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August 14, 1913

M. H. BOHAN, Mayor of Little Rock, died Sunday. He was a native of Marlboro County, born near Hebron Church where he was buried. Survived by his wife, former Miss COVINGTON, and two children.

Miss Bessie BRASWELL, daughter of Mr. John Braswell, married Mr. Paschal ELLIS, the son of Mr. Hugh Ellis of Mullins, on Wednesday.

Mr. J. P. THOMPSON died ih Douglas, GA Friday. His body was returned to Dillon and then buried at Leesburg, N. C. beside his wife who died about 24 years ago. (She was the former Miss Carrie McFAUL.) Mr. Thompson was 74 years old. Leaves no children, his son & daughter died several yeats ago.

August 21, 1913

Miss Frances PECK, only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Peck, on Sunday married Mr. R. E. WEST, Jr. of Washington. (Groom’s parents are Mr. & Mrs. R. E. West, Sr.)

Hamlet, NC, Aug. 15 - Mrs. George S. NANCE of Macon, GA was killed.

Bingham - Mr. Barto PIERCE married Miss Juanita BRIGMAN on August 10.

Clio, Aug. 15 - Mr. C. A. McLEOD died last night. He was 35 years old. Survived by his wife, the former Miss Maud COVINGTON of Rockingham; his mother and one brother - Mr. B. F. McLeod of Clio.

Taylor ALLEN, aged 18, died yesterday. Buried in Loris.

August 28, 1913

Beulah, 6-year old daughter of Ransom BETHEA, died last night of hydrophobia.

Mrs. Nettie JACKSON, wife of Mr. E. I. Jackson, died Friday. (Former Miss HAMILTON, daughter of Mr. W. W. Hamilton, Sr.) She was 48 years old. Survived by her mother and father, and several brothers and sisters. Also survived by the following children: W. A. Jackson - Seattle, Wash., S. S. Jackson - Florence, R. M. Jackson - Dunbar; Dewey, Hoyt, Clarence & Misses Pet, Blanche and Beulah Jackson of Dillon. Buried Mt. Holly.

Allen COOK was killed Friday evening. He was 40 years old and leaves wife and 7 children.

Charles McGOUGAN, son of J. D. McGougan of Lumber Bridge was shot and killed in Florida on Sunday.

Latta, Aug. 21 - Miss Betty MOSES, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Howard Moses, married E. B. BERRY, Jr. on Weds., Aug. 13.

September 4, 1913

Pages Mills - Miss Annie Laurie RANDOLPH of Kinston, N. C. to marry Dr. Fulton ELVINGTON of Pages Mills on Weds. the 10th.

September 11, 1913

Fork, Sept. 6 - Miss Addie FORT, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. K. Fort, married Dr. Howell M. HENRY of Newberry on Aug. 28.

Miss Gae EASTERLING married Mr. Pat WATSON on Saturday. She is the daughter of Mrs. M. J. Easterling.

Bingham - Mrs. Mattie CARTER died Sept. 3. She was the former Miss BERRY, daughter of the later Capt. Berry, and sister of Mr. J. F. Berry. She was 38 years old. Survived by five children (her husband died 18 months ago to the day.) Buried at McLeod’s Cemetery.

Bingham - Mr. William GILBERT died Sept. 3. He was son-in-law of the late Capt. BERRY. Buried at McLeod’s Cemetery.

Mr. Hardy HAYES died Saturday. He was 79 years old and was a veteran of the 26th 5. C. regiment in the Civil War. Survived by 3 sons and one daughter: Messrs. J. G., N. C., and G. R. Hayes, and Mrs. Emmie ISRAEL of Chadbourne. Buried at Hayes burying ground. Don MARTIN of Mullins married Miss Bertie HUGGINS on Aug. 3.

October 2, 1913

Mr. A. Gus WALTERS, former resident of Dillon, died in Silver, Clarendon County, on Thursday. He was 68 years old. Born above Little Rock.

Survived by his wife (former Miss Sallie EDENS) and three children. Buried at Mt. Holly.

Mr. W. C. BROWN of Fairmont, N. C. and Mrs. Lucy G. ELVINGTON of Lumberton, N. C. were married Sept. 24 in Raeford, N. C.

October 9, 1913

Florence - Thomas C. HAYES died this morning. He was 61 years old. Survived by his wife, the former Miss BERRY. (no children)

October 16, 1913

Pages Mills - Alma May GOODYEAR, daughter of Mrs. W. N. Goodyear, 16th birthday on Friday.

October 23, 1913

Kemper - Mr. Ernest HAYES and Miss Janie ALTMAN were married Sunday.

Arleigh HUSBANDS, the son of former postmaster T. E. Husbands, died Saturday of pellagra. Buried in Florence.

Mr. and Mrs. David GALLOWAY were married a few days ago.

Miss Annie DONALDSON and Mr. F. D. BUNDY of Clio were married Sunday afternoon.

October 30, 1913

Kemper - Mr. John R. ROZIER died Oct. 3, 1913. Born May 24, 1834, he was 79 years old. In May 1860 he married Miss Mary Ann HAYES, daughter of Esq. Levi H. Hayes. Of his seven children, he is survived by only two: Mr. W. P. Rozier and Mrs. R. F. BRYANT. He was a veteran of the Confederacy. Buried Rozier Cemetery.

Married at Reedy Creek Springs, S. C. on Oct. 15, 1913, Mr. Fred Andrew WEATHERFORD and Miss Annie Belle BRYAN.

November 13, 1913

Columbia, Nov. 9 - George R. REMBERT from Richland County died tonight. He was 38 years old and was born in Sumter County.

Willie TOLAR, 16-year old son of Mr. James Tolar, died in a Fayetteville Hospital on Tuesday. Buried at Pleasant Grove.

Mr. James H. SPRUNT married Miss Pearl HAYS at Clinton, S. C. last Saturday.

Invitations have been received to the marriage of Miss Oneda BASS, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. L. D. Bass of Florence, to Mr. William J. WRIGHT. To take place on the 19th.

John QUICK died Thursday night. He was 40 years old and the brother of Kelly Quick. Buried at Pleasant Grove.

November 20, 1913

Last Wednesday, Miss Mary Margaret JACKSON, only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Jackson from near Judson, married Mr. A. C. ROGERS of Dillon.

Mr. W. W. SELLERS died at Goldsboro, N. C. on Tuesday. He was the son of the late W. W. Sellers. Survived by two brothers: Capt. J. C. Sellers of Sellers and Mr. P. B. Sellers of Dillon. He was 60 years old and leaves a wife and several children.

November 27, 1913

Chester, Nov. 20 - H. B. O’SHIELDS, 35 years old, died this morning. Survived by his wife, former Miss Lillie HUGHES of Jonesville, four children and one brother.

Mr. Dunk H. CARMICHAEL was killed by a train Thursday. He was 35 years old, unmarried, and the son of Mr. & Mrs. D. M. Carmichael. Buried at family burying ground.

December 4, 1913

Florence, Nov. 29 - Sam M. COOK, overseer of Mr. Seeby I. BURCH’s plantation, was shot and killed this afternoon. Mr. Cook was from Conway and leaves a wife and two small children.

Mrs. Mary BERRY married Brantley HASELDEN on Thanksgiving afternoon.

Mr. C. H. SAPP married Miss Mattie GUILL on Wednesday. Daughter of Mrs. W. B. GUILL.

December 11, 1913

Mr. William J. CARTER and Miss Lottie STACKHOUSE were married Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. R. WATSON announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Flora Eleanor Watson, to Mr. Clarence Eugene LIPSCOMB on Wednesday, Dec. 24.

Baltimore, Dec. 5 - Lieut. Col. David DuBose GAILLARD, U. S. Army, died today. Survived by his widow & son, Lieut. David P. Gaillard, USA. He was born at Winnsboro, S. C. in 1854.

Barnwell, Dec. 3 - E. Peyton BEST was shot and killed tonight.

Louis STROUD of Horry County was shot and killed on the 7th.

December 25, 1913

Mr. W. Aaron FASS died in an auto accident on Sunday, Dec. 21. Survived by his brothers: Messrs. Morris, Isaac, David & Max Fass. He came from New York when he was young. Buried at Hebrew Cemetery near Florence. Born in Austria on June 23, 1881.

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