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1910 Federal Census
Robeson County, North Carolina
South Carolinians in Precinct 1, White House Township

Contributed by Sam West, November 2000

Today this area is known as Marietta Township, and is located just north across the state line from Lakeview, SC.
Although the county of birth is not given, those identified were most likely from Dillon, formerly Marion Co SC.


The following are those South Carolinians ages 18 and up listed in the 1910 Federal Census of White House Township, Precinct No. 1 in lower Robeson Co NC. Today this area is known as greater Marietta Township, and is located just across the state line north from Lakeview, SC. There were numerous households with small children born in SC, but for the purpose of identifying the migrating adults, I have limited this list to ages 18 and up with the exception of one household [No. 19 whose had 2 single young males ages 17 and 16 from SC]. Although the county of birth is not given, those identified were most likely from neighboring Dillon, formerly Marion Co SC. As you can see, there was someone in just about every other household there that were native South Carolinians. Please overlook my mistakes as it was very hard to read some of the names due to the condition of how it was microfilmed.

Sam West
556 Pittman Road
Lumberton, NC  28358


HH#       House Hold Number
NAME      Name of South Carolinian
AGE       Age of South Carolinian
M/S/Wd    Maritial Status:  Married/Single/Widow
SPOUSE    Name
*         Indicates that Spouse is a South Carolinian by birth
**        Indicates that Spouse is a North Carolinian by birth

HH#  NAME                AGE  RACE M/S/Wd  SPOUSE

9    Cora Shooter             22   W     M    Berryman Shooter**

12   Rosa C. McLeod      36   B    M     William H. McLeod**

13   Rowland Harrelson        31   W     M    Callie Harrelson*

     Callie Harrellson        29   W     M    Rowland Harrelson*

16   Alice Kelly              30   B     Wd   None

18   Sara Jane Bass      69   W    Wd    None

19   Barnie McNeill           17   W     S    None

     Tom McNeill              16   W     S    None

25   Lusana Horn              58   W     M    Alexander Horn**

26   Ellis Miller             63   W     M    Jenett Miller**

27   Eliza J. Branch               73    W    Wd   None

28   Lula Britt               41   W     M    Samuel M. Britt**

33   Edora McQueen       39   B    Wd    None

35   Frank McKinley           56   B     M    Ella McKinley**

36   Dvon E. Rogers           35   W     M    Charity Rogers**

38   Mattie Arnett            29   B     M    Grant Arnett**

39   Mandy Arnett             50   B     Wd   None

     Henry Arnett             20   B     Sn   None

     Giles Arnet              18   B     Sn   None

40   Allen P. Johnson         56   W     M    Helon Johnson*

     Helon Johnson            50   W     M    Allen P. Johnson*

43   Martha L. Page           36   W     M    Neill J. Page**

45   Nola [Surname???]        33   W     M    [Name unreadable]**

47   Hattie Taylor            27   W     M    Monroe Taylor**

49   Celey Dawson             39   B     M    Henry Dawson**

50   Addie Kelley             23   B     M    Nathan Kelly**

53   M[?] Bethae              55   B     Wd   None

54   Willie J. Arnett              21    Mu   M    Von Arnett**

60   William L. Dow           44   W     M    Artie M. Dow**

64   Julia Gaddy              29   B     M    Vance Gaddy**

70   Mollie Ivey              20   W     M    [?] Ivey**

71   Caleb Bass               33   W     M    Julia Bass*

     Julia Bass               35   W     M    Caleb Bass*

72   John H. Bass             54   W     M    Lincy Bass**

79   John T. Arnett           53   W     M    Martha Arnett*

     Martha Arnett            51   W     M    John T. Arnett*

     Viola Arnett             21   W     S    None

83   Martha Watson            57   W     Wd   None

84   Mandy Grantham      53   W    M     Troy Grantham**

86   Frank Bass               52   W     M    Winie Bass**

80   [?] Bass            35   W    M     Sallie Bass*

     Sallie Bass              34   W     M    [?] Bass*

84   Effie Floyd              25   B     M    Claud R. Floyd**

87   Martha Lupo              76   W     Wd   None

     Lizzie Lupo              41   W     S    None

90   Levi Gaddy               70   B     M    Lucy Gaddy*

     Lucy Gaddy               30   B     M    Levi Gaddy*

94   William A. Ford               43    B    M    Julia Ford*

     Julia Ford               38   B     M    William A. Ford*

95   C[?] Morgan              36   W     M    Lizzie Morgan**

96   Martilda Byrd            50   W     Wd   None

98   Frank Morgan             46   W     M    Orpia A. Morgan**

     Shepherd Morgan          20   W     S    None

99   Alexander Killens        75   B     M    Lucy H. Killens*

     Lucy H. Killens               54    B    M    Alexander Killens*

103  George Bass              55   W     M    Martha Bass*

     Martha Bass              40   W     M    George Bass*

     George Bass              22   W     S    None

     Linnie Bass              20   W     S    None

104  Barfield M. Hayes        39   W     M    Virginia Hayes*

     Virginia Hayes           32   W     M    Barfield M. Hayes*

105  Peter Page               73   B     M    Martilla Page**

112  Evander Arnett           55   W     M    Nancy Arnett**

113  William Byrd             47   W     M    Martha Byrd**

114  Lumie Herring            52   W     M    William Herring**

119  Aneliza Thompson         22   W     M    Nathan O. THompson**

121  Mary A. Floyd            55   W     M    Hugh Floyd**

123  John B. Grantham         50   W     Wd   None

129  Henry T. Sanderson       39   W     M    Rense Sanderson**

     Rense Sanderson          39   W     M    Henry T. Sanderson*

     Sarah Sanderson          64   W     M    Solomon Sanderson**

130  John G. Sparkman         48   W     M    Willie C. Sparkman**

131  Rufus K. Sanderson       32   W     M    Allie Sanderson*

     Allie Sanderson               32    W    M    Rufus K. Sanderson*

132  Smith Page               25   W     M    Labinnon Page*

     Labinnon Page            24   W     M    Smith Page*

133  Sidney Page              33   W     M    Alice Page*

     Alice Page               23   W     M    Sidney Page*

134  Parker Barfield               30    W    M    Olie Barfield*

     Olie Barfield            30   W     M    Parker Barfield*

136  Thomas Williams          21   B     S    None

140  Daniel C. McQueen        56   W     M    Joanna McQueen*

     Joanna McQueen      50   W    M     Daniel C. McQueen*

     Hoyt McQueen             21   W     M    Nannie B. McQueen**

141  Richard C. Rogers        56   W     M    Mary Rogers*

     Mary Rogers              45   W     M    Richard C. Rogers*

146  John Horn           32   W    M     Florence Horn*

148  Martha E. Grimsley       46   W     M    O[?]. Grimsley**

150  Nancy Evans              65   W     M    Alexander Evans**

154  S[?]  W. Arnett               45    B    M    Ora Arnett**

155  Thomas Ford              60?  B     M    No spouse listed.

     Francia Ford             32   B     S    None

     Artie M. Ford            30   B     S    None

     Caralia Ford             29   B     S    None

     Celia Ford               27   B     S    None

     Eura Ford           25   B    S     None

     Amey Ford           22   B    S     None

     Arthur Ford              20   B     S    None

     Luther Ford              18   B     S    None

156  Elizabeth Spivey         32   W     M    Leny M. Spivey**

158  Henry Spivey             71   W     Wd   None

159  Lucy Davis               40   B     M    Richard Davis**

160  Mollie Gray              21   W     M    Adolphus Gray**

162  Spencer Huggins          41   W     M    Carrie Huggins*

     Carrie Huggins           36   W     M    Spencer Huggins*

166  Gill Taylor              58   W     M    Mary Taylor**

     Ellin Taylor             36   W     S    None

     Henry Brigman            19   W     S    None

167  Joanie Bufkin            29   W     Wd   None

173  James Ford               24   B     M    Fannie Ford**

174  Annie L. Page            35   W     M    Timothy Page**

182  Stafford A. [?]Cribbs         32    B    M    Millie Cribbs**

183  Mack Sparkman       21   W    M     Dola Sparkman*

     Dola Sparkman            19   W     M    Mack Sparkman*

184  Katie Hill               45   W     Wd   None

185  Rufus Bailey             27   W     Wd   None

188  Robert Scott             30   W     M    Rebecca Scott*

     Rebecca Scott            30   W     M    Robert Scott*

189  Jacob Davis              20   B     M    Neeter Davis**

190  Wesley Davis             62   B     M    Viney Davis*

     Viney Davis              50   B     M    Wesley Davis*

194  Daniel Pitman            50   B     M    Analize Pitman**

197  George Sellers           40   W     M    Lana Sellers**

199  Hettie Simmons           43   W     M    Counsel Simmons**

     Kittie Simmons           21   W     M    [No spouse listed]

208  Lettie Simmons           48   W     M    James R. Simmons**

213  John W. Brewer           78   W     Wd   None

214  James Page               28   B     M    Annie Page**

215  Mag Baldwin              21   B     M    Dock Baldwin**

215  Emma Barton              46   B     M    Robert Barton**

216  Luther McDonald          24   W     M    Ruth McDonald*

     Ruth McDonald            17   W     M    Luther McDonald*

217  Blanch Ford              21   B     M    Evander Ford**

218  James Arnette            40   B     M    Elizabeth Arnette*

219  Adie Sparkman            76   W     Wd   None

     Agy Sparkman             31   W     S    None

     Olie Sparkman            29   W     S    None

     Duncan B. Sparkman       19   W     S    None

     Mattie Sparkman          24   W     S    None

220  Amy/Any Grice            65   B     Wd   None

223  Litsy Harden             24   W     M    George Harden**

224  Peter Gray               63   W     M    Mary Gray**

225  David Gregg              35   W     S    None

     Carl Gregg               22   W     S    None

230  Ellore Reynolds          46   W     Wd   None

230  Isaac Reynolds           26   W     M    Lula Reynolds**

     Sandy Reynolds      18   W    S     None

231  Adeline Oliver           74   W     Wd   None

233  Richard Ivey             28   W     M    Ella Ivey**

234  Evander Ford             48   B     Wd   None

242  Richard Lupo             25   W     M    Helon Lupo*

     Helon Lupo               23   W     M    Richard Lupo*

244  Nathan E. Morris         53   W     M    Caroline Morris**

255  Durant Ford              53   B     M    Callie Ford**

258  Emaline Nance            47   B     Wd   None

259  Mary Jane Oliver         56   W     Wd   None

     Lavinia E. Oliver        27   W     S    None

     L[?] M. Oliver           24   W     S    None

     William H. Oliver        22   W     S    None

261  Austin Nance             25   B     M    Mary Nance**

     Margaret Nance      75   B    Wd    None

     Oliver Nance             30   B     S    None

263  Henry Wingate            35   B     M    Bessie Wingate*

     Bessie Wingate           28   B     M    Henry Wingate*

264  Reecy Ford               45   B     M    Alanora Ford**

265  Elvy Wingate             38   B     M    Lizzie Wingate*

     Lizzie Wingate           33   B     M    Elvy Wingate*

269  English Wingate          31   B     M    B[?] Wingate*

     E[?] Wingate             28   B     M    English Wingate*

270  Effie Evans              43   B     M    Peter Evans**

271  Annie Oliver             50   W     M    James S. Oliver**

     William T. Jenrett       33   W     M    XXXXXX

274  Owen Bullock             26   B     M    Jennie Bullock*

     Jennie Bullock           22   B     M    Owen Bullock*

     Jerry Bullock            66   B     Wd   None

275  Murry Blue               52   B     M    Mary F. Blue**

     James Blue               21   B     S    None

     Martha Blue              19   B     S    None

279  Thaddeus Parham          27   W     M    Eliza Parham*

     Eliza Parham             24   W     M    Thaddeus Parham*

281  Sophronia Stricklin      29   W     M    Carson Stricklin**

284  Oscar Rogers             31   B     M    Muky Rogers**

     Daisy Rogers             18   B     S    None

285  John Hamilton            38   W     M    Hattie Hamilton*

     Hattie Hamilton               35    W    M    John Hamilton*

     Will McDonald            25   W

289  Colonel Hodge            39   W

     Mary Hodge               58   W     S    None


6    Angeline Jones           55   I     M    Pleasant Jones**

13   Rachael Jones            25   I     M    Willis Jones**

15   John Strickling               37    I    M    Elva Strickling**

18   Annie Locklair           28   I     M    M [?] Locklair**


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