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The State Paper Wednesday September 17 1902 pg 1 col 7

Homicide in Marion
A Farmer Fired Upon From Ambush As He Was Going Home

Special to the State.
Dillon-Sept 16-Last Saturday evening, Mr A W Grantham living just across Little Pee Dee in the Kentyre neighborhood in returning to his home from Dillon, was fired upon by parties on the roadside. He was struck by several shot, some of them evidently penetrating the abdominal cavity. He lingered in great agony until today.

The homicide is supposed to have been the result of an old feud over a year's standing. All parties concerned were in Dillon during the day and before leaving for home had taken on a good supply of liquor and it is supposed that the assassins of Mr Grantham were waiting for their victim at a certain house near the roadside where it appears to be a common practice for the thirsty to stop and get water.

As Mr Grantham drove up in the company with a Mr Wiggins, he got out of the buggy to get water, and as he did, two or more men were seen to run out from the piazza of the house nearby to the bushes and immediately fired their guns at Grantham.

Two parties suspected have been arrested, John Miller and Clarington Horn, and they have been carried to Marion to jail.

(The following was in the same article)

There was another fracas between other parties returning home from Dillon on the same evening in which one McKenzie was badly cut with a knife across the cheek. John Barleycorn was mixed up in this too.

Several fights among the negroes are also reported. No casualties have resulted. One negro on Main Street lost his temper and hurled his pint bottle of "Fust X" at his opponent's head. All parties were going home and they were allowed to leave town unmolested.

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