store (Coon Meekins) on the right.  Turn right 
in front of the store onto Bermuda Road.  Stay on Bermuda Road for about 
2 or 3 miles and cemetery is on the left.
Survey: Dec 2001 NOTE: this section is on the right-hand side: Large Headstone with Harrelson on it Blanche Hamilton 6/22/1895-11/15/1983 Flora Harrelson 11/3/1891-9/28/1962 Sam Harrelson 11/9/1887-4/1/1942 Large Headstone with Goodyear on it Billy Mewtow Goodyear 11/11/1941-5/26/1961 Isla Hyatt Goodyear Lewis 8/11/1917-8/15/1982 Fulton Ford Goodyear 7/3/1915-3/3/1964 Bryan Gene Goodyear 3/8/1939-9/24/1985 Large Headstone with Hulon on it Sherwood Hulon 6/24/1938-10/4/1986 Mary L. Hulon 4/6/1954-3/25/1972 SWEET BY THY REST Carl Gus Hulon 7/18/1944-6/19/1972 GONE TO MANSIONS OF REST Gertrude H. Hulon 7/18/1918-12/8/1984 Verson Edward Hulon 5/24/1917-5/31/1986 Dual Headstone Melva Moody Sparkman 12/31/1907-11/18/1976 James Burton Sparkman 7/5/1900-11/25/1964 Dual Headstone Thomas J. Pittman 5/25/1901-8/17/1979 Fonnie Moody Pittman 5/8/1896-4/20/1975 Dual Headstone Dorothy N. Johnson 8/8/1935- Daniel W. Johnson 10/22/1932-5/4/1992 Dual Headstone Janie S. Smith 2/3/1913- I.G. Smith 4/11/1916-4/15/1991 Dual Headstone Erma Phillips Moody 10/27/1899-9/21/1964 Pierce Arthur Moody 1/11/1891-2/2/1963 Dual Headstone John Raymond Butler 9/27/1899-5/18/1983 Grace Stephens Butler 4/30/1904-1/1/1997 Large Headstone with Hayes on it Rose Esther 8/12/1895-6/20/1944 Cornelia 6/8/1888-5/19/1945 Willie Hayes 4/28/1885-6/2/1965 Dual Headstone Sallie H.Moody 6/26/1886-8/25/1975 Alton C.Moody 3/30/1887-4/21/1971 Leroy Moody 3/3/1927-5/2/1937 Bruce Moody 11/16/1916-1/14/1969 Dual Headstone Rufus Elliott 3/12/1918-11/8/1966 THERE IS NO PARTING IN HEAVEN Irene Norman Elliott Fogle 6/15/1918-12/4/1999 EARTH HATH NO SORROW THAT HEAVEN CANNOT HEAL. Braxton B. Miller 8/9/1915-9/19/1988 A FRIEND AND DADDY TO ALL Dual Headstone Henslee C.Rogers 4/27/1911-3/5/1981 Eunice Miller Rogers 9/5/1913-5/10/1997 Dual Headstone Ferrell J.Miller 4/24/1922-12/11/1978 Sadie Taylor Miller 1/26/1920-10/19/1992 Dual Headstone Joe C. Miller 1/6/1920-10/5/1976 Hazel P. Miller 4/12/1923-6/26/2000 Frazier Glenn Miller 1917-2001 Dual Headstone Gary M.New Sr. 6/20/1951-8/6/1983 married 12/8/1978 Judith F. New 3/17/1957- NOTE: this is on the right-hand side Dual Headstone David Stacy Bryant 7/12/1911-5/23/1989 Evelyn Moody Bryant 8/11/1915-9/13/1992 NOTE: this is straight back of cemetery as you go through the gate. Charity Ruth,daughter of H.T.& Lilly C. Sanderson 7/31/1911-8/14/1934 Dual Headstone Mr.J.G. Stephens 1856-1/1/1934 Mrs J.G. Stephens 1868-12/13/1933 Dual Headstone Bernie C.Moody 7/5/1890-9/15/1974 Palmer Butler Moody 9/28/1893-1/5/1974 Joe W.Moody S.C.Pvt.U.S.Army WWII 10/23/1911-5/13/1961 John Isom Moody Sgt.Artillery U.S.Army son of Palmer Butler & Bernie C.Moody 9/28/1916 killed in Korea 2/13/1951 reburied in this cemetery 11/3/1951 MAY YOUR SLEEP BE AS SWEET AS OUR MEMORIES OF YOU Magnolia,Daughter of W.P.& Magnolia Stephens 6/5/1900-9/22/1900 Shep A.son of W.P.& Magnolia Stephens 10/6/1895-9/27/1900 Magnolia,wife of W.P.Stephens 10/10/1872-6/10/1900 W.P.Stephens 1853-8/27/1906 Dual Headstone Steve Watson Stephens 1851-1930 Frances Harrelson Stephens 1864-1945 Leroy,son of E.V.& F.C.Moody 10/6/1893-2/28/1955 Infant son of E.V.& F.C.Moody 12/16/1895 E.Van Moody 11/23/1856-9/16/1936 Flora G,wife of E.V.Moody 8/24/1863-12/20/1895 Franklin B.son of E.V.&Manda Moody 3/27/1905-5/25/1906 Nettie Christian,daughter of E.V.&F.C.Moody 4/16/1889-10/22/1890 Infant daughter of E.V.&F.C.Moody 5/26 & 6/16/1892 In memory of Bedy,wife of Stephen H.Moody 4/6/1819-6/16/1900 AS A WIFE DEVOTED, AS A MOTHER AFFECTIONATE,AS A FRIEND,EVER KIND AND TRUE. Stephen H.Moody 10/26/1800-11/3/1885 J.R.Erving Moody 8/19/1820-11/11/1894 Sarah A.Moody 4/1/1841-3/31/1900 A TENDER MOTHER AND A FAITHFUL FRIEND. Julia B.daughter of R.L.& M.A.Rogers 12/17/1887-10/25/1888 Dual Heardstone Beedy J.Stephens 1867-1932 Allen T.Stephens Jr. 1858-1936 Allen Stephens Co.C 26 S.C.Inf.CSA 5/28/1864 Martha Christian,wife of Allen T.Stephens 6/27/1832-3/14/1894 John W.Stephens Co.E 1Regt.S.C.Vols.CSA 7/4/1864 In memory of Bedy Christian,daughter of A.T.& B.J.Stephens 10/31/1896-11/2/1896 WE WILL MEET AGAIN Infant son of A.T.&B.J.Stephens 9/9/1900-10/3/1900 WE SHALL MEET AGAIN Shelley B.wife of M.B.McKenzie 11/19/1889-12/29/1914 SHE'S GONE TO WORLDS ABOVE,WHERE SAINTS AND ANGELS MEET,TO REALIZE OUR SAVIOUR'S LOVE AND WORSHIP AT HIS FEET. Elizabeth,daughter of C.K.& I.Stephens 8/2/1920-9/30/1920 Dual Headstone James D.Moody 5/1/1862-6/8/1939 Lula Hayes Moody 2/14/1879-11/29/1956 Henry K.Harrelson 2/12/1879-12/12/1897 Alfred H.Harrelson 10/12/1834-5/6/1911 Julia A.wife of A.H.Harrelson 3/10/1841-12/21/1919 Dual Headstone Lizzie H.Harrelson 8/14/1883- William M.Harrelson 3/20/1874-6/24/1954 Dual Headstone Ida C.Hayes 1856-1918 MOTHER M.G.Hayes 1858-1928 FATHER THEIR MEMORY IS BLESSED Odessa Ford Stubbs 5/12/1926-5/13/1998 Carl Jean Stubbs 9/24/1917-1/24/1983 Zelma S.Stubbs 7/28/1882-6/7/1954 Wife of Colon Stubbs Colon Stubbs 9/24/1871-10/30/1951 Pearl Hatchell Stephens 12/19/1905-2/20/1978 Children:Silas Frank III and Robert Lorin Silas Franklin Stephens Jr.4/26/1901-3/10/1962 married 1/12/1929 Deborah Bullock,daughter Betsy Bullock and S.Franklin Stephens III 10/24/1960-10/30/1960 Silas Franklin Stephens 12/28/1860-11/1/1936 WHAT WE KEEP IN MEMORY IS OURS UNCHANGED FOREVER. Licia Harrelson Stephens 9/21/1867-6/27/1941 TO LIVE IN HEARTS WE LEAVE BEHIND IS NOT TO DIE. Houston Stephens 11/24/1902-11/1/1957 GOD SHALL BE MY HOPE MY STAY David M.Stephens S.C.Pvt.338 Base Unit AAF WWII 2/14/1925-6/2/1964 Allen Sankey Stephens 3/26/1894-1/12/1957 Emma Altman,wife of Sankey Stephens 6/1/1894-7/16/1944 Ruby McKenzie Scott 10/20/1910-1/6/1999 Roger William Scott 6/19/1902-5/6/1985 Archie G.Scott 4/28/1904-3/19/1967 Myrtle N.Scott 9/21/1877-10/3/1958 MOTHER Nathan Thomas Scott 11/2/1866-10/26/1936 FATHER Curtis Raymond Moody 6/19/1902-12/31/1953 married Emma Gertrude Nance 7/8/1928 Brice Leon Altman Sr. SA U.S.Navy 1/29/1937-1/10/1995 Dual Headstone Louella Bass Altman 9/25/1902- Brice L.Altman 1/25/1888-1/22/1942 NEVER,WILL WE FORGET YOU,DEAR ONE Infant son of Mr.& Mrs.R.W.Scott no dates Ernest Nathan Scott PFC U.S.Army WWII 10/3/1912-2/6/1997 FAITHFUL LOVING FATHER Ernest Wayne Scott 9/14/1947-7/10/1951 SAFE IN THE ARMS OF JESUS Dual Headstone Ruby Wiggins Moody 2/26/1911-3/30/193 Arnold V.Moody 11/4/1912-10/4/1959 Annie M.Moody 8/22/1886-11/20/1967 MOTHER wife of Jessie T.Moody Jessie T.Moody 4/6/1858-8/24/1934 GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN BY HIS BELOVED ONES Dual Headstone MOODY Aggienoria Sanderson Moody 2/21/1869-2/28/1939 Tapley P. Moody 6/2/1856-6/11/1926 Photo by Jane Randall Neva Dell,wife of T.D.Fore 9/5/1892-11/18/1916 TWAS HARD TO GIVE THEE UP BUT THY WILL O GOD BE DONE. Mary Buford,wife of Raymond T.Stephens 9/5/1900-11/2/1981 Raymond T.Stephens 9/10/1888-6/25/1979 Emma Carmichael,wife of Raymond T.Stephens 8/18/1895-9/21/1925 Infant daughter of Raymond T.& Emma C. Stephens Hermon,son of S.W,& Francis Stephens 1/18/1902-9/6/1903 Fulton,infant son of E.S.& Lou Ausley Earl McK.son of C.O.&M.J.Moody 5/19/1916-6/16/1920 SLEEP ON SWEET BABE AND TAKE THY REST,GOD CALLED THEE HOME.HE THOUGHT IT BEST. Dual Headstone Mary Jane Moody 1885- Chalmers O.Moody 1878-1944 THEIR MEMORY IS BLESSED Laura E.Moody 1853-1928 MOTHER J.B.Moody 2/7/1851-7/9/1924 EARTH HAS NO SORROW THAT HEAVEN CANNOT HEAL. Hugh M.Moody S.C.Corp.323 Inf.81 Div.3/28/1940 Willis,son of J.B.& L.A.Moody 6/3/1884-5/13/1907 AS YOU ARE, SO ONCE WAS I,AS I AM. SO YOU MUST BE.PREPARE FOR DEATH AND FOLLOW ME. Liston O.Moody S.C.Sgt. 2 Coast Arty.4/7/1943 Kittie, wife of J.T.Moody 12/18/1871-1/19/1907 HOW DESOLATE OUR HOME BEREFT OF THEE Sarah Ann,wife of Tapley H.Moody 9/16/1823-12/29/1905 A TENDER MOTHER AND A FAITHFUL FRIEND. Tapley H.Moody 4/15/1808-10/5/1892 PRECIOUS ON THE SIGHT OF THE LORD IS THE DEATH OF HIS SAINTS. Infant of D.A.& Rebecca Abbott no dates Infant son of J.B.& F.C.Bass 10/27/1896-10/29/1896 Arthur,son of J.B.& F.C.Bass 8/29/1889-2/28/1913 Joseph P.Bass 1903-1978 Flora C.wife of J.B.Bass 10/4/1866-12/12/1925 SHE WAS THE SUNSHINE OF OUR HOME. Solomon A.Sanderson 5/21/1838-9/25/1913 Sarah A. Norman wife of S.A.Sanderson 4/15/1846-9/8/1925 RESTING IN HOPE OF A GLORIOUS RESURRECTION. Beddy Sanderson 4/9/1911-6/1/1915 Nancy Jones Sanderson 9/3/1883-4/7/1912 Clifford Sanderson 9/5/1902-10/30/1905 Elmer,son of J.W.& Katie Williams 8/16/1906-9/21/1913 Dual Headstone Joe Williams 10/23/1880-10/14/1933 Katie 8/15/1886-4/10/1921 Son of Mr.& Mrs. F.H.Moody 5/23/1924-1/16/1925 Infant daughter of Mr.&Mrs.A.T.Moody 1/30/&1/31/1923 Florence W.Moody 11/10/1895-3/20/1925 HOW MANY HOPES LIE BURIED HERE. Rupert W.Powell 11/28/1908-9/27/1934 OUR LOVED ONE L.R.Moody Jr. 2/8/1918-1/29/1941 Leonard R.Moody 2/28/1890-8/24/1943 Jennie Dew Moody 4/2/1898-7/17/1972 Copeland W.Moody 2/18/1920-1/24/1975 Infant daughter of M.F.& A.P.Moody 11/18/1927 Infant son of M.F.& A.P.Moody 12/14 & 15/1928 Infant son of M.F.& A.P.Moody 2/18/1938 Irene H.Moody 1/27/1923 Minnie Ellen Butler 6/1865-10/1943 IN GOD WE MUST TO MEET AGAIN. Polly Katherine Moody 8/9/1914-11/9/1988 MOTHER AND AUNT Doris Louise Moody Maker 1/22/1954-1/3/1977 Douglas L.Moody S.C.CPL U.S.Army WWII 12/11/1922-4/12/1965 Carlos L.Moody S.C.Pvt.3706 Base Unit AAF WWII 12/11/1922-7/28/1967 Tululah Elaine daughter of Carlos & Jeanette Moody 4/30/1945-5/21/1945 Frank Sanderson 12/15/1875-3/4/1945 Baby Girl daughter of R.C.& Naomis Sanderson born& died 3/19/1938 Dual Headstone Archie Sanderson 4/10*1881-6/18/1946 Jane J.Sanderson 5/17/1881-3/21/1926 Dual Headstone John L.Butler 3/29/1850-2/8/1926 Martha P.Butler 1/23/1864-3/12/1923 Elba G.Stephens 8/30/1901-11/28/1978 Flora E.Carmichael wife of W.L.Stephens 1892-1927 Wacon L.Stephens Sr. 12/4/1887-4/29/1972 Isla A Harrelson wife of W.L.Stephens 1885-1913 Infant son of W.L.& Isla A.Stephens 1912 Virgie, daughter of W.L.&.Isla A.Stephens 1913 Lawrence Allen McIntyre son of Mr.& Mrs.L.McIntyre born& died 12/1/1926

Lloyd Miller
South Carolina
Tec5 HQ Co.
254 Inf.
July 11, 1920
March 20, 1945
Boyd Miller 1900-1950 TILL WE MEET AND NEVER PART.

Thesiann Caroline wife of J.H.Miller 3/15/1858-4/28/1927
In loving memory Martha Florence Miller 1/16/1862-11/22/1941   SHE PASSED 
Emma Alice Miller 1864-1943
Minnie Lee Miller 1866-1943
Bessie Miller  infant daughter of DavidM.& Gladys Miller      OUR LOVED ONE

Carrie M. Sessions 8/28/1899-9/24/1989
Yancey Q. Sessions 6/12/1886-9/8/1962
Kiffen S. Sessions S.C.Pvt. 2 Coast Arty. 2/3/1943
Wade Lester Sessions 8/9/1929-6/6/1931
R.B. Sessions 7/30/1924-8/7/1924

Benjamin W. Griffin 9/6/1915-9/8/1975

Rennie Moody Sessions Jernigan 6/6/1902-10/25/1984
George T. Sessions 1/12/1900-1/9/1949
Carlos M. Sessions 7/28/1929-10/2/1932
Robert R. Sessions S.C.cook 105 Engrs. 4/24/1930

Emma S. Moody 10/11/1880-9/21/1958
W.T. Moody 12/3/1878-1/30/1928

Daisy Lee McKenzie 1/15/1922-5/25/1923      OUR DARLING
M.Grace,daughter of M.& G.McKenzie 10/23/1903-4/9/1916

Bathonia Ayres Harrelson,wife of Joel Harrelson 2/23/1859-2/24/1936

Lanie,daughter of Edd & Onie Hyatt 3/29/1922-7/5/1923
Woodrow,son of Edd & Onie Hyatt 4/23/1914-6/19/1914  ASLEEP IN JESUS

Dual Headstone
Onnie B.Moody Hyatt 7/4/1894-3/13/1966
Edd Hyatt 9/23/1892-7/7/1966

Odell,son of Mr.&Mrs.Kemp Bryant 7/31/1941-8/31/1943     THE LOVELY FLOWER 

Dual Headstone
Kemp Bryant 5/10/1900-5/20/1961
Dora Bell Bryant 3/10/1907-11/21/1986
Louise Bryant Egeler 7/2/1930-4/8/1999       BELOVED MOTHER

Monroe Lofton Moody 1917-1954
Austin E.Moody 10/13/1909-11/6/1972

James Edward Rouse 4/18/1901-9/23/1946

Dual Headstone
Thomas B.Rouse 1/23/1873-6/19/1943
Rosa M.Rouse 10/9/1877-10/30/1964

Betty Lou,daughter of  G.H.& Daisy Rouse 7/30/1946-5/26/1950
Gewood Rouse 3/25/1914-7/5/1957

Dual Headstone
Grover Moody 7/18/1897-7/18/1975
Ruby Snipes Moody 7/22/1913 - 3/27/1994
Charles W. Moody 1964-1993
Edward J. Moody 11/8/1939-7/12/1978

Dual Headstone
Beaddie J. Lee 6/1/1923-
Stafford Lee Jr. 8/19/1936-9/13/1980    married 1/6/1963

Nannie C. Rogers Campbell 1899-1959

Earnest Robert Cain 2/5/1893-4/24/1937

J.H. Snipes 2/3/1918 about 48 years old

Sarah Moody 1/4/1879-8/18/1947

Nolie Brewer, wife of John C. Rogers 1/1/1873-6/24/1940

Grover C.Daniels 1876/1945
Mae Sanderson Burgess Daniels 1/1/1901-9/7/1985

Joseph M.Burgess 1868-1938
Allie B.Burgess 9/28/1937
Eulee M.Burgess 1923-1927

Dual Headstone
William P.Miller 1852-1930
Mary Ann Miller 1854-1929

Branston,son R.C.& L.Cox 2/13/1926-7/29/1926

Martha Collins Sanderson died 8/1923

Grover Miller S.C. Coxswain-U.S.Navy 6/2/1931

Dual Headstone
Winnie J.Hyatt 6/28/1924-
John R. Hyatt 4/4/1930-5/13/1985   married 9/20/1948

D.Cleveland Miller PFC U.S.Army WWII 5/13/1922-1/19/1980     HE DIED AS HE 
David M. Miller 10/2/1892-4/4/1973
Ernest Miller,son of David & Galdys Miller 10/25/1927-7/23/1944

Located: Approx. 6 mi. east of Dillon on Hwy. 9, turn right on State Park Rd. 22 
until road intersects with Hwy. 45

Contributed by Jane Moody Randall, March 2001

Aggienoria Sanderson              Tapley P. Moody
Born: Feb. 21st, 1869             Born: June 2nd, 1856
Died: Feb. 28th, 1939             Died: June 11th, 1926
                Death is the Crown of Life
Photo by Jane Randall

Doris Louise Moody Maker
Jan. 22, 1954
Jan. 3, 1977
Photo by Jane Randall

J. R. Erving Moody   
Born: Aug. 19th, 1820
Died: Nov. 11th, 1894
Photo by Jane Randall

Jennie Dew Moody 
Born: April 2nd, 1898
Died: July 17th, 1972
Photo by Jane Randall

L. R. Moody Jr.
Born: Feb. 8th, 1918
Died: Jan. 29th, 1941
Photo by Jane Randall

Leonard R. Moody
Born: Feb. 28th, 1890
Died: Aug. 24th, 1943
Photo by Jane Randall

Pollie Katherine Moody
Born: Aug. 9th, 1914
Died: Nov. 9th, 1988
Photo by Jane Randall

Sarah Ann Moody
Born: April 1st, 1841
Died: March 3rd, 1900
Photo by Jane Randall

Tululah Elaine Moody
Born: April 30th, 1945
Died: May 21st, 1945
Photo by Jane Randall

Carlos Lester Moody 
Born: 12/11/1922 
Died: 7/18/1967 
Identical Twin to Douglas Legrand Moody 
Photo by Jane Randall

Douglas Legrand Moody 
Born: 12/11/1922 
Died: 4/12/1965 
Identical Twin to Carlos Lester Moody 
Photo by Jane Randall

Copeland Wayne Moody 
Born: 2/18/1920 
Died: 1/24/1975 
Brother to Carlos, Douglas and L.R. Moody Jr 
Photo by Jane Randall

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