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Frank B. Graham, CSA Veteran

The Dillon Herald, Dillon, South Carolina
December 11, 1919, Vol. 24, No. 14

Death of a Good Citizen

When Frank B. Graham died, November 27, 1919, an excellent citizen of Dillon county passed away. He was originally from Horry county where he was born and reared and lived a large part of his life. He belonged to the large and respectable family of Graham's in that county.

In his young manhood he responded to the call of his county and fought in the Civil War. He was wounded in battle and maimed in one arm for life. After the war he went to work with one arm and by industry and good management accumulated considerable property; not one cent of which, it is believed, was made by dishonesty and fraud. He believed in fair dealings and stood for what was right as he saw it.

In early life he became a christian and was a member of a Baptist church in his native county. After he moved to Dillon county he transferred his membership to the Nichols church of which he was an honored member when he died. For some time before he passed away he was unable to attend the meetings of his church but his interest was there. As he drew near to the end of life's journey, he seemed to be thinking more about the Great Beyond and was more liberal with his means. He expressed himself as having only two wishes for his life. One that he might live to be eighty years, and the other was that he might died before he became a burden to his family. He realized both of them; he passed his eightieth milestone and he died suddenly. His body was carried to his old home in Horry and was buried by the side of his first wife in the family burying ground. A large gathering of kindred and friends bore testimony to the high esteem in which he was held and living hands laid beautiful flowers upon his grave.

Transcribed by Helen B. Moody from the microfilm at the Dillon Library, Dillon, South Carolina

Submitted by Helen Moody, 12 Sept 2003.

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