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MCDANIEL, James A. Sr., December 15, 1892

This appeared in the Marion SC paper at the time of his death, How does this
compare with the Obituaries of today?
JAMES A. MCDANIEL SR.  February 2, 1801 - June 2, 1892

That venerable patriarch and patriotic citizen, James A. McDaniel Sr., 
Uncle Bud, died at his home in Carmichael Township on the 2nd inst in the 
94th year of his age.

Uncle Bud, as he was familiarly called by all who knew him was one of natures
noblemen. He always led an active life, cultivating his little farm up to last
year, and was scrupulous and prompt in meeting all his obligations.
He was a meek and humble Christian and a regular attendant upon all the
servicess of his church, Kentyre, near which he lived. 
As a neighbor, he was kind and obliging and nothing seemed to give him more
pleasure than to performance of deeds of neighborly kindness.  He was indeeed
and in truth a most patriotic citizen ever rejoicing in his countriies
prosperity and mournfully sad and depressed in its hour of adversity. He was a
true,  thorough  Democrat, having voted for all the democratic nominees for
president from Andrew Jackson to Grover Cleveland. 
One of the grandest events of his long career which he frequently referred to
since with manisfestations of pleasure and delight was when he rode at the head 
of the Hampton Procession at Marion in 1876; though 76 years old, mounted on a
superb steed bearing aloft the red shirt flag of then united and unified
democracy of Carmichael Township.
May peace to his ashes and honor be the memory  of the good old man.

Note.  This was my gg-grandfather,  He is buried at the McDuffie Cemetery in
Dillon County,  Some has called it the Locke Cemetery, Just off the Mt Calvery
Road several hundred yards  He was married to Martha Ann Edwards,  ( It was in
her Mothers home that Kentyre Presbyterian Church was started)


Submitted by Lowell T. McDaniel 19 Feb 2000.

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