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Survey contributed by Mrs. Dora Louise Easterling DROST, June 2000


Location: 2.9 Miles East-Southeast of Marion, SC

Copied January 20, 1953

Thomas Rogers/ Aged about 64 Years/ (No dates)/

In Memory/ of/ Redding W. Smith/ Born 1812 Died 1885/

In/ Memory of/ Mrs. Hannah Brown Smith/ Wife of/ R. W. Smith/ and daughter of the late/ Edward & Ann Brown/ who departed this life/ August 8th A. D. 1871/ Aged 67 Years/

In/ Memory of/ Lieut./ Zachariah B. Smith/ Son of/ R. W. & Hannah/ Smith/ Born Feb. 12th 1842/ Died Sep. 1st 1863/
Photo by Buddy Harrelson, Jan 2004

Zack Smith/ Infant/ Son of/ Capt. A. H. & Mrs. M. E. Ford/ Born/ Oct. 3rd 1864/ Died/ Nov. 9, 1864/ Aged l mo. 6 ds./

Frederick Brown/ Infant/ Son of/ Capt. A. H. &/ Mrs. M. E. Ford/ Born/ Dec. 15, 1866/ Died/ May 27, 1867/ Aged 6 Mo. 12 Ds.

Mary Ann/ Wife of/ Richard Brown/ (No Date)/

Mary/ Wife of/ Willis Turbeville/ Born Feb. 24, 1835/ Died Aug. 3, 1904/

Richard Brown/ (No Dates) (Census 1850 Page 89 He was born 1801)/

Zylphia/ Wife of/ W. J. Odem/ Died Dec. 20, 1907/ Age 48 Yrs./

One Tomb-BROWN/ Asbury B./ Dec. 25, 1854/ Oct. 29, 1928 Elizabeth Odom/ Feb. 4, 1856/ Jan. 20, 1935/
Photo by Buddy Harrelson, Jan 2004

Rosa Brown/ July 4, 1902/ Nov. 24, 1933/
Photo by Buddy Harrelson, Jan 2004

Margey/ Wife of/ Frank Perritte Born/ May 23, 1871/ Died Apr. 2, 1907/

Mr. James Fred Brown/ Died Tuesday/ May 23, 1950/ Aged 71 Years/

Malinda/ Wife of/ G. H. Turbeville/ Born April 2, 1869/ Died June 20, 1898/


Transcriptions added April 3, 2004 by Victoria Proctor, from photographs kindly shared by Buddy Harrelson:

Myrtle Brown Rivoli
1916 - 1986
Photo by Buddy Harrelson, Jan 2004

One Tomb-BROWN
Thomas/ March 1, 1854/ May 23, 1926/ Father we miss you.
Mary Francis/ March 31, 1851/ Dec 24, 1933/ Give her of the fruit of her/ hands, and let her own/ works praise her at the gates.
Photo by Buddy Harrelson, Jan 2004

Walker M. Brown
Nov. 6, 1881
July 21, 1954
Photo by Buddy Harrelson, Jan 2004

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