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Family Bible of
Daniel Nathaniel Munn

Contributed by: Ruth Munn Kilgallon, March 2001

Family Bible of Daniel Nathaniel Munn
(photo copied by Ruth Munn Kilgallon 1980, Pamplico, SC)

Daniel Nathaniel Munn and Martha Ann Jane Elizabeth Caroline Cain were married 
on the 28th day of April 1842.

Of this union were the following children:

George Washington Munn b. 13 August 1845
Andrew Brunson Munn b. 5 September 1847
Samuel Alfred Munn b. 11 September 1849
John Alison Munn b. 28 November 1852  d. 8 December 1858
William James Henry Munn b. 20 August 1855 d. December 18, 1858
Joseph Franklin Munn b. 6 April, 1858

Daniel Nathaniel Munn and Enuice Elizabeth Holland were married
on the 8th day of December 1864

Of this union were the following children:

Daniel Hiram Munn b. 24 October 1865
Albert Alonzo Munn b. 25 March 1869

Deaths listed:
John Munn d. 10 August 1849 (Daniel Munn's father)
Martha A. Cain Munn  d. 2 September 1864 (Daniel Munn's first wife)
Rebecca Cain d.  13 December 1870 (Martha's mother)
Rebecca Keeffe d.  24 December 1870 (Martha's sister)
Joseph Holland d. 5 October 1863 (Elizabeth's father)
John S. Holland d. 13 October 1864 (Elizabeth's brother)
Maria Holland d. 18 August 1867 (Elizabeth's mother)
Daniel Nathaniel Munn d. 25 December 1898

Births listed:
James Henry Walter Calcutt b.  29 September 1871
Barna H...(dim copy) Calcutt b. 11 Jan 1876
Minna Jane Calcutt b.  5 January 1869
(These are the children of Elizabeth Williams and Steven Devoe Calcutt.  
Elizabeth Williams Calcutt was the daughter of Sabrina Cain & John Williams. 
Sabrina and Martha Cain Munn were sisters. rmk, 2003)

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