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Brief History

Located in eastern Dillon County, Lake View was first called Ford's Mill in 1792 after Major William Ford constructed a pond and grist mill on the site. The name was changed to Page's Mill in 1870 when Joseph Nichols Page purchased the property from Dr. C.T. Ford and built a large general store to serve the community. The town became incorporated as Page's Mill in 1907. The town voted to change the name of the town from Page's Mill to Lake View and on May 12, 1916, the town became incorporated as Lake View.


Early Homes
E.B. Berry Home, Latta

Places & Things
Latta Main Street c. 1950

Page's Mill Pond
Lake View Schools
Old Page's Mill High School

Page's Mill High School
1911 - 9th Grade Class, Females

Lake View's Officials

  • Mayors
  • Postmasters

More about Lake View - Links to other sites:

Dillon Museum in Latta DILLON COUNTY MUSEUM
Located in Latta, right across from the library, in the restored office of the late Dr. Henry Edwards. For a virtual tour of its many exhibits, visit the Dillon County Historical Society web site.

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