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Contributed by Betty Jo Stewart, 14 Mar 2000.


DIRECTIONS: Center Church is on Center Church Rd. East of Mullins, east of S-34-472, S of intersection with S-34-41, near intersection S-34-472 & S-34-406. Or Hwy 76 between Mullins & Nichols, 4 or so miles, take a left on either Scotch Community Rd. or Penn Rogers (my Grandfather) Rd. They both go into Center Church Rd. --Betty Jo Stewart

(Starting closest to the road going in a straight line in front of the

Gail Wiggins
dau. of
Hubert & Gladys (Wiggins) Taylor (dau./W. Hemingway/Nancy)
Aug. 4, 1945

Ernest Ray Jones
Apr. 21, 1928
May 9, 1928
(son/Clara Wiggins-Ernest Jones)(dau./W. Hemingway/Nancy)

 Meta L. Wiggins (dau./W. Hemingway/Nancy)
Wife of H. L. Rogers (Millers Church w 2nd wife)
Aug. 6, 1889
Sept. 10, 1915
Her loved ones sorrow not, as others who have no hope
Erected by her Mother

Mertie Wiggins Sawyer
Nov. 23, 1897
Jan. 21, 1983
Daughter of W. Hemingway and Nancy Price Wiggins
Married Henry Dozier Sawyer
(He is buried at Millers Church.)

1 stone
W. Hemingway    N. Elizabeth (Price)
Jan. 26, 1859   Mar. 27, 1867
Oct. 31, 1914   Oct. 6, 1936

Wife of Jas. D. Smith
Born Feby. 25, 1811
Died Aug. 23, 1898

Symbol top of tombstone ­ Clasped hands in a circle
Wife of C. (Calvin) Wiggins (parents/W. Hemingway)
Born July 27, 1838
Died March 23, 1890
She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond Mother and a friend to all.

(Zilpha was the daughter of Rev. James D. Smith/Celia Lewis.  James was the
son of Rev. Moses Smith.  Apparently they found the gravesite of James and
some others back in the woods behind the Center Church Cemetary and have
erected a monument.)  (Mom wouldn’t let me go back there by myself!)
Facing graveyard ­ front right corner

Jones - wall around several plots

Flower ­ top of stone  Woodmen of the World symbol
Mary E. (Moody) Price  Geo. M. Price
Aug. 29, 1854   July 29, 1853
Mar. 5, 1923   Nov. 24, 1922
Dear parents, tho we miss you much, we know you rest with God.

Georgia Leila (Price)  Elly James
Oct. 30, 1878   Oct. 22, 1870
Oct. 1, 1950    Feb. 7, 1938

George L. Jones   Dorothy Powell Jones
Oct. 17, 1900   Mar. 26, 1910
July 4, 1965    Dec. 21, 1993
To live in hearts we leave  Wife of George Leroy Jones
leave behind is not to die. Life’s work well done
     Life’s course well run
     Life’s crown well won
     Then comes Rest.
     In Loving Memory

George Jones, Jr.
Oct. 26, 1935
Oct. 6, 1989

Outside of Jones plot
George Milton
Son of Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Rogers
(Robert & Susan Price ­ dau./George/Mary)
June 29, 1929
Mar. 24, 1933
How soon fades the tender flower.

Left of center

At Rest
Robin W. Rogers   Rhoda C.
Born              wife of
Sept. 9, 1832     R. W. Rogers
Died              July 16, 1841
June 5, 1907      July 6, 1919

Additions contributed by Victoria Proctor, 7 Mar 2001.

Edith Rogers
Sept. 5, 1898 - Nov. 27, 1898

Annie Watson Rogers
June 24, 1870 - June 27, 1906

W.A.M. Rogers
April 15, 1870 - Nov. 16, 1950

Della Watson Rogers
March 22, 1872 - June 19, 1953

Robert H. Rogers
1873 - 1935

L. Wilbur Rogers
born May 13, 1879
died Dec. 9, 1899

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