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Joel B. HAYES Cemetery

Dillon County, S.C.

Contributed by Jo Church Dickerson, 11 Dec 2001


Copied 1984 by Jo Church Dickerson

Location: Dillon County, near Lake View

Directions: Going out of Lake View toward Nichols on Hwy #9, go 3/10 miles to 
Fordtown Road (SR277). Turn right and go 4/10 miles to Lovelle Road (SR484). 
Turn left and go 4/10 miles. Cemetery is in the field on the left, on the 
crest of the hill under the old cedar tree. The old field road to the cemetery 
has been plowed over since the cemetery was surveyed. My remarks in [brackets].

Joel B. Hayes
24 Jul 1851
16 Feb 1932
Gone but not forgotten.

A.M. Hayes  [Anna Missouri Hill, wife of Joel B. Hayes]
4 Feb 1858
7 Feb 1936

Enoch Hayes
Son of J.B. & A.M. Hayes
13 Jan 1876
20 Mar 1893

Hopie Hayes  [Hopie Staley, 2nd wife of Harley Hayes]
28 Aug 1882
31 Aug 1934

Ronnie Hayes
1961 - 1974 
(funeral home marker only)

Ben Tillman Brewer
son of J.M. & M. Brewer
7 Oct 1892
10 Nov 1894

Also said to be buried here with no markers:

George Brewer
born c1858 - died c1930
Son of Asa L. Brewer, Sr. & Martha Ann (Wallace?)

Joseph Hayes
Son of Joel B. Hayes & Anna Missouri Hill
(Other family members say Joseph is buried at Lake View.)

History: This cemetery is on the old Joel B. Hayes farm. The land was granted to Ezekiel Adams in 1801, and sold to David Brewer sometime before Brewer's death in 1826 (deed not recorded). The land was sold at David Brewer's estate sale to his son, Asa Brewer (my ancestor). Asa Brewer later gave fifty acres of this land to his grandson, Joel B. Hayes. Joel B. Hayes was a son of Ithamer Hayes of Hayestown and Ithamer's second wife, Ann Brewer. Joel's wife was Anna Missouri Hill, daughter of Anna Jane Grimsley and Edward Hill. The Hill family cemetery is just down the road, and descendants of both families still live on these lands.

I have been told by several family members that this cemetery used to cover a much larger area, and there were numerous wooden markers here that are now gone. One Brewer descendant told me that George Brewer was buried here within her memory, early in this century. George was another grandson of Asa Brewer. All of this leads to the conclusion that this was an old Brewer graveyard. It is the most likely burial site of old David Brewer, his first wife, and some of his children, possibly including Asa Brewer.

This cemetery is shown on the USGS Topographical Maps as "Cem" with no name. Not to be confused with what is called "Hayes Cem" on the same topographical map, just a little to the east near the corner of Garvin Road and Bear Swamp Church Road. What is called "Hayes Cem" on the map is actually a Page Cemetery, labelled "Hayes" in error by the mapmakers. The Joel B. Hayes cemetery is WEST of Hwy 9. The Page Cemetery shown as Hayes is EAST of Hwy 9.

© 2001 Jo Church Dickerson

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