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Contributed by Sheila Berry, 18 September 2001.

                             PINEY GROVE BAPTIST CEMETERY

Direction: traveling from Dillon on highway # 9 east for about 3 miles. After
you cross the first intersection and a country store on the right, there will 
be a road on the left just before a sharp curve which is Piney Grove Church 
Road. Turn there and church and cemetery is on the right and on the hill.

Thomas Scott S.C. Pvt. Med.Dept.12/16/1896-2/22/1946

FHM can't read

Lupo Wade H. 4/4/1876-8/8/195
Lupo Willie 9/12/1880-4/21/1958
(Photo by Sheila Berry)

Lupo Aldia Mitchel 12/17/1872-8/25/1940
Lupo Annie 9/4/1869-9/7/1949
(Photo by Sheila Berry)

Lupo Cornie W 7/16/1897-6/30/1969
Lupo Mary E. 4/26/1910-4/4/1974

James Boyd "Jimmy"  Kennedy 12/9/1988-3/25/1991

James M.Stokes Jr. 6/23/1960-7/31/1987

Bessie Bailey Scott 5/20/1899-10/6/1945

Ronnie O.Scott S.C. PFC U.S.Army WWII 4/29/1897-9/16/1961

Annie J.dau.of C.W.& Emma Lupo 10/19/1933-10/31/1933

H.Juanita dau.of C.& Ora Horne 8/7/1921-8/23/1923

Alden son of V.I& Alma Hayes 6/21/1921-8/19/1921
Weldon son of V.I.& Alma Hayes 6/21/1921-8/22/1921
Alma McDonald Hayes 10/22/1894-1/3/1962
Vernie I. Hayes 2/2/1886-7/16/1944
(Photo by Sheila Berry)

Lee Roy son of D.C.& M.C.Gray 7/25/1922-7/27/1922

Infant son of C.B.& Helon Lupo 3/24/1923
wilbert son of C.B.& Helen Lupo 2/2/1913-1/29/1914
Bessie West 7/25/1895-1/5/1896 our loved one,dau.of Eli& Ellen West

Henry M.Bryant 9/12/1893-4/26/1905

Sevel Harrelson wife of Gillis Scott 4/3/1838-12/30/1912 
She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother and a friend to all.

Aby wife of J.D. Currie 12/16/1845-3/24/1912 
twas hard to give thee up, but thy will o God, be done

John D. Currie 9/14/1854-4/5/1929

Infant dau.of J.J.& A Hayse B.& D.5/23/1887

Crayton Snipes Sr. 9/4/1906-11/3/1981
Millie Cox Snipes 8/27/1905-5/17/1958

Boyd Baxley Jr.SFC U.S.Army WWII Korea 4/15/1926-12/7/1976

3 FHM can't read

Eston Walters 4/4/1924 can't read


Sandy Walters 10/14/1865-6/27/1930 
Dady I Love You with all my Heart.  Janie

Mother, Sara Ann Ivy died 11/18/1933 aged 70 yrs.

Infant son of J.S.& B.Hulon B.& D.1/3/1926
Violia Lee wife of J.S.Hulon 11/14/1898-2/15/1924
Infant son of J.S.& Violia Hulon B.& D. 10/1/1918

Elisha Hulon 6/30/1871-10/3/1951
Minie Parker 1/11/1876-6/19/1917
(Photo by Sheila Berry)

J.G. son of J.G.& A.Smith 7/10/1915-8/7/1916

Albert J. son of V.I.& Alma Hayes 4/6/1912-8/2/1918
Loris I. dau of V.I.& Alma Hayes 8/16/1916-8/19/1917
Infant dau. of V.I.& Alma Hayes B.&D. 10/28/1917
Dollie M.dau.of V.I.& Alma Hayes 4/6/1912-3/13/1918

Eva child of R.L.& N.G.Owens 10/24/1905-4/4/1908
Infant of R.L.& N.G.Owens 5/11& 5/14/1898

Hubert son of A.B.& Pennie Little 1/7/1892-6/29/1893
Stephen Little died 8/17/1888 aged 50 yrs.

Loney Quince Prevatt 8/15/1875-7/20/1897

Lauretta Lupo 10/8/1860-5/1/1935 
Mother is gone but not forgotten

Ellen Watts ages 60 yrs.

Emma H.Hulon 1891-1954
Guss Hulon 5/1/1883-6/18/1927 
His toils are past, his work is done,
He fought the fight-The Victory Won.

Willie R.Owens 9/7/1896-12/25/1968
Mayetta Owens 9/7/1895-1/6/1998

Infant of T.& Ruie Bowens 8/1/1918

Silview Grimsly died 5/7/1905 aged 70 yrs.

Lucy M.Jones wife of Malcolm Campbell 5/17/1881-4/2/1924
Lock Ann Shaw Jones wife of John Jones 5/26/1844-6/26/1888

Lela dau.of J.& S.Lupo 10/1/1893-7/19/1895
To my wife Senith  wife of J.Lupo 1/4/1865-9/29/1896

Grady Herbert son of Mr.&Mrs. Clyde Hulon 4/18/1943-6/28/1966
Sarah Elizabeth infant dau.of Mr.&Mrs.Clyde Hulon 11/3/1944-5/3/1945

Infant son of J.J.& Lou Brendel B.& D. 9/30/1925

Infant dau.of Henry& Ella Lupo B.& D. 8/10/1899
A.L.Lupo 1829-1906
Martha Lupo 1836-1914
R.W.Lupo 1874-1908

Infant son of A.J.& Sarah Campbell 2/28 & 3/2/1882
Firman son of A.J.& Sarah Campbell 7/22/ & 8/31/1888
Infant dau. of A.J.& Sarah Campbell 7/26/1880-6/1/1891

Bessie Lupo 11/19/1907-12/21/1979
C.B.Lupo 8/22/1886-6/2/1955
Helon Lupo 3/20/1883-6/23/1963
John Mettie Lupo wife of F.T.Sealey 6/16/1862-3/30/1896
Neil Walters 11/14/1885-5/27/1924
Infant son of R.B.& B.Campbell Born & Died 12/10/11912
Maline Walters 10/16/1917-12/21/1917
Nancy wife of Luke Walters died 4/28/1925 aged about 71 yrs.
L.W.Walters 8/8/1837-11/17/1907

Mazandy wife of Silas Taylor 7/27/1867-10/21/1899

Charlotte Britt died 3/3/1898

Cassie Wiggins 5/5/1900-11/28/1900

John M.Harrelson 2/14/1885-3/1/1941
Bessie H.Harrelson 6/8/1900-4/8/1938

Susan wife of S.H.Herring 7/25/1850-1/19/1890

Susie Elizabeth wife of Zack Butler 6/26/1857-9/17/1933
Mary E.dau. of Z.& Susie Butler 9/22/1895-1/5/1912
Braxton son of Zack & Susie Butler 7/9/1883-3/9/1884

Charles Clifton Hopkins 9/4/1913-2/4/1971
NOTE:A stone just like CCHopkins and no dates or name on it

Marjorie Oliver Blankenship 7/3/1903-12/27/1969
Infant son of Marjorie Blankenship 1934
Pauline Oliver Hardy 5/28/1907-12/2/1967
Robert Mitchell Oliver 1870-1935
Gause Rogers Oliver 1873-1917
Lord Hampton Jordan 1/29/1905-5/26/1990
Bertha Oliver Jordan 6/26/1905-12/15/1973

William Hance Holfer 3/29/1904-11/6/1974
Winnie Davis Oliver Hofler 5/8/1899-3/3/1995
Helen Oliver Ashby 9/23/1912-4/8/1999 daughter of 
  Luna Gauss Rogers & Robert Mitchell Oliver,
  Mother of Daniel MacCarmichael Jr. 
  Love never dies 

Daughter, Janie Anderson 7/4/1908-11/12/1949
Mother, Laura Anderson 5/1/1868-1/13/1947

Anita Barnhill dau.of Josie Barnhill 1/3/1941-11/16/1954 
Till we meet & never part.
Kitty M.Barnhill 3/30/1870-4/3/1951 
All things to the glory of God.
W.P.Barnhill 6/14/1870-6/25/1927
Josie Barnhill 6/27/1899-11/14/1971 
Thy will be done
Mrytle Mae Prince 9/27/1898-6/4/1930
John Ollin Prince 10/15/1888-1/3/1947
John P.Prince PFC U.S.Army WWII 9/15/1921-12/10/1990

NOTE: 1 Fat Lighter Wood Marker
NOTE: 1 Fat Lighter Wood Marker
Elizabeth dau.of E.& M.Harrelson 7/24/1846-4/12/1910

D.M.Campbell 1/3/1866-2/24/1896
J.O.Campbell 4/1876-5/1/1896
Infant dau.of R.B.& B.Campbell born & died 7/15/1911

Robert Stonwell Rogers 6/9/1878-12/9/1953 married Bruce Parsons 11/2/1909
Bruce Parsons Rogers 3/6/1889-6/30/1965
In memory of Ebb L.Rogers died 1874 NOTE: "who gave this cemetery and church ground "
Ida F.Rogers wife of C.L.McLeod 7/27/1867-6/3/1889

Carrie Lide wife of Murray S.Mears 2/26/1880-8/13/1911

Sallie Smith Rogers 9/4/1870-7/19/1891
Robert H. Rogers 
Died Jan. 7, 1908 
Age 73 yrs. 
A Confederate Soldier, 
A member of the Wallace House
(Photo by Sheila Berry)
NOTE: there is a platform for a headstone but no headstone and one broken 
stone with a C on it
Bedie Ford wife of Robert H. Rogers 12/17/1841-11/24/1929
Lester Woods Rogers dau.of Robert H.& Bedie Rogers 2/6/1876-12/15/1956

James Harrelson Jr. son of James & Bobbie Weatherford 9/3/1928 in Florence S.C. 
Alice Anita McGarth 
  dau.of Richard Oliver Harrelson McGrath & Neta Lucille Bundy and 
  Thelma Palmer 9/25/1932 in Grandin Florida
Clarence S.son of B.A.& Mary Harrelson 2/17/1883-10/19/1888

Mary Sue Rowell died 10/1927

ethel Arnette Bannister 8/20/1918-6/13/1958

Joseph Arnette 11/16/1858-12/2/1922 
Farewell my wife and children all,
from you a father Christ doth call

NOTE: this that I'm writing next is all on one large stone of 3 "pieces"
on the back of the stone, right side:
   Letitia Manning 1812-1858
   dau. of John Manning 1783-1844 & Letitia Lee 1785-1841 
   alfred was the son of Timothy and Timothy the son of Hugh and Hugh the son 
   of Benjamin. One of the first setters of Liberty County, now Marion County
on the back of the stone, left side:
   Alexander son of Benjamin 1790-1858 wife Sarah Abbott 1795
   Benjamin son of Benjamin 1735-1800

Susan Ann Robins 7/15/1844-6/8/1890

Liza Jane Harrelson 3/10/1858-5/6/1912 dau.of John L.& Mary Harrelson

between this stone Liza and Joseph are 2 fat lighter wood markers
Joseph Melton Harrelson 1/31/1855-12/17/1907 son of john D.& 
   Elizabeth Jane Harrelson   their children: John M; Mary J; 
   Sam, Louriene, James,and Myrtle    
   this was placed by Grandchildren 1991

Zelma dau.of J.J.& Lou Brendel 9/11/1913-1/11/1914

John D.Harrelson 1832-1864
Lourany wife of Timothy Harrelson died 9/2/1887 aged about 79 yrs.
Timothy Harrelson died 6/9/1884 aged about 84 yrs.

Infant dau. of R.H.& B. Rodgers 8/6/1872-9/5/1872
Infant son of R.H.& B.Rodgers 4/21/1883-6/29/1883
Maxcy Henslee infant son of W.D.& Sallie Rogers 9/24/1900-11/16/1900

Mamie Bullock wife of Alex N. Ford 5/13/1899-5/8/1964
H.M."Dock" Bullock 7/12/1870-4/21/1956
Lue Bedia Bullock 5/7/1874-9/16/1955

Levi D.Miller 7/23/1847-11/12/1915 Father
Aldine Miller 8/25/1848-8/14/1911 Mother

Infant son of V.I.& Alma Hayes born & died6/16/1911
Mary Ella dau.of F.H.& L.A.Hayes 8/23/& 12/1/1879
Louisana wife of F.H.Hayes 9/23/1848-2/2/1920
Infant son of F.H.& L.A.Hayes 9/13/1881-1/9/1882
Infant son of F.H.& L.A.Hayes 10/11/1886-1/9/1887
Frank H.Hayes 12/12/1852-12/18/1929 
  Thy God has claimed thee as his own.

Woodmen of the world R.A.Rogers 5/13/1859-4/5/1922
Lillie J.dau.of J.N.&M.A.Brown 5/29/1904-10/3/1905
Amey Missury wife of R.A.Rogers 10/11/1869-10/30/1898
Fannie Rogers 12/28/1838-1/13/1898

Amantha wife of Chesley Moody died 5/25/1910 aged 78 yrs.
Catharine E.dau.of Chesley & Amantha Moody 9/23/1856-10/5/1900
2 small footmarkers with infant on them,no name or dates
F.C.Rogers 1854-1926 
Frankie V.Moody Rogers 1858-1895

Pickett Philip Bethea 6/21/1867-5/29/1943
Mattie Rogers Bethea 1/27/1869-1/14/1961
Philip son of P.P.& Mattie R.Bethea 1907-1908
Miriam dau.of P.P.&Mattie R.Bethea 1904-1905
Robert Phillip son of P.P.& Mattie R.Bethea 3/27/1896-7/3/1899
Mildred dau.of P.P.& Mattie R. Bethea born & died 1910

W.W.Miller 11/24/1932 aged 85 yrs.
Katie dau.of W.W.& A.Miller 8/23/1886-11/12/1920
Adeline Rogers wife of W.W.Miller 2/13/1859-11/16/1888

William Adison Wiggins died 7/10/1873 aged 7mos.& 13 days
Janet Foster Wiggins died 5/11/1882 aged 4yr.1mon.&28days

Nathan G. son of Jesse & Mary Miller 1/18/1852-12/25/1888
Mary A. Miller 8/14/1838-9/21/1932 
  Look up to realms of light and song 
  where no one says farewell.
Charity Miller 3/24/1841-5/4/1934 
Jessie Miller died 12/16/1885 aged 87 yrs.
Mary Pitman wife of Jesse Miller 
   aged 90 yrs.1mo&23days

Geo F.son of F.& L.Rogers 7/23/1895-1/10/1898
George Ann wife of Levi Scott 7/21/1860-10/6/1888
Norma Lide dau.of L.& G.A.Scott 4/28/1881-10/6/1883
Levi Ockler son of L.& G.A.Scott 4/23/1885-12/23/1888
Levi Scott 12/3/1856-12/1896
Infant son of J.R.Scott 7/28/1925

Woodmen of the World W.Monroe Miller 8/4/1878-3/25/1912
Inez dau.of L.G.& Maude Miller 6/10/1928-5/8/1930
Z.Paul son of L.G.& Maud Miller 11/15/1922-5/24/1924

Cathlyne dau.of W.H.& W.E.Herring 6/16/1909-10/3/1909

S.Jack Rogers 1899-1935
E.L.Rogers 12/29/1864-12/12/1917
Ida Rogers 8/1/1870-10/11/1917

Evalyn Ruth Horne 9/6/1914-9/18/1914

Lila Ivey wife of J.D.Rogers 11/28/1843-8/29/1902
Grizzie wife of J.W.Rogers 6/6/1869-3/5/1929
J.W.Rogers 1/23/1870-11/16/1905
Connie son of J.W.& G.Rogers 5/26/1899-11/15/1900
Emmie wife of B.Rogers 12/29/1827-8/21/1904 
   Mother thou hast from us flown
   To the regions far above, We to thee erect this stone 
   consecrated by our Love.
B.Rogers 5/5/1828-5/11/1906
Effie Rogers 6/24/1872-8/13/1948

Pearlie B.Lupo S.C. Captain U.S.Army WWI & WWII 5/7/1898-12/25/1964
Jessie Lupo 4/24/1867-6/5/1940
his wife Laura Jane Wiggins 5/1/1871-9/12/1956
Daisy J.Lupo 10/24/1906-5/22/1918
R.E.Lupo 4/23/1905-6/16/1910 children of Jessie & L.J.Lupo
Hazel J.Lupo 8/26/1914
James Woodrow Lupo 10/1/1911-1/14/1976
Madge Powell Lupo 10/6/1892-9/5/1939
Wiley Alfred Lupo 8/4/1881-12/24/1941
Sallie Estelle dau.of Mr.&Mrs.W.A.Lupo 3/20/1915-4/13/1917
E.Ora Loupo 6/12/1867-8/9/1917
Sallie dau.of W.S.& A.J.Loupo 2/28/1884-2/13/1913
william S.Lupo 10/17/1853-5/23/1932
Ava Jane wife of W.S.Lupo 3/23/1848-6/9/1909
Infant son of W.S.& A.J.Lupo born& died 7/22/1893
Infant dau.of W.S.& A.J.Lupo 12/6/1891-1/31/1892

John Monroe Wiggins 9/1/1837-8/7/1921

Daniel Rockwell Rogers 9/12/1890-1/13/1912
Weldon L.Rogers 1/25/1858-12/30/1901

In between two very old FHM 
Joe T.Lupo
Annie H.Lupo 
Emma Lupo no dates on the three

Civel wife of J.W.Turbeville 10/16/1846-2/6/1915
Frank M.son of J.W.& Civel Turbeville 5/24/1883-1/30/1905
Viola Horn Turbeville 9/22/1887-2/1/1908
Jesse Alden Turbeville 2/5/1869-5/4/1955
Maggie B.Turbeville 10/5/1878-4/16/1944
Boyd B.son of J.A.& M.Turbeville 4/21/1914-12/19/1918

Franklin Rogers 4/14/1857-3/18/1917
Lurania Harrelson wife of Franklin Rogers 4/2/1858-5/14/1931
James F. Rogers 12/12/1933-4/23/1934
Infant Rogers 5/21/1941 Our loved one
Florence H.Rogers 7/3/1908-9/27/1988
Ira M.Rogers 11/24/1893-9/6/1941
Baby boy Rogers infant son of Boyd& Gloria Rogers 12/13/1953-12/13/1953

Infant son of Henry& Ella Lupo 10/30/& 11/1/1911

William Earl Miller S.C.PFC U.S.Army Korea 4/2/1930-12/5/1973

Madge Ivey Rogers 4/2/1889-9/5/1964
Harlee rogers 8/3/1868-12/7/1931

Ada Lovett wife of Ronie Scott 10/6/1899-5/1/1917

Etta Lou Rogers 6/7/1935-5/2/1993
Margaret Lee Rogers 6/4/1938
J.Gurney Rogers 7/16/1881-9/17/1935
Lessie J.Rogers 3/21/1879
Lizzie dau.of Mr.&Mrs.J.G.Rogers 8/2/1906-10/16/1921

a slab of cement no name no dates

Dovie Edwards wife of J.B.Bryant 12/8/1887-9/18/1934
Claude E.son of J.B.& Dovie Bryant 10/4/1917-9/11/1920
John Bryant Jr. son of J.B.& Dovie Bryant born & died 8/15/1915

Infant dau.of Roy& June B.Arnette no dates
Harry Leroy Arnette(Roy)8/28/1916-3/12/1975
June Burdin Arnette 10/20/1931

Frederick C.Skipper 7/5/1918-7/14/1918

1 slab nothing on it 

Daniel MacCarmichael Jr. no dates
Mary Alyce Strom Carmichael no dates
Robert Oliver Carmichael 3/14/1964-12/19/1980 
   This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.
   Matt.3:17 His joyful smile and loving spirit enriched our lives.
   He will always be in our hearts.

Lawrence Miller 4/25/1922-9/3/1992 CPL U.S.Army WWII
Lucille P.Miller 3/13/1927-9/28/1981

Jim Lupo F1 U.S.Navy 11/24/1929-12/28/1980
Ronald Bryan Lupo 7/9/1963-6/24/1996 
   Fire Dept.526 Dillon Rescue Crew 25
Brenda Kay Lupo 8/16/1945-11/17/2000 
   Beloved wife of W.B.Lupo

Forrest D.Simmons 1898-1986
Irene S.Simmons 1908-1979

Carolyn Baxley Arnette 3/31/1932-10/7/1991 
   wife of Joseph Q. Arnette 2 sons (Danny M.) & (Donald T.) 
   To a fine Christian lady who believed in God and loved everybody.
Nina Bryant Arnette 1/30/1906-9/23/1995
"Pap" Joseph B.Arnette 10/21/1906-6/22/1977 WWII

"Timmy"Timothy C.Page 10/18/1960-3/10/2000 Dad
L.R.Miller "Dink" 8/17/1941-12/15/1998
Sarah P. Miller 9/6/1933-7/22/1999

James Allen Meekins 6/11/1939
Bernice Rogers Meekins 7/8/1941

William O Dell Proctor 9/27/1915-10/18/1983

Chessie Stokes Miller 11/25/1915-4/21/1997

Miriam Gaddy 1922-1998

Hampton "Lafon" Sellers 12/13/1942-7/8/2000 
   Rode in on Eighteen Wheels and Drove off with our Hearts.  
   "Beaver Hunter"

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