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PRICE Cemetery

Dillon County, S.C.


Complete survey compiled by:  Linda Christenburg Moody Brown and 
Grand-daughter Kristin Taylor "K.T." Cutler.  

Directions:  From Dillon Hwy. 301 North about 3 miles turn left onto 
W. Country Club Drive Road go two miles and three tenths.  Turn left 
onto Oakland Road and go five miles and five tenths.  Cemetery is on 
the right in a chain length fence next to the road.


C. David Price                                        1888 - 1971
Fannie M. Price    (wife of C. David Price)           1882 - 1968
Annie L. McCormick                                    Oct. 23, 1927	Apr. 27, 1928
Stewart McCormick                                     Feb. 12, 1932
Foddie Jane Price    (wife of N. S.  McCormick)       May 6, 1886	July 4, 1946


Benjamin Chandler Jackson                             Aug. 17, 1990	Jan. 12 1991
Marvin Steven Price, Jr.                              Jan 9, 1959	Jan. 27, 1984
Ansel Walker Price   (wife of Henry Stephen Price)    Dec. 6, 1906	June 8, 1992
Henry Stephen Price                                   July 27, 1894	Jan 6, 1982
Annie Jane Price                                      Mar. 19, 1916	June 23, 1917
Clara Bell Price                                      May 9, 1920	May 12, 1921
Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H.S. Price              1922
Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H.S. Price              1923
Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Jeff  Price                  1956


Frances Rouse Price    (wife of H.F. Price)           July 1, 1915	
H. F.  Price   (son of Henry Stephen Price)           May 12, 1914	Nov. 8, 1992


Frank Price   (son of Henry Stephen Price)            Oct. 15, 1923	Oct. 7, 1994

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