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HARLLEE Cemetery

Dillon County, S.C.

Contributed by Sheila Berry, 13 Jan 2002

Photo by Sheila Berry, 2002

                            Harllee Cemetery

Surveyed by Sheila Berry, 12 Jan 2002

Direction: After getting to the driveway on your left next to the white house,
the driveway looks like you can drive on into the woods but I wouldn't.  There 
are holes in the road and fallen tree limbs.  Walking to the cemetery is about 
150 feet straight on up the road.  The cemetery is surrounded with a wrought iron 

Capt. Andrew T. Harllee
 son of Peter & A.M. Harllee 6/19/1835-1/31/1906
 Photo by Sheila Berry

John J. Harllee
 son of John W. & Mary E. Harllee 11/14/1869-1/5/1905
 Photo by Sheila Berry

In memory of H. Amelia Harllee 6/29/1842-12/24/1912  
 Photo by Sheila Berry

In memory of Capt. Peter Harllee 8/5/1805-3/8/1860
In memory of Ann M.
 consort of Capt. Peter Harllee 9/27/1809-12/12/1863
In memoriam Ann Eliza
  eldest daughter of Peter & Ann M. Harllee 7/4/1839-3/5/1895
 Photo by Sheila Berry

In memory of Bettie S.
 daughter of Capt. Peter & Ann M. Harllee 11/25/1851-9/22/1882

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Harllee
 wife of Thomas Harllee who departed this life 8/25/A.D.1817
 aged 49 yrs. 10 mths. and 22 days
Sacred to the memory of Thomas Harllee
 who departed this life 4/6/A.D.1825 aged 60 yrs. and 3 months


NOTE: This is the only grave marked within a second wrought iron fence
      located just beside the graves in the first fence.  This tombstone and 
      fence were not noted in the DAR Cemetery Project 1970's survey.

Randolph Rowland 7/27/1906 aged 22 years  FOR SO HE GIVETH HIS BELOVED SLEEP.


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