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-- By Jo Church Dickerson

28 January 1909 Issue

Miss Flora Eliza Doares married Mr. John Eugene Thompson at the residence of Mr. J.A. McKay last Friday evening. Married by Rev. W.C. Kirkland.

Mr. John Campbell Blackman married Miss Jennie May Hyatt on Sunday evening, January 24 at the Methodist parsonage. Married by Rev. Kirkland.

4 February 1909 Issue

Invitations received for marriage of Miss Willie Huggins to Mr. Bethea at the home of the bride's uncle in Wilmington, NC, to be held Tuesday, February 9.

Married, 17 January 1909 at Little Rock, SC, Mr. J.P. Bethea to Miss Magnolia Norton, by A. Schafer.

Notice of Martha Jackson, deceased, estate; William S. Jackson, Administrator.

11 February 1909 issue

Dan Hamer alias Frank Smith of Dillon SC was arrested for murder in Kirbyville, Texas on December 30. He was charged with murder of a man named Walker in Dillon on 23 June 1908.

Mallory, SC - 6 February - died, Allie Amanda, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A.L. Parham, 3 years 5 months old, buried at Bethesda Church.

Swipes, a member of the notorious safe-blowing gang known as the McKinley - Nolan Gang... Swipes just finished a prison term for bank robbery in Latta. He is now facing new charges...

Mrs Mary Jane Bethea died at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. M.G. Bethea. Mrs. Bethea was a native of Shubuta Mississippi. Her husband was Mr. William Bethea. She was formerly Miss Platt of Dillon County. She and her husband went to Mississippi when quite young. She was a step-mother of the late Dr. J.F. Bethea and was 78 years old.

Mr. Bascom Meares and Miss Susie Huggins of Lumberton wed at Price Court Inn on Monday morning. It was another case of parental objection and a romantic flight across the border line to the state where marriage certificates are unnecessary and divorces are never granted. Marriage performed by Rev. Dr. Joe Cabell Davis.

Married, on 2nd instant at home of the bride at Marietta, NC, Miss Belle McQueen and Mr. B. Campbell. Niel Campbell is father of the groom.

Honor Roll of Little Rock School for the month ending 29 January 1909: 9th grade: Ruth Hayes, Clarke Smith, Duncan Britt 8th grade: Marie Smith, Pattie Sherwood, Richard Sherwood 5th grade: Virgie Britt, Oriana Berry, Mack Weathford, Edwin Iseman, Jim Britt, Johnny Sherwood, Naomi Hayes, Louise Hayes, Luther Bridges, Austin Smith 4th grade: Gladys Smith, Naomi Barrington, Sam Tucker, Rufus Lester, Johnny Huggins, Lizzie Kearsay Assistant's Department: Clarence Britt, Victor Barrington, Wade Bethea, Annie Wallace, Effie Wallace, Boyd Wallace, Dannie Hamilton, Ethel Hayes, John Hayes, Mary Lester, Robert Smith, Cain Leach, Robert Sherwood. Ruth Hubbard, Odell Guinn, Ernest Wallace, John Wesley Norton, Rufus Woodward, Bertie Hubbard.
W.B. Garrett, Jr - Principal
Miss Ida Mae Taylor - Assistant

Surprise marriage! Mr. John W. Gaddy to Miss Jennie Brunson at Florence on Saturday Night. She is the daughter of Mr. Robert Brunson of Dillon.

25 Feb 1909 issue

Mr. E.H. McKenzie died Friday night at his home in Dillon... He was in reserve force in Civil War... Wed to Dollie Spivey, had ten children, buried at the family cemetery at Dothan... He was 65 years old.

Mr. J.E. Sprunt died last Friday at noon. He was one of the pioneers of Dillon, even before the coming of the railroad... Born in Kenansville, NC 54 years ago... married Eleanor Wallace of Kenansville, NC in 1878. She and one son, Mr. James Sprunt survive. Buried at Mt. Holly Cemetery.

John A. Bullard formerly of Dillon died in hospital at Rocky Mount on the 17th. Buried at Latta. Age 45 - leaves wife and one child.

Mack Curtis, son of Rev. F.O.S. Curtis wed Miss Ada Harbottle in Charlottesville, VA on 23rd instant.


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