Little Pee Dee River
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Little Pee Dee River
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Some notes and partial contribution by Victoria Proctor, 1997.

The old Carmichael graveyard is located so close to the Little Pee Dee Presbyterian Church that it is often mistakenly referred to as "the old section" of the church cemetery. It is, for instance, listed this way in the Dillon County cemetery book (Bicentennial Project).

When I first visited the graveyard in 1979, it seemed a very short walk from the Little Pee Dee Church to the old graveyard located back in the woods. I am told that the area has been timbered since my last visit, and that seems such a shame. The canopy of trees provided welcome shade to the old graveyard on a hot summer's day, and seemed a peaceful setting for the early Scots settlers who are buried there.

Many of the original grave markers were wooden and no more than a few stumps remained when I visited. There were perhaps 19-20 tombstones, some of which seemed so ancient I couldn't imagine anything earlier.

A portion of the old graveyard, copied by me in 1979, contributed 1997:

Sacred to the Memory of Jennett CARMICHAEL
Wife of A. Carmichael
Died Feb. 1, 1845
Aged 25 years.

[Note: This is the first wife of Sheriff Archie (Archibald) Carmichael, whose maiden name was said to be MURPHY.]

In Memory of Katharine CARMICHAEL
a native of Scotland
Died April 4, 1852
Aged 70 years

In Memory of Dougald McINTYRE
A native of Argyleshire, Scotland
Aged 70 years
(No dates)

1953 survey contributed by Mrs. Dora Louise Easterling DROST, 2000.



Location: On Pee Dee Church Rd. .2 mile from the church.
Copied January 17, 1953

Arch'd W./ Son of/ J. B. & E. C./ McIntyre/ Born Sept. 7, 1850/ Died Nov. 24, 1863/ 
In/ Memory of/ Rev. Duncan E./ McIntyre/ Born March 5, A. D. 1831/ Died/ June 27, A. D. 1862/
Lilly McIntyre/ A Native of/ Scotland/ Died/ Aug. 9, 1882/ Aged 82 years/
In/ Memory of/ Dougald McIntyre/ A Native of/ Argyleshire Scotland/ Aged 70 years/ (No Dates)
D. McDuffie/ Died/ July 5, 1843/
Mary McDuffie/ Born/ Dec. 4, 1795/ Died/ May 22, 1862/

Sacred/ To the memory of/ Jennett Carmichael/ Wife of/
   A. Carmichael/ Died/ Feb/ 1st. 1845/ Aged 25 yrs./
Margaret J./ Carmichael/ Born/ Sept. 12, 1829/ Died/ Mar. 29, 1847/
Catharine/ Wife of/ John H. Carmichael/ Died/ Jan. 31, 1855/ Aged 45 yrs./
John S./ Carmichael/ Born/ Nov. 25, 1846/ Died/ Mar 20, 1865/
Henrietta/ Carmichael/ Born Aug. 15, 1840/ Died Dec/ 28, 1906/
Catharine/ Carmichael/ Died June 11, 1898/ Aged 70 years/
Sarah Ann/ Carmichael/ Born/ June 1834/ Died/ Nov.11, 1886/
Mary D./ Carmichael/ Born/ Dec/ 12, 1831/ Died/ May 9, 1878/
Michael/ Carmichael/ Born 1807/ Died/ April 9, 1864/
Mary/ Wife of Michael/ Carmichael/ Born 1803/ Died Dec. 14, 1881/
In/ Memory of/ Katharine Carmichael/ A native of Scotland/ Died April 4, 1852/ Aged 70 years/
In/ Memory of/ Malcolm R./ Carmichael/ Born Dec. 9th/ 1804/ Died June 4th., 1870/
In/ Memory of/ Catherine/ Wife of/ Malcolm R. Carmichael/ Who died Sept. 1840/

Full survey, mid 1980's, contributed by Debra Kerner and Jo Church Dickerson, 30 Apr 2000.

Survey: 1980's by Jo Church Dickerson & John H. Church

		Near Little Pee Dee Presbyterian Church, 
		Dillon (formerly Marion) County, SC

John S. Carmichael, 25 Nov 1846 - 20 Mar 1865, "Rest Soldier rest, Thy
Warfare is over."
Catharine Carmichael, wife of John H. Carmichael, died 31 Jan 1855, age 45
Margaret J. Carmichael, 12 Sep 1829 - 29 Mar 1847 (Stone fallen)
Jennett Carmichael, wife of A. Carmichael, died 1 Feb 1845, age 25
Catherine Carmichael, wife of Malcolm R. Carmichael, "who died Sep 1840"
Malcolm R. Carmichael, 9 Dec 1804 - 4 Jun 1870
Katharine Carmichael, died 4 Apr 1852, age 70 years "A native of Scotland"
Michael Carmichael, 1807 - 9 Apr 1864, "Was a ruling elder in Little Pee Dee
Mary Carmichael, wife of Michael Carmichael, 1803 - 14 Dec 1881
Mary D. Carmichael, 12 Dec 1831 - 9 May 1878
Sarah Ann Carmichael, Jun 1834 - 11 Nov 1886
Henrietta Carmichael, 15 Aug 1840 - 28 Dec 1906
Catharine Carmichael, died 11 Jun 1898, age 70
D. McDuffie, died 5 Jul 1843
Mary McDuffie, 4 Dec 1795 - 22 May 1862
Dougald McIntyre, age 70 "A native of Argyleshire, Scotland"
Lily McIntyre, died 9 Aug 1882, age 82 "A native of Scotland"
Rev. Duncan E. McIntyre, 5 Mar 1831 - 27 Jun 1862 (at bottom of stone - S.
B. Buie Shoe Heel)
Archd W. McIntyre (sic), son of J. D. & E. C. McIntyre, 7 Sep 1850 - 24 Nov
1863 (at bottom of stone - S. B. Buie)

[Contributed by Jo Church Dickerson & Debra J. Church Kerner. Transcribed by
Jo Church Dickerson & John H. Church. This cemetery has been heavily
vandalized in recent years. The transcription was done in the mid-1980's.
Many of these stones have since been destroyed. According to Roderick Leland
Carmichael in "The Scottish Highlander Carmichaels of the Carolinas", this
is the location of the graves of Dugald Carmichael (reference D) and his
wife, Flora Munro Carmichael. No trace remains of their stones. - djck]

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