Little Pee Dee River Dillon County, South Carolina
Little Pee Dee River
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Survey by Sheila Berry, 26 Jul 2001

Direction: From Fairmont go toward Lake View on Highway #41 about 10 miles. Turn right onto Highway #904 toward White Pond Comm. Six to eight miles you will turn left on White Pond Road.After traveling 1 to 2 1/2 miles turn right on Gaddy Road and turn right again on SandRock Road. That is a dirt road and follow it around the sharp curve and back around another sharp curve and follow dirt road on down the cemetery is on the right just after a brick house.

    Joe P. Byrd                             Johnson
    Pvt. U.S.Army                      Palmer   Lois Horne
      W.W.I                          10/17/1909   7/9/1920
     10/24/1896                       6/30/1949

    Rosa H. Bryd                               Horne
     2/1/1905                       Adie Grimsley   J.H.
     4/28/1940                        6/27/1869     2/23/1867
                                     12/24/1943    11/14/1921

    Anna Jane                            Joseph W. son of
    wife of E.J. Horne                   J.H.& Nolie Horne
      6/16/1825                              6/5/1892
      11/21/1896                             8/17/1912

    E.J. Horne                           Lewis Grimsley
    10/24/1822                             7/14/1842
    12/28/1892                             12/28/1917

    Infant son of                              Anne dau.of
    Joe Edwards                         Alton & Annie Bell Edwards
    no dates                                    B.& D.2/28/1945

    Anna Bell W. Edwards                   Marker can't read

    Mary Francis Shepard                    Baby Edwards
        2/20/1927                             2/7/1966

    Ella Horne Edwards                        W. B. Edwards
       6/20/1891                                5/5/1886
       8/25/1953                               10/10/1937

    George Edward Weed                       Marker,no name or dates
    N.C. Sp5 Co.B 66 Armor
     Purple Heart

    William Archie Page ?                   Lee Shepard Jr.
    d. 11/2/                                 11/23/1924
    aged 72yrs.                              12/4/1978
                                             Gm.3 U.S. Navy WWII

    Marvel P. Shepard                          "Brothers"
     7/3/1926                                Billy Howard Shepard
     6/12/2001                                  7/31/1949

    "Mickey"                                      Elbert Lee Shepard
   Everitt Lee Shepard III                         9/3/1901
     8/1/1947                                      12/3/1967

    Donnie H. Shepard

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