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Mount Andrews Cemetery
Dillon County, South Carolina
Transcribed June 6, 1999 - Updated June 2006
by Earnestine Gates and Lee Oates



By Row

Row 5? 6?

wife of
Jas. McCormac
May 28, 1825
June 20, 1900
old marble headstone
footstone: M.M. * 58

Mary Elizabeth
March 1, 1933
Oct 1935
granite headstone *59

William B.
son of
Born Aug 28
Aug 29, 1895
marble headstone
footstone: marble *60

SARAH wife of 			W.B.Brogdon
	W.B. Brogdon
	Mar 18, 1855			July 21, 1861
	June 18, 1920			May 17, 1941
	tall double granite headstone
	"Mother" with rose	Father *61

Flossie Owens Brogdon
Dec 23, 1893
Feb 27, 1927
Wife if W.B. Brogdon
granite headstone *62

Joyce Ann McDonald
Dau of
Elsie & Robert
Sept 26, 1943
Jan 8, 1944
granite headstone with cross *63

Frank B. Nasciment
World War II
Apr 19, 1906 Jan 12, 1986
granite headstone with cross at the top
marked by a small and large azalea bush *64

Mar 24, 1918 - Oct 4, 1979
marble headstone *65

In loving memory
Cecil Warren Cox, Jr
Aug 8, 1969
Sept 22, 2001
Devoted husband, father, son, brother, and friend
granite headstone with one hand reaching down
from clouds and two hands reaching up. Hands are surrounded
by flowers
banner reading "Precious Lord take my hand" above "in loving memory
Directly in front of headstone is a small granite square with a
Black # 3 and a red # 8 with a pot holder cut in the center*66

Alan Michael Cox
Apr 18, 1991
Son of
Cecil and Becky
granite headstone with child angel kneeling in prayer
White lamb and white flowers *67

McDonald Family Headstone

	Willie R.				Earline F.
	1931-1994				1931 -
	granite headstone with praying hands between husband and wife
	footstone:  Willie R. McDonald
			US Army
			1931-1994 *68

Row 7

June Caryl
Daughter of
Frederick & Hazel
March 5, 1960
July 9, 1962
Sleeping with Jesus
marble headstone with lamb on top. Red & Pink roses buds.
Footstone: J.C.L. *69

McDonald Family Headstone

	Rex					Addie
	Oct 11, 1894			Nov 25, 1897
	Jan 1, 1957				Sept 20, 1995
	Each duty done, they rest in peace
	granite headstone
	footstone:  Father			Mother *70

John Earl
Nov 29, 1927
Sept 27, 1991
granite headstone
footstone: John Earl McDonald
Tec 5 U.S. Army
World War II Korea
Nov 29, 1927 Sept 27, 1991
with a cross over the name *71

McDonald Family Headstone

Elsie Brogdon		Robert Lee
Mar 26, 1922		May 28, 1924
June 18, 2002		Dec 23, 1998
large granite double headstone with a cross and flowers 
in each corner by the name*152
	Robert L. McDonald
	PFC US Army
	World War II
	May 28, 1924   Dec 23, 1998
	marble with cross over the name *72

Large Azalea Bush


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