Dillon County, South Carolina
School Pictures

Bingham School - (no photo yet)
Bingham, SC
Contributed by Victoria Proctor
Dillon School First grade, 1909-10
Dillon, SC
Contributed by Victoria Proctor
Kemper School 1934
Kemper Community, SC
Contributed by Jo Church Dickerson
Latta High School 1930
Latta, SC
Contributed by Helen Lane Carmichael
Oak Grove School 1898
Oak Grove, SC
Contributed by Sheila Berry
Old Vidalia Academy
Latta, SC
Contributed by Sheila Berry, March 2002
For more Latta area (Latta, Oak Grove) school photos, see Historic Latta page.
For more Lake View area (Lake View, Kemper) school photos, see Historic Lake View page.

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